Sunday, October 31, 2004

Our school system

Aha, tomorrow it's a public holiday for Selangor in conjunction of Nuzul Quran and of course I will really appreciate this coming public holiday after the tiring weekend. Started the weekend by making a phone called on Saturday to inform my Miss Manager that I took the Emergency Leave. Why? I cant mention here, bahaye!! :) Have to think about any possibility before construct any sentences.

Anyway, my Saturday packed with that matter, promised Ani to meet her at KLCC at 2.45pm but I arrived quite late. Sorry Ani, ampun ya, and we went straight to the destination and after everything had been settled down, my family and I together with Ani directly went to PJ and bukak pause together.

And today, nothing interesting happened; canceled the plan to buy baju raya for Ika, and cleaning up my messy room :). Now, its 12.51 am and all my siblings had gone to sleep even though tomorrow it's the public holiday. They had been taught by my parents to sleep earlier except for me and Saffuan.

For the time being they are on and off going to school, and my mum allowed that since they have nothing to do there. Exam is over and the teacher does not conduct any activities. So, instead of they are wasting their time sitting around and doing nothing, might as well they stay at home. My sister said her teacher also did not warn or scold them if the students going back earlier and another sister of mine told me that her teacher even advised them not to attend the school.

In this case, I did not blame any of the parents, students or teachers but the system. The exam is done at least one month earlier before the school holiday. As the student before, I understand why the ponteng sekolah becomes widely practice by the students. My mum and my aunty once said our school system is different from their time. Last time, students enjoyed going to school, and this because of several reasons. First, they are no entertainment at their house and second, the teachers carried out extra activities for the students.

Last time, the teacher will teach them how to sew; cook, gardening, grooming and etc and even they were willing to pay for watching any videos. They can used any of the school facilities without any limitation. But since we are getting too modern, those things had been ignored. This is what happened today,

"Tak tau jahit, hantar kedai je"
"Tak tau masak, beli je"

School only focuses on theoretical elements and more concentrating in producing an intelligent student rather than shaping the attitudes and maturity of the students. When the exam is over, it means that the system has successfully finished at one stage. The students mind has been set that study is to pass the exam but not to gain more knowledge. School has become the place for conducting the structured plan rather than the place to incorporate strategic planning and the tactical planning.

p/s im talking about myself also. Announcement: who knows Nadia new blog address? Ani, kenape bile mira masuk je blog ani, mesti kene jangkit virus?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

New environment

Have to do cross teaching today at another branch of my college somewhere in PuduRaya. Luckily i need to teach the subject which im more expert. Anyway, receiving the new working atmosphere here, back in Ampang, we are more kepochi but here they are more serious. No jokes around, no burst of laughter. But, the staffs are very cooperative and supportive. On and on, they will ask me whether im facing any difficulties.

Have been assigned to teach part time student and one of it is a foreigner. The first foreigner in my class ever. The class is more presentable and in a very conducive environment, i might say. But no Muslims around :(. For the first time ever, i broke the fast alone, bought a curly fries from A&W and ate in the surau, what a tragic story!. I dont mind to eat alone, but dont have the desire to eat. Mm.. this is what im going to face for another one month. Luckily, i have one student who accompany me to star, im not that brave to walk alone at night in PuduRaya area although there are many passerby.

Actually, im quite exhausted, but to think this is a halal rezeki, i am happy. Some more, the students tak putus-putus puji i. Sejuk hati :) and i am seriously enjoyed teaching there except for i dont like the idea that i have to go to Pudu area and comes late at night.

p/s glad that Dearie tak putus-putus hantar msg and called jsut to make sure im OK :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Me and ethics

During my university year, it is essential to take Business Ethics subject in order to fulfill the requirement for minor course. That time, I do admit, not that knowledge that I wanted to gain, but an A grade. I usually skipped my class because the subject is quite tedious although the lecturer is damn fun. Dunno la, at that moment it was difficult in relating the real working environment with the theoretical part.

Ok, that's the story for a year back. You can conclude me as shallow, naive, and sometimes uncompassionate youngster. But as the time goes by, I started to think how important the ethic is especially with the title as a lecturer and as an employee. To me ethical is a serious issue that one might put you into troublesome. It determines your level of commitment and shows how honest you with your position and how is your relationship with your upper management.

