Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sweetest May

Dedicated to the best parents in the world..

1. Baba's birthday - 19 May
2. Mama's birthday - 31 May

Opps not to forget - our wedding date - 21 May 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What should i pack

Read a lot of suggestion through the parenting website but non of the suggestion is suitable with our malay culture. At least i want to see kain batik is listed as compulsory items for ibu-ibu. Hehe. Any suggestion website? Do tell me ya.. :D

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ape ye nak buat

Woke up in the morning and quickly glanced to my hubby, he then said "Dah bangun dah sayang", looked at the watch and ok its not morning, its already nearly lunch hour. Hehe.

He asked "Jom tengok Xmen"
and I answered "Taknak"
"Kalau MI3?"
"Kalau Da Vinci Code"
"Lagi taknak"

He tried so many times to persuade me watching the movie especially Da Vinci Code, but i am not the type of person who loves to watch that kind of genre. Kesian die. Tak larat nak bebankan otak nak tengok serious movie. Once, we watched a movie but only for the first half, lepas tu i TER zzzzzz.. If im not mistaken, i guess it was Constantine. Hehe

So, we dont have any plan for today, thought wanna go to the office but too lazy to work because yesterday we went to visit hubby's bro and came back late at night. But later in the evening, hubby received a SMS from his friend informing that his friend's father passed away. After performing Maghrib prayer, hubby dropped me at Kemensah and he rushed to his friend's house.

Well, in the car, he asked me quite a serious question..

"Yang, can i asked u something?"
"Ape die?"
"What do u want to achieve in your life"
... Silence ...

"Dah setahun dah kite kawin, but i cant see your direction"
Only then, i answered..

"Mule-mule nak amik ACCA, tapi tak jadi"
Hubby : "Y"
Me : "No doubt kite nak sangat amik ACCA, tapi bile dah ade baby dalam perut, tak naklaa, tak sanggup."
Hubby: "Tiga tahun je ayang jumpe compliance"
Me: "But in PET***** most probably i have to do something related to accountancy the rest of my life. Kalau tak penat je amik ACCA. Taknak laa, kalau boleh, i wont let my kids sleep without me. 3 years is crucial time for anak to learn from their parents. ACCA + keje, sorry, i cannot trade my ambition with kids"

Hubby : "Then what you want to do"
Me : "Any jobs that let me have a quality time with my family"

Then ade lagi, but P&C.

Yeah, its so true how motherhood has changed me but at one point i do asked myself whether is this the right decision i have done. Hubby is very supportive to let me decide the path that i want to choose but at the same time i understand that he wants me to be a better person in the future.

Ok, life goes on. Abang, you know what i want to do next :D. This time, i really firm with my decision

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My favorite books for 9 months

Recommended for all preggies. I still remember the day when we bought these books, we were at Kinokuniya for few hours because hubby was so excited to search for the best info available for pregnancy. Alas, we chose these book, even thought it is lacked of pictures, but it is full of answers to all questions that the first time mummy will ask..

Bace laa erk.. you will enjoy it, i promise that :D

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The clock is ticking

Can you see the countdown on the top left of this page, yeah i already in my 34 weeks and 2 more weeks to go. (Note:36 weeks is considered as safe enough to deliver). Hatiku berdegup-degup, feeling guilty as i should register for pre ante natal class but the time is very limited for me to spend a few hours to attend the class. So, the best teachers are to ask my mum, my colleagues and from my reading materials.

Takut, yerp.. I believe that giving birth is one of the nature's most powerful event in woman's life. Im speaking about how birth and pregnancy experience has changed your perspective in life. As for myself, once I was ambitious to be the best among my friends (you can read my archives) but later on, the reflections of motherhood has certainly twist my objective. To tell you the truth, no more talking about ACCA, no more another 3 years of facing the compliance periods and no more depanding on THAT scholarship. But now Im looking forward to work (yeah, i strongly advise we as a woman should has a stable job unless your hubby is totally $$$) in a place where you can spend MORE time with your family.

I know that i have a feeling of motherhood when i am willing to do anything for my baby. I could not describe the experience when the baby is kicking, stroking and twisting in your tummy or he does nothing at all!! Itu belum lagi when he is born, placed in my arms and screaming at me. Subhanallah.

