Friday, July 31, 2009

Emir's belated birthday party.

Err ye ye, Emir birthday 29 June 2009, buat birthday party kat sekolah Emir 24 July 2009 :p... err untuk orang lain lepas raye boleh? :D

Emir malu malu kucing, tapi protective habis bile kawan kawan dia mule start nak usik kek dia..

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... Amin...

Bersama Papa yang tercinta..

Bersama ibu yang ternampak cantik..

Ok, I baked this cake :p. Quite stress also since the kids yang makan, you know lah kan, budak budak umur baye ni memang jujur habis, kalau kate tak best.. malulah babe since I earlier told the teacher that im gonna bake the birthday cake. Ingat nak buat icing bagai, tapi atas advise teacher Emir to minimise sugar selagi boleh, tidak lah jadi nak decorate icing kiri kanan atas bawah since I dah letak coklat sebanyak nyer.

Ibu Emir tiadalah terror nak buat gambar atas itu, itu tempah jer.. :) I just cakap ape I nak, tapi kesian Emir insist nak kek Pocoyo, nanti ibu buat fondant Pocoyo ok Emir.

The kids waiting anxiously before the cake cutting session started..

Emir with his Anjang and Emir attempting to do Peace!!

Nyum nyum, alhamdulillah the kids love the cake. Oh ya, the day earlier I dah bake the cake first and asked my colleagues opinion, thanks kawan kawan... :) the next day, i just add more chocolate and yes!! boleh tahan yummylicious :p His teacher told me that Emir kept telling them that I baked the cake haha

The only girl in Emir's class

One of the student will transfer to another school, That boy was with this school since he was a year old and now he is 4 years old. So, his childhood memories was here. Oh ya, he is mat salleh kid, but the funny thing, the mother told the teacher that NEVER he asked for western food, mane dia pegi pun he wants either noodle or fried rice. Balik kampung kat UK, nenek dia penat masak, dia mintak jugak " I want school food"!! The mother was quite worried since his son was too attached to the school.

And the parents were kind enough to place this thing at school since that day was the boy last day at this school.

Ok enjoy the videos too.. :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have a lot of things to share but later later..

I think I shall start with..

Last Friday, I was on leave since we decided to celebrate Emir's belated birthday party at school. of course i will update on this perhaps in my next story. Ok back to the story, later in the evening, my husband was kind enough to treat me with free Harry Potter movie. Ok, im not going to tell about Harry Potter, but I personally think this would be my least favorite Harry Potter's film ( i rase sebab tak de klimaks, tau tau dah habis). Mase tengah syiok tengah at one point rase macam jantung jatuh. Rase macam my heartbeat stopped. ok ok how should i describe, you know like you are running too fast and suddenly you stop. Thats how I felt and it was not the best experienced at all. And I had the same experience two days after.

Of cos I was panicked, takut muda muda dah sakit jantung. So, i did tell my hubby, but the first thing he showed to me -- "Nah bace ni" --> bace Quran.. Hmm.. then he commented, maybe I didnt exercise.

So yesterday, Mr. Husband called to inform that he would pick me up sharp at 530pm and bawak i pi exercise. But, since I have my guests at my house, I cancelled the plan and cooked for the dinner. After dinner, mr husband asked if I would join him to go to the gym, but I told him I should try to use his bicycle first and he agreed.

So, Mr. Husband put me with the exercise timer and he became my personal trainer. I kayuh basikal tu, tapi baru lima minit dah nak surrender.. hahaha.. i mean seriously, i tak larat.. (how bad is my stamina kan) I kept giving him 1000 reasons kate kat ofis tak stop keje, then, balik rumah terus kene masak, bagi emir makan, lepas tu kene exercise.. bla bla bla.. but Mr. Husband relax jer and still "alaa bape minit je lagi, target 20 minit hari"..

20 minutes!!!!!!!! Lame tu!! Lame lame lame...

But at the end I manged to reach 20 minutes for good 45 minutes trying hahahaa... :p but seriously, lepas tu, dapat rase lain sikit badan, i think jantung i pun dah tak larat nak ngepam budak gemuk sorang ni :)

and to mr husband, thank you for your support, even though macam forcing gitu kan.. :D but i do appreciate it..

and insyaAllah, I will continue keluarkan peluh 20 minutes sehari.. :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hai kawan-kawan

Hari ni Emir nak pergi Beryl Chocolate Factory. Emir tak tau pun hari ni ade excursion, tapi semalam awal betul ibu bagi Emir tidur, lepas tu pagi ni awal tu ibu kejut. Tapi Emir tak ngantuk and tak nangis pun macam semalam, sebab Emir dah cukup tidur. hehehe..