But somehow, I strongly say that our working environment helps a lot in defining our work and ethics. If you satisfied with your job, than your ethics will be OK but let say if it is in other way round? Then you start blabbing, gossiping and telling everyone about your unsatisfactory.

Ok, enough say..

p/s - Mira stay focus and apply ETHIC!! But can i after all the obstacles that i have to go through?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

minggu pertama puasa

Minggu pertama puasa yang banyak dugaan..
Dari hari pertama sehinggalah hari ni..

Nafsu makan..
Bila ke pasar juadah, kalau boleh semua bende yang ade kat pasar ramadhan tu nak beli.. tapi yang teringin nak makan semua dah sebat.. tinggal nak cari ikan pari bakar je hehehe

Bende yang paling membebankan sepanjang minggu ni. Satu-satu keje yang tak diundang datang, sehinggalah mira ambil keputusan nak teruskan the next step. Tapi kalau ade rezeki, kalau boleh memang nak sangat dapat keje lain but still related to education laa, dah jatuh cinta dah ngan education line. Bukan setakat kerje, sesuke hati je derang amik keputusan without asking my opinion. They said that "Mira, you have no right, the timetable is already arranged for you". And buat pertama kali nyer, aku mengamuk kat kolej tu depan semua orang. Politik ofis.. Bosan laa.. yang buatkan mira suke kat situ, is the academic staffs are very supportive and student pun ok walaupun attitude derang tu boleh peningkan kepala. SAtu bende yang boleh puji, although derang ni banyak anak orang kaye, but they are not rude. Those who wants to apply working here, fikirlah dua kali..

Tak berape sihat lately especially today, sampaikan aktiviti harian tak smooth. Tapi alhamdulillah dapat jugak habiskan puase walaupun tak larat..

Sambung belajar..
Antara kemahuan dan fikiran...antara impian atau pengorbanan

Tak de dugaan pun.. hehe :p Cume bulan ni tak dapat nafkah.. heheheh :D

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

On the 1st day fasting

I ve seen my Dearie updated his posts. Maybe his kinds of missing me since we dint contact each other for a few days :). Open this blog to see any changes in me.. i guess.. :) My few days of fasting was quite tiring and it is difference compared to previous years. i had a feeling, next year will be much much much differ.. hehe..

Anyway, congratulations and Good luck to Hana for her first time job at VADS and Ani, for accepting the offer for a conversion program at KPMG. Keep up a good work!!

Ok, here are the replies from the tagboarc:

Shaf: Selamat berpuasa jugak, memang first day, rase nak pengsan, kalau jadik student, mesti segala aktiviti hari sabtu tu nak ponteng, tak larat dah!!

Emmachan: Tu laa nak kene prektis buat bm skema2.. tengah planning nak sambung buat novel yang tergendala tu..

Sharmeen: Selamat berpuase, aku dah lame tak bukak blog, letih aku bace ko nyer post, baru berape hari, panjang gile post ko!!

Zaid: eh, hi Zaid, welcome. dah lame tak borak, sorry.. mira dah tukar email address, no more yang dulu, sebab kene hack. tapi mira taknak reveal my new email add kat sini. mintak lah kat sape2 erk

First day puasa..

Went to office as usual, actually not that usual, woke up quite late that morning and realize i was too late for the 8.30am class. arrived at college around 9am, and already acted like nothing happened, plus, this class they always came late to the class. BUT, guess what, around 9am, my students standing in front of the college and "Hai miss mira, we are having class right?" oh no, i was in big trouble, not even i entered the college, i already received one signed. Masuk je dalam college, nak punch in, the boss quickly asking me "eh, mira, u have 8.30am class right?" and someone continues the momment "ha lambat lambat".. and on the first day puasa, pahala dah kurang dah!! i lied.. "terlupe lak hari ni ade 8.30am class, jadual baru"

Luckily, that day was the first class with these students on friday, so i can save the day. Hate to be a hypocrite and hate the fact that i have to lie especially during the fasting month. But, i just did. You know, my friends in UTP kept calling me gembala kambing since i love to cheat, (i mean a stupid joke) but thats only for a few minutes, then i would correct the statement. But this time, hmm..