Anyway, to answer the most favorite question, insyaAllah kalau tak de ape-ape, my due date is around 28 june 2006 to 5 th july, so another few weeks to go and i understand the given date is not sufficient enough!!

Doakan mira and baby selamat yer..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary for both of us

Abang, this must be the cheapest anniversary gift from me to you. Even though i posted it one day earlier, but i guess tomorrow we will be pretty bz rite?? Kemas rumah kan?? :D Sorry, im not good in creating this video. Nothing much to say, you know me much more better than everyone else. Looking forward to celebrate more wedding anniversary with you..

Love you, love you, love you..
-Budak mengade-

p/s Abang please turn on the volume..


On separate note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABA 19 May 2006 and my best-est friend HANA 20 May 2006.. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki dan diberkati Allah.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cuti cuti Kuantan

Semalam selamat menjejakkan kaki balik kat office lepas nak dekat satu minggu cuti. Sampai-sampai je si Pisah cakap, "asal tak MC terus, boss cuti". I was.. huh?? tak pelah, lagi pun nak buat claim n kerje-kerje yang dah makin makin menimbun. Hubby dah banyak kali tanye kenape lepas compliance pun banyak keje lagi, all that i can answered, we are client driven company, so query from client is coming in and out. But anyway, banyak-banyak pun tak laa seteruk bulan lepas.

Holiday in Kuantan, sangat best!! one of the memorable things happened between us. Walaupun Kuantan je, tapi sebab ke sana to celebrate our anniversary, rase macam second honeymoon for the second time. Paling best, before nak bertolak, masing-masing dah promise, hubby takkan marah-marah and mira takkan membebel-bebel, sebab kalau due bende ni jadi memang rosak semua program.

At first memang dah booked flight tickets to Kuantan sebab ingatkan bile setengah jam je, boleh avoid bleeding. Kalau kerete dua jam lebih. Remember, i have history of bleeding, dua kali pulak tu. Tapi last minute, dapat advice from doktor a.k.a abang hubby (sebab kene mintak permission letter from him), die kate it is not advisable for me to do so as my placenta is still low. Mase tu rase macam nak menjerit sebab dah determine sangat nak pi sane. Ingatkan bile Type 1, kire dah ok, (last few months, mira Type 2) rupenyer kalau yang ok, die tak de Type-type.

At last we decided naik kerete tapi banyak kali stop. Alhamdulillah sampai jugak kat Kuantan. Check in dalam kul 5, best sebab Swiss hotel sebelah pantai je, sampai-sampai je letak beg terus pi amik gambar dulu. Tapi bile malam, aiyaa, kene tolong hubby marking paper die yang tak habis. We have tried our best not to bring his exam papers to Kuantan, tapi tak leh nak avoid sebab banyak sangat. So first night tu kire banyak habiskan ngan ngadap paper student-student die, wat a night rite :D

On the second day, lepas breakfast tidur balik sebab malam tu marking papers sampai 3 pagi. Hehe, ape daa kan.. tapi ok la bangun dalam pukul 11 pagi and shopping barang-barang baby. Murah gile, borong barang baby tak ingat punyer. And now rasenyer baby mira dah terlebih-lebih pulak baju die.

And another thing, a trip to kuantan rasenyer macam makan makan makan dan makan haha since both of us LOVE to eat. Ingatkan nak ajak ifa jadi kiterang punye tour guide, tapi sebab on the first day, boyfriend die datang, then second day die bz pulak,tak sempat jumpe roommate ku kat utp ni. Tak sempat je nak ajak hubby makan sata, sebab die tak kenal sata tu ape. Nak explain pun tak reti.

Balik mase tu pun dah maghrib, bile tengok directory spa die bukak sampai pukul 7 je, so tak de la nak buat ape-ape. Memang teringin nak pergi spa nak suruh urut sikit badan. Mesti best kan. So malam tu lepas dinner, terperap laa kat hotel, watching tv and we played GAME. Susah betul nak ajak hubby main game macam budak-budak, tapi berjaye jugak sebab die pun tak tau dah nak buat ape. Game yang mira create sendiri, tak reti nak cite tapi memang kiterang dok gelak je. Die macam quiz relating to our relationship. Paling geram bile hubby boleh salah pulak bab-bab tarikh penting dalam hidup kiterang due. Hampeh betul.