Ni gambarEmir dah sampai kat sekolah.. tak ramai pun orang, before 8 Emir dah sampai sekolah. Ibu tak boleh ikut sebab ni untuk budak kecik jer..

Tapi takpe, petang karang Emir bawak chocolate banyak-banyak untuk Ibu ok..

Gambar atas ni saje je. mase tu Ibu tengah mandi, papa tak de kat rumah, ibu keluar je toilet ibu menjerit!! nak tau sebab ape, sebab emir main bedak johnson&johnson yang tinggi tu... sampai nak dekat habis Emir tuang. hehehe Emir nak tolong Ibu sebenarnyer, tolong ibu basuh lantai, tu yang Emir tuang banyak-banyak, tapi ibu ni marah pulak.. ish ish ish.. ibu kate lain kali jangan buat lagi..
Ok bye bye. Emir nak pergi dah..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hi kawan-kawan (buat care Upin Ipin boleh??)

1. I have this wild idea of doing this kinda of marketing and asked Mr. Hubby's opinion, but he just said. "Buat proposal baru tunjuk kite" mak aii, dah jadi macam bisnes meeting pulak.. But anyway, I already drafted and ready to share with him. Ape dia.. tunggu, soon soon soon soon. how soon depending on my hubby approval :)

2. Yesterday, we went to Mid Valley. When we were about to step out of Mothercare, we heard someone shouted followed by bunyi hentakan gitu, and there I saw one lady guard was fighting with two or three stupid gentlemen in front of the Jusco entrance. Then, I quickly asked Mr. Hubby who was that time with Emir - to stay inside the shop until everything was calm. I then saw two guys running towards the Komuter entrance (in front of us), and another guy shouted "Rompak rompak" and we then saw several guards chasing the two or three unknown guys. Then only we knew that these three guys tak dak duit and curik.. 1. few kid shirts 2. one remote contol car and few items which i might considered ranging tak sampai rm1000. haiya..

Emir of course didnot know what was happened, and when everything has settled, he just asked "Ibu wat happen".. heheh and the father pulak "Rugi tak amik video", mane sempat pikirlah cik abang sayang oii. selamatkan diri dulu..

But yeah, derang bukannye pakai selekeh, presentable jer, luckily there was no gun shot ke ape, kalau tak aku yang trauma.

3. When we arrived home, blackout pulak. and mak aii panas nyer.. but it was good cos Emir gets to play with neighbour's son at our house, biar derang bonding sikit. But yesterday Emir slept around 2.40am (I dunno what was he doing cos I already at my moon mooon land, i just know cos he requested for his milk) resulting sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat tantrum this morning. Orang besar tidur tak cukup pun penat kan, ape tah lagi budak budak.

4. Hoping that Mr. Husband will cancel his plan to go to Sabah tomorrow, I know he is eager to take up the diving license, dan encik husband, i dont have any reason why you cannot go ok, saje.. nak pergi pun pergi lah .. hehehe..

5. Saya puasa hari ini. Puasa ganti.. waaaaaa tersekse betul hahaha cos my colleagues tak puasa, and they get to eat sample kuih raye in front of me.. cehhh :p

6. Tomorrow I have lunch meeting at House of Sundanese kat KLCC tu, ape makan best?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi peeps

Today is Saturday, a great weekend is coming ahead (i hope). You know, getting older (im still young btw) i prefer to be at home rather than spent my weekend outside. As usual, every Friday morning my department will conduct Technical Roundtable where everyone will take turn to facilitate the session. Last time during my U days, I loves presentation, I love speaking in front of the public, I always lead the presentation but now, Im not, seriously not. I seriously think that my confident level has decreased tremendously when I stepped into employment world. Perhaps, I have to speak in front of those outstanding performer in this department and expert in our field kot and I always feel that I have less technical skills and not competent compared to them. Anyway, last two weeks was my third time as the facilitator.

Anyway, that was not my point. Usually during the Roundtable, my partner will give some good motivational advise for us to boost our performance, but honestly I rarely demotivated or can i say.. just ignored but unlike yesterday. She was standing in front of us in different style and she looked young and stunning. Ok ok, maybe i overrated, but that is my point right. and she told us about saving your money and loves your heart.