Then, after the class, i reeived a special announcement whereby all the muslims can go back at 4pm during the fasting month. What a good news ehehe.. and of course i love to make the non-muslims envied!! hehe, so, at 4pm sharp, memang terus i balik with the biggest smile i had. Plus, on that day, my Dearie will bukak puasa with my whole family. Note: In malacca, if we get engaged, man has to bring the raw foods to the lady and of course we have to cook :)

BUT, when i got into the car, suddenly, the alarm could not stop ringing. DAMN! dahla pagi tu, my dad refused to let me using the car, but i insisted. and inilah pembalasan sebab menipu, degil and berlagak balik kul 4.. haha dah lame sangat bising, so one pakcik, came towards me and helped. but still it didnt work. called my dad, and of course he was getting mad.. opss opss. actually im quite afraid to see that pakcik doing some wiring. waiting for my Ina and Vivian to come, but as they arrived, still nothing changes. They trying to help but it didnt work at all. We waited for dad to arrive, and that time its already 5+. if Selvi know what happened, im sure she would laughed at me. hehe

Suggested to my father to call one mechanic around that area but the idea was rejected. baba nak gune mechanic yang same. he asked to go home and fetched my sister from school while he waited for the mechanic. Called em and he still stuck at Pandan Indah for nearly 30 minutes. And me, stuck at Flamingo for nearly 30 minutes. gile punye jam tambah2 hujan lebat giel, but finally i managed to reach at Ika's school on time. Ika demanded for her food and i just stopped at the shop nearby. Tambah lak, her first day puasa, so kasik can..

Arrived home at 6.30pm and rushed for Asr prayer. Nearly at 7pm, two important men in my life, still not here yet. i called both of them. Baba still there, waiting. bersalah gile, dah la baba, balik seminggu sekali je, first day puasa, terpakse bukak puase kat carpark. Em, traffic jam. Hmm..

baba arrived home at 7.40pm, waaa kesian die,its all because of me. Em a bit earlier. Mama asked him to perform solat terawikh in front of the house while she cooked some lauk for him. Me, hehe, supposed to help mama, but i went for solat terawikh. huhu.

Dearie went back around 10.30 pm after having a sweet talked with my great grandma, hehe. Nenek took out her books and asked Dearie to understand it. Banyak lesson die dapat and im sure nenek was happy that day.

Elok je Dearie balik, my cousin came with her family and its already 11pm. Waa i was damn sleepy after long tiring day plus the next day im working and has to wake up for sahur. But, as u know im a good host, so i wont mind. shared a lot of stories with Intan and of course some gosipping heheh. They went back around 1am, and of course after that.. terus.. REBAH..tak larat dah mase tu, baju pun tak tukar..

2nd Day - 5th day, to be continued...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

19 September 2004... exactly 6 month ago ... about the same time... i'm reporting my 1st day job here.. @ Kolej Legenda... since then 6 month has passed... kejap jek ekkk... today also my 1st day as confirmed lecturer... dah dpt surat confirmation dah sabtu aritue.. hari nie baru berkuatkuasa...

banyak gak suke duka sepanjang 6 bulan nie.. nielah kerja tetap paling lama penah stay.. ye lah.. sblm nie.. mane sempat keje... lepas degree pun keje exactly 3 bulan jek ngan PPK technology...

being a lecturer.. kejap jek roda berputar.. seketika lalu kita adalah pelajar... sekarang kite adalah pensyarah... ingat lagi 1st day masuk kelas.. the feeling of getting the respect as a lecturer... the worst? of course the opposite... menghadapi student that failed to respect their lecturer... talking bout that... few days ago ade termelenting ngan student.. mane taknya.. dahlaa kelas datang sentiasa lewat sejam.. then ade hati nak meminta minta tambah markah carry mark.. 1st time naik angin since 19 April.. why? ever had the feeling had to wait for our student for hours just to know that they are absent at the end of the class? ... or wait them to enter the class after an hour has passed? such attitude for the whole semester boleh buat sakit jantung (we cant leave the class bcoz if HEA check the class is empty during our period then we'll be in trouble..)cakap pasal sakit jantung.. smlm ade lecturer fainted.. siap ade ambulan datang amik.. dengar ceritanya sbb sblmnya die marah ngan student... i can understand that.. :) ..

