Saturday, July 16, 2016

Emir's 10th birthday

i love celebrating kid's birthday. This is where we can find a true happiness, just spot their cheeky smiling face with "i-have-something-to-do-next" will definitely melt you. During my childhood especially surrounded by 7 siblings, birthday do is too luxury for me / us. But as a young child, of cos i had this wild princess dream and for once i realized it "independently". Independent here means without my parents permission. On my 7th birthday, i have invited all of my friends to my "so-call" birthday party. On that day itself (since it was during the weekday), one of my friend's parents had called our caretaker to confirm the timing for the cake cutting session. Imagine, how shocked she was.... and of cos, immediately after, she called my parents... and once again, imagine my parents :D --- bet they really get shocked of their life. They had no idea how many friends that i had invited. Ha-ha, not that they knew that i actually planned to call A&W mascot to come over to my birthday party. Since Internet was an alien at that point of time, so getting the phone number was quite a painful :)

Oh yeah, of cos i deserved to receive a long lecture from my parents, but too late, i already get what i want. Unfortunately, because of the shocking news, my parents had no time to snap any of my pictures during the birthday party huhu..

eh, why on earth im writing about myself. 

So, once again, Emir's born day was during the Ramadhan month. Like previous year, since Emir could not celebrate with his friends, so we were distributing kuih raya to all of his classmates including the teachers. Except this year, I decided my sister to bake the cookies for 40 kids. Ye lah dari bagi duit dekat orang lain baiklah i bagi dekat adik i sendiri kan.. Cookies dia pun sedap...

on the other hand, yours truly was occupied with what she loves most, accessories for the birthday. alaa, setakat sticker tampai dekat botol ajer. To cut the cost, i downloaded the template from Google, modified it to my liking and printed on my own. 

Ok yes, i should edit this photo so you can see the details.. but lazy maaa

Boleh lah :)

If only i have creative hands.. im sure i will make this kind of stuff for my living hahaha..

the next day exactly on 29 June 2016, we distributed the goodie bag to Emir's classmates early in the morning. The kids siap nyanyi lagi. It was fun to see all the kids smiling and reminiscing the cookies smell hehe.. It was simple but it was fun.

Actually the below cake cutting session was done after the tarawikh prayer. For this, i just ordered Emir's all time favorite cake from Secret Recipe - New York Cheese Cake. Yerp, he just loved  simple cake, no decoration, no added flavor ..

and this is 3 of us.. by the way i was wearing my hijab from #bymarleia kawan seblog i dari , so proud of your achievement dear.

Emir with Mama and Sarah,

with Cik Yah (my sister)

With Emir's atok

For breaking fast, i asked Emir what he wanted to eat and he chose Nasi Arab. Yerp, my Emir, kalau tak makanan Jepun, dia suke makanan arab. Hari-hari makan pun takpe. I bought 4 Nasi Maghdout  Lamb and 1 set of Mandi Chicken rice for the whole family from kedai Nasi Arab in Taman Melati (forgot the name, but facing the MRR2)

and here is the birthday boy. Taken on the day itself. 

Sayang, dalam umur 10 tahun ni ibu harap Emir membesar menjadi orang yang berguna kepada agama Islam, bangsa dan negara. Banyak ibu nak cakap, but i already told you personally right. Hope you still remember :) No worries, I dun mind to repeat it like a radio over and over again (you know me very well kan kan kan)


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