Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 Emir's Sports Day : The "Penyu" Preparation

Pictures are taken from my humble phone camera. And I'm not sure about you, but it seems that recently, each time im uploading the pictures via Blogger Phone Apps, the quality of the pictures -- err pecah pecah

This year once again, marked Emir's second year participation in his School's Sports Day. Unlike last year, I was surprised and shocked to see the level of parents involvement in Sports Day preparation, this year - Im was waiting anxiously on what theme the parents would choose.

And again, I volunteered myself to help other parents as this is the only way I can give my small contributions to the school. Being a career woman and working at strict office hours, it is very difficult for me to spend my times for any of school activities.

So, the parents chose "Selamatkanlah Penyu" as the theme for this year and like last year, we decided to minimize our spending on the costumes - in other words, gets creative with DIY. *gulp. 

And one of the parents came out with this idea - Papier mache to make turtle's back.

There you go, they gave us a week to complete 5 shells and each shell took me about 3-4 hours and the best part in that week, I was down with viral fever which make things worst :) Honestly, I haven't play with this since I was in primary school/ Ok i lied, the truth is, I have never experienced doing papier mache. Last time, Mama helped me :p

Papier mache crafts are simple but messy and takes time to dry at least an overnight. For my records purpose, wanna share with you what I have been up to for that particular very tight week :)

I asked Mr. Husband to buy ready made kanji cornflour from Art Friend which cost us about RM11, but one of the parents told me that she has tried to use the ArtFriend's Kanji but apparently, the papers did not stick well on the mold.

So i decided to make my own kanji, a lot cheaper as I refused to receive any upset outcome :)

The Star / Kosmo newspaper size are the best to cooperate with my mold. For the first layer, to prevent the papier mache sticking onto my mold, I used only water and small amount of kanji and i decided to make 7 layers instead of 5-6 layers as suggested. Really messy ok especially when I have to tear newspapers into strips, handling the sticky kanji (err i dont like sticky things on me) and doing during weekdays are literally tiring.

One tips that  I learnt from another parent is, put a little bit of salt into the kanji. As the water was poured in, quickly stir the kanji. There was no need to put it over the stove as the salt actually preserves the kanji for a longer while. 

Sadly, i forgot to pose with my five shells after all the hardwork :p Yes, I only involved up until this stage and was not able to help out for the painting etc.. Wanna see the outcome (ok, I have shared via my IG and FB)

Very amazing kan.. and can you see the effort by the parents. Semua tu DIY ok.

Bawah ni wit the Turtle's body is Emir's class teacher. Cikgu pun kene sporting jugak :)

I am amazed with the details on the shells. 

My little penyu.. :) 

and Alhamdulillah, Emir's class won the marching parade again for the second year! Hard work paid off.. Bila announcement, mak pak yang lagi menjerit compared to the kids haha..

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Best Present for My Loved Ones

When it comes to special date, we often think what should be the best gift to give especially for our special ones. Sometimes we tend to put aside a portion of our money to ensure that we are able to buy something valuable, something special, something that is in their wish list. Be it to your other half, parents, family or friends, we always want to ensure that there is a sentimental value attach to the gift.

Often, we are converting the gift as expensive gadgets, fine dining, shopping vouchers, best traveling destination or it can goes to luxury cars, or luxury condominiums. However, there is one special gift that in the long run, they will value these gifts more (ok,, i will not reveal it now :))

Let me tell you about my parents. My mum and my dad. As the eldest in the big family, i am more independent and at the same time i am very sensitive. During my teenage life, I always think that my parents ignored me as they were more focusing to my other siblings. I used to direct my own decision and at times (ok all the time), yes, I was a very stubborn child. I always against their suggestion and tried to proof them wrong. Up until now, I am not sure whether they were ok with me but what i remember, despite my "stubborn" attitude, I always put a respect towards them. I keep it everything to myself and expressed it with my attitude :D. (you know that irritating sour face :p)

latest picture of Mama and Baba during their 33rd anniversary last month

Until I reached 18 years old. Other words - After school. My SPM result was not that good, (not good enough to qualify me to further my studies in overseas). My parents know that my childhood ultimate dream is to experience study abroad, but God's willing, I didn't get the chance.