but that just a few... others are ok and motivated to study.. bukannya ape.. kesian kat diorang nie.. bayar memahal.. tapi tak gunakan peluang yg ade utk mengubah their future... but else.. being lecturer best gak.. walaupun kekadang tue boring.. hehhe...

initially masuk sinie.. tak sangka pun akan dok selama nie... ye laa.. masa tu ingatkan dpt uitm... sepatutnyanya mmg dah dpt pun.. dikhabarkan nama dah siap umum dlm mesyuarat jabatan... namun Allah maha mengetahui... suddenly takleh masuk sbb suddenly keluar polisi baru hanya phd holder akan diambil as pensyarah baru @ uitm... tape.. adalah hikmahnya tue... kasik kite merantau dulu mencari pengalaman... a word from my fren.. Allah takkan memberi sesuatu sehinggalah kita bersedia untuknya... :)

actually best gak dok sinie.. ye laa.. dpt ngajar subjek yg diminati.. digital.. plc.. microprocessor.. kejuruteraan komputer... kok dok tempat lain belum tentu dpt subjek subjek nie.. cuma maybe certain more subjek takpat like network.. computer security .. ecommerce(bcoz i'm @ school of engineering) .. pk pk balik lawak gak.. dulu belajar gile terkontang kanting masa wat engineering.. la nie ngajar engineering plak.. hehhe

tapi tuelah.. kalau di tempat lain belum tentu lg dpt peluang nak ngajar engineering ngan cpa aku yg ntah hape hape.. hehhe... staff staff pun ok jerk sinie.... ukhwah yg dlm.. especially bab cover mengcover... hehhe... ye laa.. lupe plak.. jadik lec sinie bukan macam kat ipta.. they expect us to be in the office 8-5... for me the productivity of the lecturer is not at the best pun kalo kite sumbat diorang dlm office 8-5 kan.. kekadang perlu uruskan beberapa hal peribadi... kekadang takleh mai @ 8... kekadang kene balik awai.. :).. kok takleh uruskan hal hal tue lg ngajar ntah hape hape nanti kan sbb banyak urusan tak setel.. hati pun tara tenang... gano nak ngajar ngan semangat... tapi tuelah.. kekadang takleh salahkan management gak.. sbb ade lecturer yg amik kesempatan... pantang ade peluang terus 'ting'.. kechipsmoorean yg teramat sangat.. didnt they think tentang keberkatan rezeki mereka ekk? (ngingatkan diri sendiri gak)

hmmm.. i thinks thats for now... semi anniversary kat kolej legenda.. thank u all my family.. my love and my fren for supporting me all the way... thank u pak ali and pak ery for choosing me during the interview... if not tak dok sinielah den... :) .. syukur.. alhamdulillah... semoga rezeki kita semua akan lebih murah di masa akan datang

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak kepada seluruh umat Islam di Malaysia dan marilah kita bersama-sama mengambil manfaat dari bulan yang penuh keberkatan kepada kita semua terutama meramaikan rumah Allah

Esok, hari pertama berpuasa sambil bekerja. Bukan tak pernah berpuase, tapi suasana sudah pasti berbeza. Bangun bersahur, kemudian, sudah tentu menghabiskan masa berborak dengan keluarga sementara menanti subuh. Jika adik-adik mungkin tidur lepas subuh, mira mungkin bangun dan bersiap untuk bekerja.

Tadi, banyak menghabiskan masa dengan teman-teman sepejabat makan. Makan sakan. :). Bersarapan nasi lemak di kedai mamak bersama Ina, Sharon, Vivian dan pelajar-pelajar. Murah sungguh rezeki kerana Mr. Chong belanja. Bersama Karen dan Nadiah untuk makan nasi ayam di kedai yang paling sedap di kawasan Ampang. Kemudian makan petang pula, bersama-sama dengan para pelajar, Karen, nadiah, Ina, Vivian dan Selvi. Kemudian, perut teringin menikmati cendol, jadi mira ajak nadiah teman mira makan di Cendol Taman melawati.

