Friday, April 30, 2004

hmm... eheh.. masuk ari nie.. dah dua kelas dah ngajar.. kay laa for a starting.. kelas ade 3 orang jerk.. 1st day tue merapu sket... ye laa.. bukan setakat 1st day... 1st time ngajar plak tue.. then dlm english plak tue.. i can't campur campur english malay sbb ade student from china kat dlm kelas tue...

starting next week akan dpt lg satu subjek.. computing solutions.. ala ala MIS... yg buat berat sket bukan ape... lecturer before this tade notes pun.. guna buku utk ngajar.. hai... dah baper lama dah subjek nie jalan still tade notes.. i think i'm a person that need notes not only for my student but also to assist me in teaching.. takkan nak rujuk buku jerk kot.. taper taper.. pasnie develop notes sket kot.. ade laa keje sket.. eheh.. tp yg feninnya.. 10 out of 13 dari china..

tadi amik iq test online.. nie result die..

"Congratulations, emran!
Your IQ score is 129

This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Tickle's Classic IQ test. Your IQ score is scientifically accurate; to read more about the science behind our IQ test, click here.

During the test, you answered four different types of questions — mathematical, visual-spatial, linguistic and logical. We analyzed how you did on each of those questions which reveals how your brain uniquely works.

We also compared your answers with others who have taken the test, and according to the sorts of questions you got correct, we can tell your Intellectual Type is Visual Mathematician.

This means you are gifted at spotting patterns — both in pictures and in numbers. These talents combined with your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture, which is why people trust your instincts and turn to you for direction — especially in the workplace."

sape rase rase nak try pi website

Saturday, April 24, 2004

FYP Presentation

Mira siap2 before present. For more..

Network in UTP going wild again and the virus is spread out – I think. Consequences, Internet is down for almost a week. Actually, I don't know this server address but thanks to Ani for revealing this secret. I really appreciate it since I need to give this notebook to Em.

It always happened when I was damn eager to update my blog, network down. But its ok, at least I can really concentrate doing my FYP without any interruption. Talking about FYP, alhamdulillah, we (UTPian final year student) have completed our first phase of presentation and we are one step closer to become a graduate student. For me, everything is going fine and I was enjoying myself during the presentation especially not presenting in front of the two-unseparated lecturers. :)

Thanks to my dearie Em for his work. Terima kasih bebanyak. I'm not sure what my product would be without his help. Why I said that. Here are his contribution to my FYP 1- he did my proposal report, 3 proposals need to be submitted, and everything was his ideas, and the SMS topic was selected.. 2 – he did the flowchart architecture of my products 3 – developed the prototype 4 – came to UTP frequently to complete my system and not only that he teaches me. 5 – forced me to learn the modem programming and I gained more knowledge especially understand in depth the Visual Basic + pushed me to buy the GSM modem. :p Heloo, I also need to do because im the one who will present the end product. Takde laa I nak serahkan 100%, tak pasal2 kantoi laa. Not only he helped me, but also helping Ujie and Ifa and be consultant too to Ain and Achique. Thanks again dear..

Mama & Baba, thanks for your motivation, I only know that motivation is really important when we are facing hard time. Lately, I admit that I love to call my mum, chit chatting with my mum and giving her a fully report of my day. Hehe.. Oh, not to forget to all UTP Jan 2000 thanks for your friendship and helping me out too.. discussion and giving support to each other.. ee banyak laa, feeling like im doing acknowledgement page.. :) ok.. click here to see

p/s thanks to Nadia for your help in confirming my

Friday, April 23, 2004

hello... eheh.. hari nie abes dah cuti keje bergaji aku... heheh.. maksudnya... suppose aku hanya start mengajar bulan 7.. sbb dak utm tengah exam and pasnie cuti.. so makan gaji separuh bute gak aaa nie... just preparing myself with the knowledge required... abes download nota nota lama dari utm punye website study balik... but then today.. ITP (institut teknologi pertama- also under legenda group.. dok sama building) request me to teach two IT subject starting immediately.. maybe next week... as it is because i have MSc IT and do not have any classes now.. tak kesah aa... leh dpt pengalaman ngajar sket... tade laa melepak jerk.. leh masukkan dlm resume.. :D .. cuma one challenge.. kene ngajar dlm english sbb kursus ITP based kpd UK punye silibus.. foundation level.. ITP is more on preparing student to go to oversea university... ade foreign student gak..

smlm 2nd interview uitm... i'm lucky because in the 1st interview PM Dr Saadiah and En Jamil on on the panel... PM Dr Saadiah know me sbb die ajar I network.. en jamil is my thesis examiner.. the other panel is PM Dr Mazani and another two i dont recognise but if manage to enter uitm.. most probability i will be under SIG (special interest group) of DSP.. hmm.. ngajar digital signal processing ... taper taper.. make it as a challenge.. (I have started to download and read DSP ) harap harapnya dapat masuk laa.. tapi uitm kalau dpt masuk pun.. prosedur nya lambat.. maybe next year baru masuk.. so Dr Norlaila encourage everyone that pass the 1st phase of interview supaya cari keje lain dulu... sbb uitm lambat... lgpun tatau lepas atau tidak the 2nd phase..