Recent picture with Baba

Yes. I was very down. so down.. At that age, yes, I was really demotivated especially the circle of my school friends -- yes ALL - secured a sponsorship to study abroad except yours truly.

One fine day, I agreed to follow a friend of mine (my best friend) for an open house.  My parents did not allow me to attend the open house given the fact that they knew I would be very sad to be among my friends. But once again, I was against them. 

At that open house, coincidentally, all of them had just choosing their preferred university. and so, they were all talking about their future life  - where to live, where to stay, etc. I was alone, sitting at the end of the corner since i was the only one studied at the local University. Yes, I felt so small to be among them. 

I went home. Disappointed with myself and true enough, I didn't drive carefully. i expressed my disappointment by errr.. speeding on the road. Until.. I hit another car in front me, it was not that bad, but still I hit another car. Lucky me, the "victim" agreed to close the case as he was rushing to go somewhere where i can just zipped my mouth.

I arrived home and didn't tell them what had happened. I was scared. But they came to my room. They knew something was not right. I cried my heart out. Not a single moment they gave me "i told you so" look instead they gave me the encouragement and motivation. 

Then, it was the first time, I had truly acknowledge the love and care they had shown in raising me. I know I had been a self-centred, and slowly, I began the process of honoring them for who they were and for what they had done right in my life.

I realised that I am more closer to my parents after that incident. How incredibly lucky I am to have them as my all time no 1 fan, no 1 listener and no 1 teacher. I managed to close the gaps between parents and daughter, instead we are like a real friends.

and the rest is history. 

(recent picture with Mama - no editing)

Thinking of the best gift to my parents, apart from showering them with the endless love, I mentioned earlier there is one special gift that in the long run, they will value more. Yes, I just discovered about ....

AIG Injury Guard. 

A plan that covers

  • Fractures, burns & dislocations due to accident
  • Daily hospital income due to accident
  • Accidental death & permanent disablement
  • Additional payout for accidental permanent disablement

The benefits of this plan is as following:- 

A short video worth to share

Yes, i agree that it might not be as fun to open a gift in a box but this is something you need when you dont expect it happen. and it does not cost a bomb

(Note: please click the image to view)

If you have any questions feel free to call 


or visit

Agree tak? Agree kan this is the best present for your loved ones :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sneak peek: Emir's 8th Birthday Party

Alhamdulillah, it started and ended smoothly (ok, not in the beginning)

But indeed it was a great celebration for 8 years old boy. His friends were there (he only invited his boys' classmate), our siblings (not all) and some of our closest friends. 

I (we) chose How to Train Your Dragon as the birthday theme since the movie pun How to Train Your Dragon 2. At first, the theme was Plants vs Zombie, but a day before Mr. Husband was not keen with the idea to have Zombie as a theme. Agreed with him. :) Lucky us, the bakers (both cookies - from Shilashower and cake - Dwenujang) agreed to accommodate our request. phew.

Ok ok, will upload more after this once i get full pictures from Ezna (Ezna is my official photographer on that day -- thanks Ezna since i didn't hire any)..

Till then.. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Desa Waterpark: Our so call holiday

Nowadays, it is a trend that parents are expected to bring the kids somewhere during the school holidays. Yours truly are included. But Emir, he doesnt mind not to jalan-jalan as long as he could find any plug to charge his iPad. 

But this time, for the two weeks school holidays, i was not prepared to go anywhere. Well, due to my limited annual leaves and so many events happened in June, so memang tak de plan. Having said that, I was hoping that Mr. Husband came out with some suggestions, but yada yada like he said... I ni Kementerian Kewangan dan PA dia.. grrr..

For the above reasons, I am utilising KL tourist attraction and we decided to bring Emir to waterpark. he loves water activities -- like very much. and so, we chose Desa Waterpark. Why? Cheaper and the most important, since it was on Sunday + school holidays, we dont think going to Sunway Lagoon is a good idea.

and it was our first visit to Desa Waterpark for the three of us :D

The tickets price at RM35 for adults and RM25 for kids. Quite (very) reasonable i might say. Husband was quite skeptical to visit here (asking me to check whether any controversial issue from this waterpark), but tak de.. so here we are. 

We came as early as 10 am, not many people arrived yet. The place is quite small with one big pool area, one kids' pool, and some other stuff, but definitely kids gonna have fun.. adults - so long you dont grumble and complaint, you too gonna have fun ok.