She told us when she was at 3rd of her working year, she was able to save RM20K in her bank's account. Amazing rite, while me on the other hand, mak aii jauh lagi. (ni tak kire EPF ni).. Looking back on my spending pattern, I dont think I can ever reach 10K even in 3 years time which is NOT GOOD. Yeah, no doubt I admit that i get a good pay from the Company, but err, you know, im blaming myself for this reason. So from this month onward, I will try to save at least RM1K per month. (err. boleh ke?) But of course, in return i have to sacrifice a lot of things. First and foremost.

1. Think twice before dining in at a fine restaurant. Ok, you know, usually i dont mind spending my money on FOOD. So rule no 1, jangan sesuke hati nak breakfast kat Subway and not even at Pit Stop (those yang kat PBD tu tahu lah). Rule no 2, dont spend on Starbucks or SanFran , yeah i have this habit kalau nak minum coffee ke ape ke, terus ke situ.. tak de pikir punyer especially during the compliance period, ha ha kan naz kan kan pisah kan.. macam orang kaye banyak duit :p unlike my hubby.. huhu..

and also for my lunch and dinner.. but naz, bile ni nak bawak pisah kat tropicana tu :)

2. then, i shouldnt pamper Emir that much. You know everytime we passed by Solaris, he always insisted to go to Cold Storage and usually - surely we "visit" there and end up, we bought unnecessary stuffs.

3. Credit cards, im not worry on my credit cards since I didnt use it sesuke hati.. but i will try to clear my credit cards as soon as possible..

So, at the end of August, I will (remind me if i forget) announce how much I could save for that month ok..

and speaking of heart.. she said that we have to listen to our heart and love our heart most. And she specifically highlighted on having a good exercise. and yes, im not good in this department. dah la keje duduk bagai kan..

you see, thats the different between chinese ladies and malay ladies, i know not all, but most of them they really know what they should eat and stay healthy unlike us (unlike me) makan main belasah je, tak de pantang larang..

hubby already bought the gym's bicycle (i dunno what we call) for two months but i just touch and used it for my exercise for less than 5, freaking 5 times!! so can you imagine how lazy I am!! and maybe from now on, i should do something for myself, at least awarding myself with less than 5kg by the end of the year. (1 kg sebulan kahkahkah)

i was about to compliment my partner that she looks totally different yesterday, but well, errr, it is better for me to zip my mouth kan. nampak macam bodek pulak.. but in case she is reading my blog (cross my fingers - please not, please not, please not hehehe), dear partner, i love to see you in that fashion ok... sangat fresh..

p/s for a record, Emir baling elephant ice age mcD tu dekat kepala i (sakit ok!!) kalau sentuh dahi tu sampai sekarang rase sakit.. and today dia hempas kan kepala dia dekat bibir mak dia (pun sakit).. hai inilah hasil melayan anak lelaki..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally yesterday, we brought Emir to watch Ice Age 3. At first we were skeptical to watch movie during the week days (especially me) but since we are not willing as well to swim in the crowd during the weekend, so we decided to watch the movie last night at the Signature, Gardens.
Anyway, that was my first time there and second time for Mr. Husband. I dont know the price was a bit expensive compared to the Mid Valley, but since Mr. Husband kind enough to donate extra RM$$$ to GSC, why not kan..
The movie started at 8pm but we were late, solat and the best part Emir poops and he insisted Mr. Hubby to wash him hahaha. yadayada, yes, I already trained him to ask Papa not Ibu especially when we are at malls and guess what, im succeeded.

So while waiting for them, I saw Nabil Lawak tu with his girlfriend si Irma Hasmie but of course i just pretend i do not know them. hehe.

Anyway, the movie is interesting. I already asked few of my colleagues whether Emir boleh understand the storyline and most of them said, perhaps yes since it is quite a funny movie for children. And yes..

Emir enjoyed it through out the session despite he was being very serious, he only laughed once but he did concentrate to watch the next scene. And the best part (this is why I want to blog)
He cried.. I was quite surprised he knows and understand the story, i mean such a 3 year old boy.

what scene?

The scene where Sid and the three baby dinosours saying goodbye to each other. Emir was on my lap when i suddenly heard sob sob sob. I thought it was him telan hingus ke ape kan but when i touched his cheek, yeah, it was wet!! and being so err excited, err kecoh, immediately told my hubby and we were laughing (tapi gelak kecik jer). I asked him, emir sedih ke and he nodded. Haa, he knows!!

Anyway the day before I thought him to play this one game, where he has to match what emotion match the words, of cos he could nt read lah, so i would say " Emir show Ibu which is sad face"
and he will match it and it so true!! keh keh keh.. and hasil dari tengok ice age

We went to borders and he requested us to buy Ice Age 3 books .. haaaaaa..