2nd phase interview plak.. kene ngan dekan.. and another one tak kenal.. orang besar juga rasanya.. macam lagi besar dari dekan... dari pejabat pendaftar mungkin... kat sinie kalau tak lepas satu jerk laa reasonnya.. my bachelor degree pointer is quite low... taper laa.. but i believe everyone deserve a second chance.. i got 3.71 for my master pointer.. the best among fresh graduate.. seri ngan Emma.. Ghazlan the best.. followed by suria i think ..

besok i meet my ayang.. sorry to make u turun kl.. kite susah wat keje tade notebook tue.. :D ade notebook leh wat keje kat ofis.. komputer kat ofis nie komputer orang.. tak sedap laa dok pakai jerk kan.. pinjam jap jerk.. lepas abes thesis correction nie i send it back to u @ UTP kay... love u.. :) ..

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Meaning Together

Em & I were talking about something "???" ---> dunno how to describe. Actually we rarely talked in serious/jiwang mode unless kalau lepas bertekak.. :D Anyway, i asked him the meaning of "together" and of course, as i predicted, he asked me back..

Em says - "be together until death separate us.. be together in every situation.. physically and emotionally.. together with love and bless from allah"

I say - "because i can be with someone that i love.. forever without any dirturbance, besides him through sweet and pain, having the day together..."

hehe... isnt it jiwang?? :)

Monday, April 19, 2004



This hacking thing really teaches me something, to be more careful, cautious and alert. Before this I do admit that I took for granted the security inside my computer. I rarely update my virus definition and scan my computer. So I could not blamed 100% to this hacker, there's a hole that give the opportunity to him/her in accessing my account.

Past is past, here I would like to share some tips although this might be too common for you but at least I could give some reminder to you. First, don't forget to update your virus definition regularly and scan your computer.

Secondly, here I found something NEW for me. It's a SpyWare. SpyWare are the evil programs that hide on your computer and make violence to our computer without our knowledge. It steals information inside our computer such as credit card, number, email address, addresses, surfing habits and etc.

Not only it steals our information but also popup/under ads to you, spam your inbox, slows down your computer and crash your computer (this should be the scariest thing rite?). So to kill this SpyWare, we should download SpyKiller that will remove SpyWare, AdWare. KeyLoggers, browser Hijackers and MalWare. It's a free download but only for 30 days, so I strongly recommend you to try this software..

Above is my result after I scanned for six hours. No wander laa I kene teruk.. :)
hmm... surprise!!! dah register dah kat kolej lagenda... alhamdulillah.. walaupun lewat sket masuk.. tapi ok laaa... dah start keje woo ari nie... hehe... skang tade keje lg.. sbb bebudak tengah exam.. kuliah start july... pasnie kene study banyak menda.. nak asah balik knowledge engineering aku nie eh... goodluck to me...

satu lg.. dok apartment yg disediakan.. then kebetulan.. macam duduk serumah ngan ketua jabatan... hmmm... apartment sebelah jerk.. tapi pintu masuk jauh plak.. kene pusing utk masuk.. nak bawak basikal laa pasnie...

ok.. till next time.. wsalam

Sunday, April 18, 2004

hmm... suppose my blog is different from mira punye... then we combine using iframe... tapi.. malas ler plak nak wat layout macam aritue skang... layout aritue tade backup.. dah kene delete plak ngan kiddie samdol tue... setakat hack yahoo account.. setaraf kanak kanak riang script kiddie jerk.. nyusahkan idup orang jerk...

anyway... its new chapter for me (almost) ... thesis dah present (mini viva) ... cuma ada pembetulan sket lg nak kene buat.. hantar binded 5 may nie... maybe nak submit earlier... transkrip pun dah kuar state saye dah tamat.. yee yeeee...

and surprisingly... dah ade keje dah.. heheh... ini mase ngikut si mira nie laa aritue.. beria suh teman die ke career fair kat midvalley.. i drop my resume kat kolej lagenda... then suddenly they call me for interview.. last week ari selasa.. then the next day.. they said.. i can start .. initially they want me to start the next day.. tapi i insist ari senin baru leh... so esok laa mendaftar... tapi kene ngajar subject engineering plak.. nie malas nie... kene ngaji balik engineering.. kalau IT takde laa susah sangat nak ngajar.. tapi engineering.. iskkk iskk.. masa ngaji dulu pun fenin... inikan ngajar.. taper taper... cube dulu..