There was one question i asked him why i chose him at the first place, mase mule-mule kenal kat alam cyber dulu, and he answered sebab die ade kerete and boleh jadi kaye. And he got it right, nyeh nyeh. Poyo kan!! tapi memang ye pun :p Materialistik sikit mase tu.. Muke tak kenal, jumpe tak pernah so tengok apelagi :D.. sebab macam gini-ginilaa bile pk-pk balik, senangnyer perempuan kene kelentong. Lepas jawab macam tu, and i marked it as correct, ape lagi, memang kene cubit-cubit laa ngan hubby. Haha..

Tapi malam tu tak tau laa angin ape datang, badan tak leh nak tidur, rase lenguh sangat, kaki belah kanan pulak sakit semacam, puas mintak hubby tolong urutkan tapi tak kebah-kebah jugak, and malam tu muntah-muntah macam morning sickness. Kire ape bende makan malam tu habis macam tu je. Mase tu dok pikir satu bende je, baby ni nak makan ape, sebab semua bende keluar and kiterang pulak tak de bekalan makanan kat hotel tu, tengah-tengah malam nak cari ape kat swiss tu, 7-eleven jauh laa sekali. At last, pk pk nasib baik boleh terlelap.

Day 3, pagi-pagi bute hubby dah gerak nak amik gambar mase matehari nak terbit. So, siap laa jugak pergi amik gambar. Orang yang suke photography macam ni laa, tak boleh nampak bende lawa. :D. But anyway, memang subhanallah tengok ciptaan Allah, lawa!! Mate yang still ngantuk-ngantuk ni pun boleh sejuk, tenang and sentosa. Then called spa kate nak buat massage, sekali die kate pukul 11 pagi baru bukak sampai kul 11 malam, CEh, mase tu geram betul, 12 nak check out dah, kalau tau sampai 11 malam baik buat the day before.

Selain pade tu, tak yah la cite kan :D Alhamdullilah baby pun ok je, ibu die pun ok. So both of us enjoy the short trip..

**GAMBAR.. my intelligent Emran tertinggal memory card kat Taman Desa, tersilap bawak memory card lain. Surely i will upload..

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Sebelum ape-ape, nak wish FARAH EZARENA - HAPPY 'BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Promised to call her at 12 sharp on 6th May but left my mobile phone at my house.. (Tidur rumah kemensah).. Sorry dear.. Tak sengaja. Anyway, we can still meet in the office rite.. 25 years for you, its already quarter of the century, understand that you have lots of plan for the upcoming years. Wishing you all the best for your future undertakings. Love ya..


Btw, minggu ni sangat best. *wink*. MC sehari, datang ofis tak berape sangat nak buat keje even though keje belambak, and next week, almost a week i will be on leave. Phew.. best best. Dah mule bagi hint hint kat hubby kate nak resign :p, tapi pipi asyik kene cubit kalau cakap macam tu.


Just came back from Dearie's cousin wedding. Fido and Nurul, sweet couple and i would say a very organised event. Guess what, semua sedara Dearie yang mira jumpe takde sorang pun dapat teke mira dah pregnant nearly 8 months!! Siap ade kate 3 bulan lagi. Yeah, memang perutku ini sangat kecik. Baby oo baby cepatlaa besar sikit..


Did i tell u we never disclosed our son's name yet?? Yerp, it is still our top secret but surprisingly my youngest sister, Azyan already knows the name. Ntah mane die tau pun tak tau. She said I told her, but as far as im concern i never reveal our biggest secret. Terkezut gile bile ika mention name baby. Haii..


I will be on a short vacation with my dearest hubby tomorrow for 3 days to celebrate our first anniversary.. Tak sabar tak sabar..


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Update, update

As I have planned before, today i will be on MC. Basically, today is my appointment with my gynea and i definitely sure it is just like clicking on a button to request for the MC.