But we just bought Playhouse Disney Magazine. hehehe

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nowadays, my weekend will be pretty busy, especially when i have to take over my parents house and being a real big sisters to my two sisters. Sometimes it looks fine especially when your parents appreciate it and giving you 100% trust to do whatever i think best for them at the moment.

But of cos, at some point, im just tired, tired to lead the way and tired for the expectation. And yes, is nothing to do with my parents. It just me being nagging and nagging, the worst part, I have to worry for everything that relates to my parents properties. be it with cars and what so ever. ye la barang sendiri pun tak pandai jage, how how?

anyway, my wekeend started as early as Friday night, receievd call from my customer and she wanted the purple blouse as urgent as possible - nak pakai gi kenduri gitu and we voluteered to send her baju to her house somewhere in Jalan Kuchai Lama. Before we went there, I was definitely sure that I had nicely packed the baju inside the plastic bag.

But things didnt go as planned. During our meeting, I couldnt find the baju, I was searching high and lo yet the baju was nowhere to be found. Aku dah menggelabah dahj kan, ye laa hubby muke dah lain and i was lucky that customer was so damn understanding and calm. hehehe,

again i was lucky cos I did brought along other baju and again rezeki di hari Jumaat, she didnt mind to buy other baju. yeah lucky me. so along the way, i kept saying that I memang letak baju tu elok2 and at the same time takut pun ade, ye laa takut toyol mane amik kan. hahaha..

when we arrived home, i was still looking for the baju but again, it was not on the bed, not even on the sofa and not inside emir's car (mane tau kot2 dia nyorok kan) but i failed. i just stopped when hubby said "dah tak de rezeki tu".

The next day, I had to fetch my other sister in UTM and ta daa, the baju was there, i mean there there there, inside the car, behind the driver seat, i was quite puzzled cos i know i dah cari2 kat situ for the 100th time yesterday but yeah.. i mean tak de rezeki orang tu jugak..

I woke up quite late on Saturday morning but masih sempat cooked for lunch, yeah just a simple lunch. Anyway, now I slowly try to reduce as many stuffs as i can inside the house. Honestly, Mr. Husband's barangan adalah 100x banyaknyer dari barangan saya and he is the one who LOVE to keep all his stuff sampai hilang. I dunno la kan. but i think my house is already dah sarat sangat dah.

So now im thinking to sell off anything that i bought with my own pocket money so Mr. Husband shouldnt stop me to sell. And maybe I will start selling off my Anggun kerusi, harga tak tau laa berape depreciation ni, I will upload the pictures later. Tak pe lah biar lah tak de barang i pun.. at least bile jual barang sendiri tak de sape nak marah kan(biar bunyi macam kesian sikit haha) Ye saya sudah teringin untuk menghias rumah saya. I want it as simple as it can be. Kalau boleh saya nak satu part je rumah saye dikaler kaler kan.. bile lah Encik Hubby nak bagi consent ni..

Oh back to the story, on Saturday night, Che Yah (my sis) was a drama queen, kejap nak ikut balik kejap tak nak, rupenyer nak pergi Pasar Malam with geng-geng baru i mean ade lah beberape putera putera mengikut... oooo tak kisah laa.. at last, dia ikut jugak balik , itu pun jumpe kat pasar malam..

And on Sunday, I have to go back to my mum's house for

1. kait rambutan, rambutan kali ni merah merah. its kinda weird cos no monkeys are interested with our bright red color sweet rambutan unlike the year before, macam kire berebut dengan monyet gitu. but this time around, i think the monkeys tak thrill kalau tak fight kan.. haha, but i heard the monkeys go to the neighbour's house. heheh..

2. Che yah wanted to pick up some books for her revision. banyak betul and mr husband also found his book which will really help with his teaching. and yes, saya sangat teringin melihat laki saya ajar anak orang.. macam mane laa agak nyer..

3. to visit Kak Ainil (my next door neighbour ) new born baby. WAAA comel tau!! name pun kelas gitu Iris bt Muaz. Comel comel comel, when i cuddled Iris, it brings back my memories when I first hold my son cos she has about the same weight with Emir aroudn 2.6 kg.. I want baby i want baby i want baby i want baby.. and seriously I am.. upload gambar nnati, gi tengok Facebook saya ok (tak upload pun lagi)

and the best part, Iris is the first grandchild from the both side and during my visit, both neneks were there and it was so exciting to see them sooo happy having and sharing their first grand daughter together.. habis lah Iris kak ainil. manje over punyer hehe

and to that, i have one question and i really appreciate it if you could share with me,.