Hehe, terukkan, memang rosak la diet selama ni. Tak pernah diet pun sebenarnya. Cuma itulah orang Malaysia, setiap masa pasti makan. habit yang teruk untuk kesihatan.

Macam mana pun selamat berpuasa.

p/s hows my bm? skema tak?

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

At office

Im in the office, class start at 7.30pm. I know its sound weird when class starts at 7.30pm but usually i will begin the lecture at 8pm so they have an ample time for Maghrib prayer.

hehe, just talked to one lecturer and he is willing to take over my class, so it means, next week, i dont have evening class on Tuesday.. Tadi saje suruh die guess berape umur i and he said im 26!! waaa tuanyer muke cik mira!! Oh tidak!! Anyway, Yahoo!! dapat laa nak terawikh ngan family. So it means, hari rabu je laa i miss terawikh.

To be honest, kadang2 tu jadik lecturer kat kolej ni rase bersalah jugak, mane tak nyer, class die main langgar je time sembahyang.. kalau lecturer bukan islam, memang die tak kisah la bile kelas tu, kite yang islam ni rase bersalah sebab student kadang2 tak solat. Kalau break 7.30 bukannyer derang cari surau, tapi cari kedai mamak depan kolej ni. Hmm.. tu yang sedih tu. nak tego, kadang-kadang tu i ade jugak la kekuatan nak cakap, tapi bukan setiap kali kelas la. Derang pun bukannyer lepas sekolah, sesetengah dah jadi mak orang.. Hmm, berdoa semoga mereka ubah care hidup. Bukannya ape, sembahyang tu tiang agama, yang membezakan kite dengan orang bukan islam ialah solat. Perkara pertama yang Allah tanya kite adalah solat. Kalau solat kite sempurna, insyaAllah kite ada harapan nak cium bau syurga.

Memang la alim mira tak takat mane, tapi macam sedih la, bende berlaku depan mate kite. Surau dekat kolej ni memang sunyi sepi, boleh tau sape "regular customer". mane tak nyer, surau laki ngan perempuan campur. Tu pun antara bende yang mira terkejut mase first-first keje kat sini. No divider at all. tapi memang dah faham-faham sendiri, kalau perempuan masuk, laki akan tunggu sampai perempuan keluar.

Harap-harap ade jugak student mira yang browse website ni. To all my students, my responsibility is not only to give you a new knowlege but also to guide you to the right path. Hope you can understand what i mean. Takut nanti, mase akhirat esok, Allah tanye, what is your contribution to Islam and i could not answer that question. -Ms Amira- (they call me miss amira :D)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

My essential website

Maybe i dont have any interesting topic to share with, so i come out with this thing. Ok, everytime i log in to the Internet, i will never miss to browse to this website

a) My blog -
b) my email address - yahoo and
c) Dearie's email :)
c) hana's blog -
d) sharmeen's blog -
e) nolee's blog -
f) ani's blog -
g) dod's blog -
h) aunty wynn's blog -
i) kak loly's blog -
j) shaf's blog -
k) searching for interesting articles and online contests

See, im addicted in blogging, not only to do some writing but also read it!! although some of them didnt realize that i was their regular reader. :)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Malaysian Idol finale

Tonight we are going to know for our very first Malaysian Idol. Yesterday, i was in Chicken Hartz again in Time Square ( what are co-incident, read Hana's blog just know, she was there with someone, hehe kalau tak ade chance nak kantoi kan die) but this time, with my colleague. Since, i always mentioned about "my trip" to Chicken Hartz, so decided to try it. But unfortunately, not all had desired to eat the food. The food were not their taste, emm, yerp, different people has different choice. Even, i also dint really enjoy my food.

When back as early as we could, as i couldnt stop forcing them to go back before the Malaysian Idol started, and we arrived at Ampang at 8.30. Hantar kawan i, but her parents were not at home, so i offered myself to wait for her. When back home, and it noticed that i missed two songs. Nevermind..

