Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ape ye nak buat

Woke up in the morning and quickly glanced to my hubby, he then said "Dah bangun dah sayang", looked at the watch and ok its not morning, its already nearly lunch hour. Hehe.

He asked "Jom tengok Xmen"
and I answered "Taknak"
"Kalau MI3?"
"Kalau Da Vinci Code"
"Lagi taknak"

He tried so many times to persuade me watching the movie especially Da Vinci Code, but i am not the type of person who loves to watch that kind of genre. Kesian die. Tak larat nak bebankan otak nak tengok serious movie. Once, we watched a movie but only for the first half, lepas tu i TER zzzzzz.. If im not mistaken, i guess it was Constantine. Hehe

So, we dont have any plan for today, thought wanna go to the office but too lazy to work because yesterday we went to visit hubby's bro and came back late at night. But later in the evening, hubby received a SMS from his friend informing that his friend's father passed away. After performing Maghrib prayer, hubby dropped me at Kemensah and he rushed to his friend's house.

Well, in the car, he asked me quite a serious question..

"Yang, can i asked u something?"
"Ape die?"
"What do u want to achieve in your life"
... Silence ...

"Dah setahun dah kite kawin, but i cant see your direction"
Only then, i answered..

"Mule-mule nak amik ACCA, tapi tak jadi"
Hubby : "Y"
Me : "No doubt kite nak sangat amik ACCA, tapi bile dah ade baby dalam perut, tak naklaa, tak sanggup."
Hubby: "Tiga tahun je ayang jumpe compliance"
Me: "But in PET***** most probably i have to do something related to accountancy the rest of my life. Kalau tak penat je amik ACCA. Taknak laa, kalau boleh, i wont let my kids sleep without me. 3 years is crucial time for anak to learn from their parents. ACCA + keje, sorry, i cannot trade my ambition with kids"

Hubby : "Then what you want to do"
Me : "Any jobs that let me have a quality time with my family"

Then ade lagi, but P&C.

Yeah, its so true how motherhood has changed me but at one point i do asked myself whether is this the right decision i have done. Hubby is very supportive to let me decide the path that i want to choose but at the same time i understand that he wants me to be a better person in the future.

Ok, life goes on. Abang, you know what i want to do next :D. This time, i really firm with my decision

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