ari rabu-khamis.. ada kat ipoh... tolong wat fyp mira and fren die yg wat sms based application... thanks to cicak yg numpangkan tempat die... tertinggal baju plak kat tempat die.. hehhe.. sebelah nie gambar mase mari aritue laa.. lepak kat bilik sebelah bilik pak guard..

ari sabtu plak.. pi kenduri kawin member kat melaka... alhamdulillah.. selamat member aku lg sorang... lepas sekolah tak jumpa dah.. jumpe mase kenduri jerk.. hehe... seronok lak tengok member dah selamat..pastue dapat makan lauk pengantin plak tue... makan sebelah die.. heheheh... caya laa luu suhylee.... nie rasa nak kawin niee... heheh.. nasib baik laa tade duit lagi.. kalo tak selamat dah si mira nie... 2 mei nie man plak...

balik balik plak.. ade surat uitm.. ingatkan surat denda lewat pulang buku library.. rupe rupenye... surat interview uitm... waaaahhh.. seronoknya.. memula ingatkan tak shortlist dah name... sbb tade ape ape info pun walhal interview next week.... tau tau dpt lak panggil... harap harap dapat laa... yg konpiusnya skang nie... at that time.. dah mula keje dah kat kolej lagenda.. hmm... taknak laa yg dikejar tak dapat.. yg dikendong tercicir plak kan... anyway.. i believe rezeki ada kat mane mane... my former bos kat ppk kate... manusia mengembara kerana dua sebab... yg pertama adalah kerana rezekinya telah tertulis ada di tempat die bermusafir.. yg kedua.. ke tempat ajalnya telah tertulis... so believe in Him... (tapi skang nie tengah berangan angan tak ingat punye nie.. hehhe.. really hope can enter uitm.. kalau tak success kali nie... next time nak cuba lg)... so now.. i think i just check in for kolej lagenda.. but i request for cuti on rabu & khamis utk interview uitm tue.. tapi ape plak ekk reason nak kasik... heheh...

ok.. till next time... wsalam... (panjangnye ekk.. banyak plak cite aku eh.. hehhe) ....

Love Letters

It was box of Julie's biscuits that its so irresistible for me. Wherever when I sit in front of computer, my hands cant stop from opening the box and automatically helps me to eat Julie's love letter. I wonder why they name it as love letters, it could be as "roll biscuits" "newspaper biscuit" or etc. So I browse to this website and found out why it has been name as love letter. Click here if you want to know the history.

Love letters are not only made for commercial but it also represents the cross-cultural cookies. Not only during Hari Raya but also Chinese New Year and Deepavali; the same is true of muruku and ghee biscuits, once Indian specialties. Don't put yourself into conclusions, we should not direct ourselves to Chocolate or Strawberry Love Letters, remember in Malay and Chinese traditional food, we have the yummy Kuih Kapit. It also can be categorized as Love Letters.

But here in Malaysia, usually, Chocolate and Strawberry Love Letters is a must for any supermarket. Actually, it has a lot of flavours such as vanilla, coffee and coconut but we hardly seen this products in Malaysian market.

The main point here is, my favorite biscuit has finished since yesterday. Need to buy the new one so I have something to soothe me while I was busy in front of computer. Emm.. tomorrow is a public holiday for Perak and tomorrow my dearie will start his new job.. All the best dear!!

Saturday, April 17, 2004

My New life begins..

Yerp, this is my new blog, welcome and make yourself easy… mmm well, to tell u the truth I really miss my old blog -, I was thinking why its happened to me. Am I that bad.. oh ya, I dint tell you what has happened this week. I could say that my patient is being tested.

Last week, my yahoo account was being hacked.. and that person deleted all my messages.. its enough to make me so miserable, my job offered were there, my unforgettable mails and it was all gone. I then changed my new password and applied "Choosing a Good Password" but..

This week is quite strenuous for me and the rest of UTP's final year student because we have to submit final draft. Last Thursday, when I was trying to comfort myself, I browsed to my blog, and suddenly the layout is changed and it wrote BLAH LAA… how sad to see that. Then, when I tried to log in to yahoo messenger, again, I cant log in.. I tried to use the same method when I retrieved back my password last week but I failed to do so. And with my instinct, I checked my username status and my account have been deleted and it so happened to my blog and hotmail account. Im totally thwarted and tears running down to my cheek. Its perplexed me, am I that bad until I have to face this..

Imagine all your account have been deleted and your website no longer belong to you. The worst part was the hacker knows all of your personal information. How do you feel? Your security? Your privacy? But, alhamdulillah, when I called my mama and baba, it really motivates me and builds up my confidence again. Thanks mama, thanks baba..

Em's blog also has been deleted. To this person, if I did something wrong to you, can you please not involving anyone else? Its my fault and im the one who should be blamed.

I really hope that was the last time im in this messed. I have changed my mail and etc with different password and different user ID. If this person still can track me, its mean that this person really hates me.. to this person.. im sorry if I have done something to you which im not sure what it is..

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