At least, i could see Jac's energy and how disappointing Dina was. She controlled the stage but as the result, she could not control her breath. Plus, pilih lagu pun tak best. Apart from that, i think she looks more feminine with her skirt. Jac - im totally sure that she is the winner. No doubt about that. We can see, how she can project her voice (remember Fantasia Berrino style?) Lagipun, at least we can be proud if she represents our country at the world idol.

Ok, anyway, nak dinner ni. tu tak leh nak komen panjang2, nak korek rahsie ngan hana pun tak sempat.. bye..

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Interesting article

My question.. How many children that he has? How long is the longest marriage? Does anyone ready to break his record? :D..

I'm no playboy, says man who's a groom 53 times over
by: Sulaiman Jaafar


"I am not a playboy. I just love seeing beautiful women," said 72-year-old Kamarudin Mohammed, who tied the knot a record-blasting 53 times.
He made headlines on Sunday when he remarried his first ex-wife, Khadijah Udin, 74. They were married in 1957 and divorced a year later.

In between, the friendly and easy-going charmer married 51 other women, including an Englishwoman and two Thais.

"If I like a girl, I'll ask for her hand in marriage. I don't like flings. I also don't believe in marrying more than one woman at a time," he said in an interview at Khadijah's house in Kampung Pias, here today.

Kamarudin said he had kept in touch with Khadijah, but lost contact with the other wives."My nephew Borhan Abdul Rahman managed to trace my seven children from the other marriages," he said. On reports that one of his marriages lasted only two days, Kamarudin said he was young then and did not know what he was doing. Born in Kelantan, Kamarudin grew up in Johor Baru and Muar as his father was then the Johor Religious Schools inspector.

He completed his Junior Cambridge in 1951 at the Muar High School, and among his schoolmates were former Johor State Assembly speaker Datuk Yunus Sulaiman and former Muar MP Aziz Yassin.

His schoolmates in English College, Johor Baru, included Health Minister Datuk Chua Soi Lek.

Kamarudin joined the Police Field Force after school and left four years later. He then worked in various jobs.

"I just moved from one job to another if there were better offers. There have been so many jobs, maybe as many as my marriages," he joked.

Kamarudin has also worked as employee relations manager with Goodyear and Hume Industries, while his last post before retiring in 1992 was as employee liaison manager at Technic Far East.

Kamarudin said he was glad his latest marriage had made his eldest daughter, Rohana, 47, happy.

"She was right when she said I had never forgotten my first wife all these years. I am pleased to be united with Khadijah again," he said.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A day with Shameen and Hana

Yesterday, I wanted to update my blog, but as I about to start, my mum told me that she needed to use this laptop to type the MOM. Actually, I wonder why she supposed to type the MOM, but I was too tired to talk.

4th October 2004

Nothing much happened to me in the morning, just realized that I had no more evening class and it means that I have to go to the office at 9am. Actually, it is better to finish work at 5pm but I hate to join the traffic jam especially because I am still diploma holder in driving a manual car. I am brave enough to do zig-zag :) but chicky when I have to play with clutch and first gear, kalau naik bukit dah start mengelabah, that’s why if the traffic is too heavy, I will use Jalan Jelatek to avoid the flight over.

Was about to go home already, promised with Nadia to punch out together but suddenly I received a call from Nurhana, asking me whether I was free or not. Of cosurse, I was glad to hear her voice, and really looking forward to hang out with her. She asked Shameen to join the date and Shameen agreed. Best - best. But the thing was, I had to wait for them. At 5.40 Shameen called me at informed Hana had just taken the shower. Dalam hati, mak aiii, ni tak masuk lagi minah ni nak make up ke ape. But luckily, my colleagues were ready for the tea time and I joined them for a while.

