Thursday, January 27, 2022

Should i blog regularly?

My first post in 2022. 

Alhamdulillah, alive and kicking. 

By the way, I have just transferred to the new department effective 1 December 2021. Honestly, I am honored to be in this department, a lot of things to learn but so far, I am blessed with the helpful colleagues around. 

Ok aside of work, starting my 2022, i really wanted to update my life story on a daily basis. Sharing what I have experienced through out the day because you know, 10 years down the road later, you will enjoy to read your journey at this time. 

But the problem is, I am lazy to blog, but i love to write on my instastory. But (sorry another BUT), I dont really like to share my personal to my colleague, bosses or relatives hahaha.. No, no, no, dont get me wrong, I dont have any sour relationship with them, its just that, when you meet them, you know, they know you more but pretend to be -- i dont know you -- :p Get it? And the sad part, you do not know anything about them. 

Anyway, on the 1st of January 2022, i had a road trip with my husband and my son to Ipoh, and celebrating the 12 midnight on the highway. 

It was definitely an impromptu decision, never in our plan we are going anywhere. Well, I have shared the same story in my instastory, so i just wanna share some photos here.

(1) Check in at Art Work Hotel at 2 am. All hotels were fulled, and luckily this hotel is available. (last room btw) 

(2) Attended wedding of Qaulah and Sabar at Kg Manik (near Tapah)

(3) Enjoying the lauk kampung yang sedap

(4) Love the sawah bendang too

(5) Driving to the north on the 1st January and stayed here for a night

(6) Enjoying the nigh out around Penang City on foot

(7) one photo in the room

(8) meeting my beloved anak sedara at Sunway Carnival Mall

(9) Short meeting - and already missed them 

(10) Forced pose by the father

(11) 3 of us on the 1st January 2022 @ The Artwork Hotel, Ipoh


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