Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Best Present for My Loved Ones

When it comes to special date, we often think what should be the best gift to give especially for our special ones. Sometimes we tend to put aside a portion of our money to ensure that we are able to buy something valuable, something special, something that is in their wish list. Be it to your other half, parents, family or friends, we always want to ensure that there is a sentimental value attach to the gift.

Often, we are converting the gift as expensive gadgets, fine dining, shopping vouchers, best traveling destination or it can goes to luxury cars, or luxury condominiums. However, there is one special gift that in the long run, they will value these gifts more (ok,, i will not reveal it now :))

Let me tell you about my parents. My mum and my dad. As the eldest in the big family, i am more independent and at the same time i am very sensitive. During my teenage life, I always think that my parents ignored me as they were more focusing to my other siblings. I used to direct my own decision and at times (ok all the time), yes, I was a very stubborn child. I always against their suggestion and tried to proof them wrong. Up until now, I am not sure whether they were ok with me but what i remember, despite my "stubborn" attitude, I always put a respect towards them. I keep it everything to myself and expressed it with my attitude :D. (you know that irritating sour face :p)

latest picture of Mama and Baba during their 33rd anniversary last month

Until I reached 18 years old. Other words - After school. My SPM result was not that good, (not good enough to qualify me to further my studies in overseas). My parents know that my childhood ultimate dream is to experience study abroad, but God's willing, I didn't get the chance.

Recent picture with Baba

Yes. I was very down. so down.. At that age, yes, I was really demotivated especially the circle of my school friends -- yes ALL - secured a sponsorship to study abroad except yours truly.

One fine day, I agreed to follow a friend of mine (my best friend) for an open house.  My parents did not allow me to attend the open house given the fact that they knew I would be very sad to be among my friends. But once again, I was against them. 

At that open house, coincidentally, all of them had just choosing their preferred university. and so, they were all talking about their future life  - where to live, where to stay, etc. I was alone, sitting at the end of the corner since i was the only one studied at the local University. Yes, I felt so small to be among them. 

I went home. Disappointed with myself and true enough, I didn't drive carefully. i expressed my disappointment by errr.. speeding on the road. Until.. I hit another car in front me, it was not that bad, but still I hit another car. Lucky me, the "victim" agreed to close the case as he was rushing to go somewhere where i can just zipped my mouth.

I arrived home and didn't tell them what had happened. I was scared. But they came to my room. They knew something was not right. I cried my heart out. Not a single moment they gave me "i told you so" look instead they gave me the encouragement and motivation. 

Then, it was the first time, I had truly acknowledge the love and care they had shown in raising me. I know I had been a self-centred, and slowly, I began the process of honoring them for who they were and for what they had done right in my life.

I realised that I am more closer to my parents after that incident. How incredibly lucky I am to have them as my all time no 1 fan, no 1 listener and no 1 teacher. I managed to close the gaps between parents and daughter, instead we are like a real friends.

and the rest is history. 

(recent picture with Mama - no editing)

Thinking of the best gift to my parents, apart from showering them with the endless love, I mentioned earlier there is one special gift that in the long run, they will value more. Yes, I just discovered about ....

AIG Injury Guard. 

A plan that covers

  • Fractures, burns & dislocations due to accident
  • Daily hospital income due to accident
  • Accidental death & permanent disablement
  • Additional payout for accidental permanent disablement

The benefits of this plan is as following:- 

A short video worth to share

Yes, i agree that it might not be as fun to open a gift in a box but this is something you need when you dont expect it happen. and it does not cost a bomb

(Note: please click the image to view)

If you have any questions feel free to call 


or visit

Agree tak? Agree kan this is the best present for your loved ones :)


  1. Touching sgt baca ... Tq mira, dh lama i usha benda ni, alhamdulilkah ada info di sini. Susah nk cari yg cover elderly ni kan


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