But all of them were having the class at 6pm and I decided to draw some money (just to kill the time) and then walked alone to the meeting point -Secret Recipe- Still have to wait for them.. (just emphasize on the statement) :p but finally, the times had come, these two VIP came towards me with a big smile. Hana was holding a big plastic bag that I was sure it was dedicated for me. Hehe so happy to see a hair straightened for my birthday present, thanks Hana. I love it, Mimi lagi suke, she already plan to use it for her dinner this weekend. Not only that, Hana also gave me "two chain" books, the wedding book. These wedding books, according to Hana and Shameen wajib pass kan when the times has come. So, definitely I have to start the cycle. The most interesting part, when three of us, eat likes what!! After having a heavy meal, then Shameen (why Shameen hahaha) ordered two slices of cakes. But both of us unfortunately could not afford to force Hana to eat the Blueberry Cheese Cakes.

Best part, we were chatted and chatted, talking and talking, gossiping and gossiping until I did not realize the time makes no different. I mean I should went back early but I went back at the same time if I have the evening class. But as long as to see these two faces, it is worth!! To Shameen: hope the D'Kayangan plan JADI!! Hana, if you want to join, JOM

Went back home, but as I arrived, my mum asked me to accompany her for the kenduri, Since she just wanted to walk with Ika, therefore I did not mind to follow. Plus, the house actually is my relative house and it was kenduri tahlil. Quite exhausted when I got into bed but I could not sleep, so many things to prepare for the next day. Missed my Dearie.

5th October 2004

My student called me as early as 9.30 am to inform the tuition class. Oh, they asked me to do tuition for them, although I was difficult for me to say NO, but I was not really ready to say YES. But they are too good in persuading me, and finally I agreed. Plus, all of them having a close relationship with me, so why not I help them especially when final exam is just around the corner. Was about to leave the house, but suddenly I hit the wall and the car emm boleh tahan kemek especially from the drive's seat. The reason is I do not know to play with gear 1 and actually so many things bothering me and I lost the concentration. I asked the helped from Auntie in the surau to adjust the car and alhamdulillah not that seriously damaged. Until I write this blog, I have not tell my mum yet. Hmm, habis laa duit gaji I bulan ni, pi ketuk kete :(..

During the class, a student asked me to try her kuih raya and I straightly ordered kuih makmur from her. (Baba favorite kuih raya). Finished the class at 7.30 pm but had to wait for Ina, so I used the time to prepare the test questions for my students tomorrow. Arrived home safely, alhamdulillah. Having my dinner, while waiting for my mum to come back from surau, received a call from Baba. Told him half of the accident story. Dunno what to do, I spend my time blogging, and after this, Good Luck Mira.. it's show time.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Hartz Chicken Buffet

Semalam mira dengan satu family bergumbira dekat Berjaya Times Square tapi bukannye nak enjoy die punyer roller coaster ke ape, cume untuk satu bende je, MAKAN.. Semua ada, kecuali Jiji dengan Saffuan. Jiji tak boleh nak balik dari Muadzam sebab die banyak keje nak buat, Saffuan tak join sebab die penat buat keje, nak relaks. Hmm

Mira pilih Hartz Chicken Buffet, mule-mule ingat nak pergi Sunway Pyramid, tapi bile Karen (my colleague) said, Times Square pun ade, so its better for me to go there. Lagi dekat dengan rumah. Sebenarnyer nak pilih makan kat mane sikit punyer susah, sebab kene make sure, Shahiran boleh makan. Adik aku yang sorang ni susah gile nak makan, bukannyer die tak kuat makan. He is too simple when we talk about food. He cannot eats anything that has been modified, macam sate ke ape ke, tu sume die tak leh makan. Kalau kat rumah, dari die pandai makan sampai sekarang ni, mesti ade antara ayam goreng, sayur bayam, tu pun bayam colour merah bukan hijau, lepas tu ikan keli goring, ikan sardine, ikan sardine goring dengan telur goring. Tu jer die boleh masuk. Nasi pulak kene nasik putih, takleh nasik kaler-kaler. Kalau pi kenduri, orang lain amik nasik minyak ke ape, die tak, mesti kene amik nasik putih. Sebab tu kene carik restoren yang die boleh telan n makes him happy. So, mira pun pilih Hartz Chicken Buffet.