I didn't take many pictures here as I kept all our stuff in the locker. Locker is at RM5 per lock. Silly me, not even 10 minutes after I locked, I had to unlock it to get some cash.. The cafes around are quire reasonable, at least you still can get nasi goreng at RM5 per box.

So ini kanak-kanak riang main wave. From the facial expression, you can easily judge sape yang excited terlebih :p

and Emir.. betul-betul enjoylah..

and this ride (couldnt remember the name) only opened at 2pm and we were late. We had to q i think around 40 minutes (the only ride here in Desa Waterpark, so of cos lah sanggup beratur kan).. but 10 minutes before our turn, hujan turun selebat-lebatnya. we thought the staff were going to close it, but thankfully they just continue since there was no thunder. But.. gosh.. first time main hujan setelah beberapa lamaaaaaaa.. 

and it was first time for Emir main hujan..

it was fun! real fun..

sekejap je derang bukak.. habis je q, depa tutup balik :)

So, we went back around 4pm.. tak de bende sangat.. approximately we spent 6 hours inside the park..

After event: Emir jadi gelap :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dad's today

I like the comments above from my BFF Suzie which I certainly agree.

Ok ini pandangan peribadi saya. Pandangan dari seorang yang dah hidup selama 32 tahun.

Memang betul saya perasan sekarang banyak bapa-bapa yang hands on dari segi penjagaan anak. Kirenye banyak bapak dah tak kisah dan ringan tulang untuk bantu isteri ibu di dapur atau uruskan anak sekolah. Sebab keliling saya sendiri memang ramai buat macam tu. Maksud saya yang baya kite lah. I tengok adik ipar I, perghh tip top tu jage adik I yang tengah dalam pantang.

Zaman berubah. Bukan saya mengata, bapa-bapa terdahulu tak berdosa pun. Tapi dari permerhatian saya, bapa-bapa yang berumur 40 tahun ke atas, masih lagi mengamalkan konsep “I want to be served”. Ayah saya, kalau kata nak makan, memang tertib duduk di meja makan adalah perlu.. :) Kalau tolong di dapur adalah amazing. Tapi dulu-lah, tapi sejak baba saya dah pencen, baba lah yang selalu kat dapur. Saya sendiri tengok, mak saya kalau keje-keje rumah memang jarang (macam tak pernah) minta tolong Baba. Arwah nenek I, semua I tengok tak pernah mintak tolong atok I buat kerje rumah.. Kalau I.. errr selalu.. macam I basuh baju. husband I sidai baju.. (sekarang machine rosak, so basuh baju memang solely husband I buat dekat self laundry dengan alasan.. malu laa perempuan asyik pergi dobi layan diri je haha, kalau I kemas rumah, husband I mop lantai.. cam gitu lah).. tapi husband I ok. Walaupun dia rajin menambahkan asset dalam rumah (barang banyak!!), tapi bila dia kemas, perghhh  macam pergi jogging 20 km (maksudnya I nak suruh bayangkan betapa banyaknyer peluh dia yang keluar)… bersih!! :D

Cuma saya nak cakap, Alhamdulillah dalam zaman ke arah pemodenan ni, at least this culture is good. Suami isteri sama-sama ringan tulang. We are really like a team. You buat A, I buat B, I buat A, you pun boleh buat B. Tapi bab-bab nak pasang lampu mentol, paip bocor je lah I still pass the baton to the man in the house (yelah, lampu rosak semua ni bukan keje hari-hari kan).. now we are talking about hari-hari.

And another thing, anak-anak dah jadi macam kawan kite. We share a lot of thing with our children (child for me). This is how we create the bonding among us kan. Betul, cara kite didik anak kita memang tak sama dengan cara mak kite didik kita. Percayalah dulu mak bapak kite garang, tapi sebab garang lah, banyak kite-kite ni jadi orang. I hope with this new approach of raising a child, the outcome is still the same like our parents did. InsyaAllah.