MANE NAK CARI ORANG YANG PANDAI MENGURUT, NGURUT ORANG LEPAS BERSALIN TU.. i prefer orang yang tua tua gitu.. please let me know ya.. tapi jangan lah bagi orang yang tinggal kat perak ke kat terengganu ke yer.. hehehe...

and Selamat Ulang tahun kepada

SHARMEEN RAOF.. aku tau 15hb :D ... Love you bebeh, moga cepat aku makan nasik minyak ko okeh..

Sekian terima kasih..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jom jamu mate dekat SINI...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Posted on November 22, 2005

When the First time i saw you

It was a lovely Saturday morning when Ibu woke up just as the sun was rising. It was the day that Ibu has counted since the day one I know you are inside my womb. Ibu was excited to meet the gynea as I may see you for the first time.

Baby. That day, Ibu skipped breakfast and I am pretty sure that was the first time you learn to fast. Sorry dear, Ibu thought Ibu has to fast in order to do the scanning, but Ibu was wrong. First time lah dear.

I guess you already know that "eating" is already become Ibu's middle name. Since you are in, foods always inside my bag as to make sure that both of us are well-supplied with food. Papa always mentioned that Ibu loves to use you for some reason but as a matter of fact, Ibu enjoys eating with you and never in my mind Ibu worries about putting on weight. If Ibu didn't keep my stomach full at all times, Ibu became queasy. But, you don't have to worry because Ibu knows what should be on our diet. Do you love all the multivitamins? Fruits? Milks? Chicken? Especially milk and vegetables, well, to tell you the truth dear, Ibu hates milk and always avoid to choose vege as my lauk, but for our benefits, I forced myself to eat it so that you will have enough calcium and vitamins.

But baby, you make me craving for McD's nugget and you should thanks all of your aunties and uncles (Ibu's friends) for brought the nuggets when they visited Ibu. Not only nuggets, Ibu is craving for Pisang Goreng at Jalan J and only yesterday Ibu's managed to grabbed all the pisang goreng. Coincidently, the seller was Auntie Ainaa's friend and your auntie purposely told her friend that Ibu was craving for that pisang. Haiyaa.

Back to the Saturday's morning story, 30 minutes driving to Sambhi Clinic was filled with all the stories inside Ibu's head. Yeah, everyone keeps telling their own version of bleeding which sending me into complete panic, but of course Ibu will always pray the best for you.

When Ibu's entered the scanning room, Ibu has been asked by the nurse to lie down on the bed. Papa gave a big smile to Ibu. When the doctor touched Ibu's tummy with his gadget, Ibu's eyes just glued on the screen, waiting for some words from the doctor. The doctor took a few minutes before showing YOU. Yes, its you. Ibu could see the little "bean" that was growing inside Ibu and its beating heart. Papa took a closer looked to see you and honestly subhanallah. Ibu kept telling the doctor it was amazing and unbelievable. It is miracle when someone is living inside your body.

If only Ibu could swim in my own womb, I will hug you and give you a very first kiss but as stated on paper, it could only be done on 5th July 2006. When the doctor gave the consultation, Ibu realized that Ibu was the only person listening to the doctor while Papa was busy watching you on the screen. Alhamdulillah, the doctor explained that you are fine in my tummy.

Out from the room, Papa gave a kiss on Ibu's forehead, I guess he was so happy to watch his 1cm baby and Ibu remembered when he whispered "Kite taknak bagi die nangis lagi". Yeah, Ibu easily cried even for a small thing. :) Baby, do you know, Papa is kissing you everyday?

Back to Kemensah, I spread your pictures to your aunties and uncles and your Atok. Your Atok (Im not sure what you should call Ibu's father) gave a really big smile when he looked at you. Your Mummy (Ibu's Mama) just has a chance to see you just now as she was in Ipoh during the weekend. Yes, everyone is happy to have you and I am sure when you come to the world, you will shower with all loves from us.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Oklah, duduk diam-diam dalam perut ibu. Jangan bagi ibu morning sickness. Mari kite same-same break record takde morning sickness, so bile takde kite boleh makan banyak-banyak. Tapi tak mo la nugget lagi, Ibu dah tak leh tengok nugget dah. Pisang ibu boleh terime lagi. Hehe, tau tak pe..

Love Ibu

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