So, sampai kat sane, punyer laa pusing-pusing nak carik mane kedai ni, dah la semua orang first time masuk Times Square. Sampai kene pecah due group carik mane kedai ni, last last senang tanye je kaunter pertanyaan. So sampai je, tau tak, orang lain semua amik yang best-best, Shahiran je amik nasik putih dengan ayam goreng. Hai budak ni.. takpe janji mira happy die kenyang.

Tengah sibuk-sibik layan adik-adik, tak sedar pulak telefon dok bunyi-bunyi. Ade 9 kali missed calls..hehe dari sape lagi, dari Dearie. Kene marah jap. Sorry tak perasan. Sampai je tengok die muke masam, hehe, ampun bang!! Tak sengaja.. nasib baik makan still boleh jalan lagi. So kiterang semua makan sampai 2 jam kat situ. Sampai dah tak boleh nak masuk ape lagi, baru keluar. Haa lagi satu, Shahiran, orang lain amik air best-best, die mintak air suam. Heheh This boy, senang nanti bini die esok..

Lepas habis je makan kat situ, kiterang pi singgah jap tengok Malaysian idol kat situ, Sempat la tengok show yang best best, from Dina , Jac n Vick. Tapi lagu derang amik same je dalam konsert. Tak lame pun, mama dah ajak balik sebab hari nak dekat hujan. Tapi mira tak ikut laa, sebab Dearie tahan.. suruh ikut die balik.. hehe..

Kiterang lepas tu pi Low yat, beli laa memory stick untuk kamera, beli cdr, beli cd holder, beli pen drive untuk baba dengan beli educational software untuk Ika. Nampak macam kejap je kan, tapi kan lame gile, almaklum Dearie punyer favorite place, so terpakselah singgah kat setiap kedai.. Itulaa kalau berlakikan orang yang suke computer :D..

Balik-balik, tengok-tengok Ani ade kat rumah, patut pun baru pukul 8 mama dah telefon suruh balik n tanye kenape balik lambat. Dah lame dah mama tak bagi warning call macam tu. Rupe-rupenye ani datang dengan mak n ayah die dengan Andak. Borak lame jugak dengan Ani tapi lebih banyak cakap pasal kerje. Lepas je Ani balik, terus tertidur, dengan lampu terbukak sampai laa ke pagi. Nasib baik Mama tak perasan, kalau tak best tu dengar story telling. Hehe

Anyway, rase seronok laa kirenyer, sebab nyer, walaupun gaji tak banyak, tapi rase best laa, at least satu family boleh rase duit gaji mira yang tak seberape ni, even I can give monthly pay to my parents walaupun tak seberape. Itu yang mira nak, sikit duit tapi boleh berjase pada keuarga kite. As advertisement, kalau nak belanje family, pergi la kat Chicken hartz Buffet, sebab berbaloiiiii sangat especially kalau ade adik beradik kite lebih kurang same dengan Shahiran. Seronok tau tengok derang kenyang dengan duit yang kite belanje..heheh

Friday, October 01, 2004

Being a lecturer

Forgive me if I love to talk about my current job, job is my new world and every day it will give me a different perspective in interpreting my daily life. Again, being a lecturer at early age definitely is not easy especially when you have to hide your identity especially your AGE. FYI, I have full time and part time students and half of them are older than me. For the full time student, other colleagues have reminded me not to mention my age. By the way, I also not interested in sharing my personal life with my students unless if it will give them some motivation. But some of the students are curious about my age and they kept asking other staffs, and of course they got the answer.

I do not know how to react, actually I did not mind at all, but what makes me pissed off is because some of them are pathetic!! May be they could not accept the fact younger people as their lecturer. Hello!! Most of my part time students are older than me and they can easily accept and respect me, even some of them offered a position at their workplace. I wanted to say to this people, aku lagi pandai pade ko,nak buat macam mane.. but that is too rude right??

So, how do I overcome that matters? Honestly at first, my part time students also they did not show their confidence in me, but what I have done? I do more and more reading to master their subjects, and make sure my knowledge is beyond their knowledge. And alhamdulillah, it works.. but as I told my students in Public Relations class this morning, "No matter how good we are, they shall be one person who do not satisfy with you, because nobody perfect" and I do accept the fact. So mira, tak boleh laa nak marah-marah :)

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