Cuma satu je lah yang zaman sekarang ni I kurang berkenan.. Setengah dari kita protect anak gile-gile sampaikan cikgu marah anak kite, dia punya marah.. alahai.. yang ni I tak suke. For me so long the teacher masih waras, masih reasonable, biarlah tanggungjawab tu kite serah pada cikgu. I don’t mind cikgu marah Emir, denda Emir kalau Emir buat salah. I’ve seen a parent scolded a teacher in front of the school gate. I dunno what had happened, but it was so ridiculous.. rasa nak sekeh je kepala bapak tu. Please lah, if you don’t show so much respect to the teachers, im sure cikgu tu kurang ikhlas ajar anak kita. Bila kurang ikhlas, mulalah ada bias. Nak nak sekarang ni system education kite ni banyak based on assessment. Cikgu pun manusia…

Ok, that’s all for today.. Till then..

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day celebration - selagi hayat dikandung badan

Ayah kita bila hari yang bahagia untuk mereka, sebenarnya tak lain tak bukan, ingatan dari anak-anak cukup untuk gembirakan mereka. but yes, deep in their heart, im sure, if we give more, it does make them happy. macam kite lah, sure kite happykan bila husband ingat birthday kita.. tapi lagiii kita happy kalau dapat Pandora.. :p (contohnyaaa la kannn)

Semalam, memang dah kebetulan nak bawa baba makan-makan.. saja-saja. tak janji tak ape. datang kemensah, terus ajak baba makan dan bawak sapa-sapa yang ada dekat kemensah. malas nak janji-janji sebab takut ada komitmen lain..

Petang semalam, ,i bawa mereka-mereka yang ada di rumah untuk makan di Heliconia Cafe di Taman Melawati. Cafe ni terletak bersebelahan dengan Secret Recipe Taman Melawati. Malas nak pergi Secret Recipe sebab dah selalu sangat bagi ekonomi kat SR kan..

Suke cafe ni sebab tak ramai orang dan owner dia peramah. So feel at home. Tapi sebelum masuk memang tanya Baba lah ok ke tak.. Husband ajak pi Chef Zubair.. i cakap kalau pi Chef Zubair.. sorang rm50.. ni dah bergelen-gelen orang datang.. ok next time :p baik i belanja makan buffet

Adik I ainun dengan dua orang anak buah.. Nak pulak derang ambik gambar walaupun kene paksa..

Sementara tunggu makanan datang.. kite ambik gambar dulu.. 

Ini makanan ayah i.. salmon..

Ini makanan adik I.. Phuket Crab Laksa

Ini laksa Sarawak

yang lain punya makanan tak sempat nak ambik gambar sebab cepat benor masuk perut.. :) Untuk orang yang tak ikut, i tapaukan Sate keramat yang sedap tu.. lama giler tunggu, mau sejam kot... terkejut i sebab sate tu dah rm1 secucuk..

Apa pun Alhamdulillah, tak de bende yang bahagiakan kita kat dunia ini selagi kita boleh membahagiakan orang.

Baba I orangnya sangat proper. Saya rasa saya belajar ke-proper-an adalah dari dia. Saya belajar pasal corporate world dari dia juga. Kadang-kadang masalah saya dekat office saya seronok bercerita dengan ayah i, mungkin dia berada di dunia korporat, dia lebih faham keadaan saya. Masa i kecik, kalau i buat kerje sekolah, i love to ask my dad, sebab baba terus bagi jawapan :D 

Ya, semua orang perasan ayah saya semakin kurus. Keadaan kesihatan baba tidak lagi macam dulu. Tak perlulah saya bercerite dekat sini. Tapi insyaAllah selagi saya masih bernafas, saya akan ikhtiar apa yang mampu. Duit boleh cari, baba harta saya dunia akhirat.

Husband saya..

ok, husband saya ni dah tak bace dah blog saya. instagram facebook semua dia dah tak bace. tapi dia bagi tau saya, kalau Mother's Day, dia takkan celebrate saya, sebab dia kata, mother's day dia patut celebrate mak nyer bukan saya, yang patut celebrate saya ialah Emir.. Saya ok, itu view dia, kasih dia kat saya tak berkurang pun.. romantik je kureng :p.. 

Tapi I lain.. seorang isteri patut jua raikan suaminya. Suaminya adalah bapa kepada anak saya. Saya bersyukur sebab suami I tak pernah heran untuk menguruskan Emir. Dia tak kisah untuk uruskan Emir setiap hari walaupun kalau di sekolah , selalunya tugas-tugas macam ni mak lah yang jadi driver and what not. Paling i tak boleh lupa, tahun lepas Emir ada lawatan sekolah dan sekolah perlukan beberapa ibu bapa untuk tolong handle budak-budak, and my husband volunteered. Husband saya satu-satunya bapa yang tolong volunteer..