Hari ni bangun awal macam biase, terbangun. Was forcing myself to stay in the bed for another few minutes but mission not accomplished. Brush my teeth, perform Subuh prayer and staring at my hubby. Dunno what to do next, I forced him to wake up, dengan alasan mama baba suruh breakfast.. hehe abang sori yerk, pagi tadi tu tipu je :p. Well, biaselaa bile dengar perkataan mak mertua bapak mertua suruh, laju laa sikit kan..

After breakfast, it was still early for both of us, so we chit-chatted until i fell asleep, and hubby - mandi. Hubby was a little bit geram to watch me still sleeping when the clock is already ticking 9.45 am, :p.

We arrived at Damai Hospital around 10.15am, as usual I have to go through all the procedures before meeting with the gynea. The lobby is packed with the patients and most of us are waiting to see our gynea. Hmm.. luckily hubby punyer geram tak lame..

Masuk jumpe gynea, the first thing she asked was
"hai amira, how r u"
"hows the baby movement"

I told her that I was not taking a good care of myself for the past few weeks, so dengan pantas kilatnyer, she said "I bagi you MC hari ni ok".. See, tak payah mintak pun. *wink*. Then after a while she continued..

"Hari ni you kene cucuk kancing gigi"..
Err.. kene cucuk lagi..

She checked my blood pressure, my weight and everything and alhamdullilah, tak de ape-ape. I gained another 2kg in one month which is quite consistent for a pregnant woman. Then, its time for the best part in meeting with her..

"Ok mira,jom scan"
She checked my tummy,
"You tak sapu ubat ke"
Me: "Nope, tak sempat doktor"


Her: "Kene sapu ni"
Me: "Ok, lepas ni i pergi beli"
Her: "Kaki you ok, tak de bengkak-bengkak"

She then put the liquids on my tummy and started scanning ..

Her: "See the heartbeat"
Me: "Dah besar dah, tulang belakang die pun dah clear"
Her" "Ni mate die, aik, tangan die kat atas, mesti baby ni banyak pikir"
Me: "Hehe, like his mum"

Note: Readers, I clearly can see his five fingers, amazing kan..

Me: "Doktor, i nak tengok muke die"
Her: "Baby ni pemalu laa die tutup, jap i carik"
HEr: "See his eyes, nose and pipi die tembam"

Yes, yes yes.. memang pipi die tembam, bulat betul, ok turun dari papa ibu die. Then we continued exploring my baby.

Sayang, ibu tak sabar nak jumpe
Asyik-asyik teringat kat sayang
Bile sayang tendang, it makes me wonder
Kaki sayang besar mane, kenape tendang
Selesa tak?? We both loves u

Alhamdulillah, my placenta dah naik sikit even though it is still slightly low and it is not blocking the way. Way to ape die, im not sure. But, i still have a chance to deliver a normal birth. Sekarang berat baby 1.78kg, doktor kate still tak cukup, suruh mira makan banyak-banyak, tapi cepat betul die naik, sebab last month, 900gm je AND MINUM AIR BANYAK-BANYAK. And just now, hubby forced me to drink 5 glasses of plain water sekali arung. Kembung perut..

Hubby you are soo lovvely. Honestly, I am too dependant. When the doctor asked, vitamin ape yang i nak, Quickly I glanced at him until the doctor asked

"You ni makan ubat ke tak"
"Eh makan"
"Kalau makan kenape pandang husband u, sebab bile makan u mesti tau ubat mane nak habis"
"Ubat i outsource"

Err, sebenar-benarnye, ubat-ubatan ni my dearly hubbbylaa yang arrange, I no nothing about it. :D Bile ubat habis, he will ask me to go to the panel and request for the ubat. Itu je i tau, the rest, malam-malam, die akan bagi ubat, sampai tahap masukkan ubat dalam mulut, so that is why i memang tak tau ape-ape :D Tau telan ubat je.. Yeah, yeah, memang i spoilt sikit, even my mum pun terkejut.. What to do :p dah 7 bulan diajar macam tu, so bile makan ubat sendiri rase lain. Hehe.. and it same goes with drinking two glasses of milk per day, kalau die tak buat, meaning i pun tak minum. Dunno wat happen to me, buat air untuk die, but I just let myself waiting for him to make me a drink. Haha terukkan..

Well, anyway.. im in love.. :D

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