But he doesn't mind..He doesn't mind to get his hands dirty to manage Emir dari Emir kecil sampai besar. Sampaikan i sendiri tak payah nak risau-risau dalam kebusy-an saya dioffice. sebab i tahu husband saya sangat reliable. 


kalau cerita memang tak habis :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Set bersalin - apa nak guna, apa nak pilih (Set bersalin Tanamera vs Set bersalin Nona Roguy vs Set bersalin Amway)

Sekarang ini dah menjadi trend untuk ibu-ibu pilih set bersalin. Seingat I sendiri masa zaman mak i beranak adik-adik I, rasanya tak pernah kot nampak mak I guna set bersalin ni. Semua menggunakan sepenuh penggunaan dari akar kayu dan memang nenek-nenek kita dulu sangat tahu segala penggunaan akar kayu dan sumber semulajadi dan ada masa untuk entertain mak mak kita.

Tapi sebab dunia makin berubah, maknanya, keadaan pun makin berubah. Dari zaman akar kayu, sekarang banyak mak-mak moden yang wujud.. bila beranak baru lah nak belajar kain batik.. bila beranak barulah nak belajar kayu kayan di sekeliling rumah.

Yours truly tidak terkecuali.

Jadi sebab tu, penggunaan set bersalin banyak memberi manfaat kepada ibu-ibu zaman kini. Almaklumlah, bukan senang nak cari herba tradisi dan lagi satu, kini banyak ibu-ibu kita yang berpantang sendiri dekat rumah.

So persoalan nya sekarang, set bersalin apa yang best? set bersalin apa yang orang ramai guna, sebab banyak sangat pilihan set bersalin dekat Malaysia ni..

Meh saya senaraikan apa yang saya tahu.. (semua ini ada di jual di kedai saya, kalau tak de boleh je tanya saya, sebab ada yang saya belum habis upload lagi

1. Set bersalin Tanamera
2. Set bersalin Amway
3. Set bersalin Nona Roguy
4. Set bersalin Leesa Formula
5. Set bersalin Salindah
6. Set bersalin Sendayu Tinggi
7. Set bersalin Anugerah
8. Set bersalin Afiat
9. Set bersalin Air Mancur
10. Set bersalin Jamu Mak Dara 
11. Set bersalin D'herbs

Banyak kan.. Percayalah setiap satu ada kelebihan yang tersendiri.

Tak kurang juga sekarang ni set berpantang yang berasaskan vitamin telah hangat di pasaran contohnya macam Shaklee yang memperkenalkan berpantang secara supplement. Untuk pembacaan, boleh lah ke Google yer berkenaan dengan Shaklee..

Saya sebagai penjual, i can tell you which is the most popular set bersalin. Honestly, ada dua set bersalin yang selalu menjadi pilihan..

1. Set bersalin Nona Roguy
2. Set bersalin Tanamera

Tapi sebab masa saya pantang dulu, saya guna set Amway, jadi dengan sebab tu saya nak cerita, apa yang menarik tentang set Nona Roguy, set Tanamera dan Set Amway..


Harga saya: RM335

Apa ada dalam set ni.. 

1.  Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil – 100ml 
2. Feminine Herbal Wash – 14 sachets x 10gm

3. Herbal Bath – 14 sachets x 10g
4. Herbal Massage Oil – 100ml
5. Firming Herbal Blend Paste – 14 sachets x 15g
6. Abdominal Wrap / Bengkung
7. Herbal Tea – 14 sachets x 2g

8.Calming Herbal Blend Paste – 4 sachets x 20g
9. Boreh Body Scrub – 4 sachets x 20gm
10. Brown Formulation Soap – 125g
Apa yang menariknya set ini.

I rasa sekarang ni mak-mak banyak nak cepat. Jadi set bersalin Tanamera menjadi pilihan sebab set bersalin Tanamera mementingkan aspek luaran. Mungkin juga ibu ibu risau, kalau banyak makan jamu, kite takut effect kepada milk production. kalau tengok senarai barang yang ada di atas, cuma Tanamera VCO saja yang perlu diminum.. Tapi kalau diikutkan dari penggunaan set bersalin Tanamera, VCO ni pun sebenarnya untuk sapuan luaran.

Apa barang Tanamera yang sangat menarik

Yerp, Tanamera VCO. Jujur.. saya rasa Tanamera VCO / Virgin Coconut Oil adalah the best VCO so far. :) boleh guna untuk macam-macam, sebelum bersalin sampailah lepas bersalin..

Kalau nak beli loose items pun boleh juga.. Whatsapp saya je.. :)


Untuk saya set Nona Roguy ni adalah set sepanjang zaman. :) Sudah lama set NR ni berada di pasaran dan memang banyak terbukti keberkesanannya.

Jom tengok apa ada

1) PhytoNatal (90 biji)
- dalam bentuk tablet untuk dimakan

2) Akar Herbanika (10 paket)
- dalam bentuk paket dan perlu dicampur air untuk diminum

3) Minyak Herbanika(100 ml)
- minyak sapuan pada perut, pinggang dan badan(krim)

4) Herbanika Barut Cream (60gm)
- sapuan pada perut dan pinggang

5) Uncang Cuci Herbanika (10 paket)
- untuk jagaan kebersihan dan kesegaran wanita

6) Herbanika Lulur(100gm)
- untuk menyental kulit, kehalusan dan kebersihan kulit

Harga saya: RM275

Kalau dapat lihat, set ini tidak didatangkan dengan bengkung. maknanya bengkung kene beli sendiri. Set ini berasaskan jamuan dan herba.. banyak yang nak dimakan dan diminum. Kalau sesiapa wanna opt for herbal and tradisional, i would say, Nona Roguy is the best.. :)

Apa produk paling top dalam NR ni.

Oh yes.. its Phytonatal.. Glamer u phyto ni, kalau u all tak kenal ish ish ish :p.. but anyway, u can buy any loose items from me as well :)


I beranak sekali, so i berkesempatan untuk mencuba set bersalin pun sekali. Sebab i member Amway, jadi orang Amway suruh i cuba set Amway. I might say, set bersalin Amway ni patutnya boleh je popular, tapi disebabkan Amway tak giat promotion dan tak bagi pun orang buat promotion, sooo Amway ni macam ketinggalan sikit.. dan kalau diikutkan jadual pemakanan dia adalah paling paling lengkap compared to the other two.. :)

Apa ada dalam set bersalin Amway ni

Untuk dimakan:
Teh Herba, Lepas Bersalin 1 dan Lepas Bersalin 2.
Untuk Kegunaan Luaran:
Herba Pembersih Wanita, Herba Mandian, Minyak Urut Herba, Minyak Bayi, Campuran Peramping Perut, Campuran Penghangat Badan, dan Campuran Penenang.
Boleh diguna untuk c-sect operation dan makan adalah sangat minimal.. telan kapsul saje and wahlah-- milk production pun ok.. 

Apa paling best?

Untuk i, paling best sebab ada minyak baby yang best.. :) 

Itu je lah secara ringkasnya, dah panjang dah pun.. :)

Sebarang pertanyaan / pesanan boleh lah Whatsapp / SMS saya di 012 - 3556063

Monday, June 02, 2014

End of May celebration.. Mama's birthday

adalah hari lahir ibunda saya. My mom's birthday is on 31 May. Jadi tanpa berfikir panjang, saya belikan aja kek.. 

Sebenarnya banyak perancangan untuk birthday mama ni.. tapi terpaksa dicancel sebab mama sendiri tak nak.. takpe.. asalkan mama happy

sementara orang lain sibuk makan, husband i melayan anak buah baru. kekok betul ni haa nak pegang baby.. ye lah kan dah 8 tahun dah pun Emir

ingat tak de budak jeles.. sekali bila tengok bapak dia pegang baby, Emir sibuk mengendeng dengan bapak nyer, siap tido atas riba lagi. gambar ni i tak sempat snap.. dia perasan i nak ambik gambar, kelam kabut dia bangun.

gambar cinta hati saya. Baba and mama.. Lepas makan kek, adik i belanja mak pak i pergi makan dengan Putrajaya Shangri-la.. 

Alhamdulillah di atas segala kurniaanNya..

p/s gambar phone ni kalau tak edit memang gelap benor


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