Friday, December 30, 2005

End of first trimester

Surely, ibu never knew meeting a gynea is far more interesting than meeting your papa when he was Ibu's boyfriend :p Even though sometimes ibu felt worried about my health but truly the gynea will always present an exciting news for Ibu to listen.

Actually our appointment is schedule at 1.30pm but we came earlier - about 11am. As the receptionist already recognized Ibu, so it is easier to register. Usually we will talk about your grandma and Ibu's work. FYI, my mum has given birth 5 out of 7 of my siblings at Sambhi Clinic.

Yesterday, Ibu slept at 4 am just because Ibu could not resist watching Fear Factor with your Papa. Papa was begging Ibu to sleep earlier but your stubborn Ibu ignored his words. And to that effect, once Ibu jumped into the car, Ibu already flies to Pluto. Ehee

As usual, each visit to Sambhi Clinic, Ibu has been instructed to do the urine test and weighing my weight but surprisingly Ibu did not put on weight at all. Weird. Of course I do. Imagine, Ibu could not zip my jeans, no more wearing suits to the office and sometimes Ibu eats like nobody business. Pelik kan sayang.

Scanning. The most historic part about pregnancy. If only they allow Ibu to watch you for 24 hours, I will do. Once the doctor put the gadget on my tummy, I could see you straight away. Wow, there is no more little bean inside my womb but it already turns into - how should I say - nice body / features. The doctor explained from this time around, you will be measured by your head and now you are 2.7 cm and your full length is approximately 6.8 cm. And, the doctor shows Ibu your cute leg, hands and head. Besides, more and more of your organs are functioning every day.

Baby, when the doctor was explaining about you to us, suddenly you have given a surprise gesture. You raised your hand as if you want to say hi to us and it does make us burst into laughter. Are you trying to say something? The doctor printed your picture while you were sucking your finger(s). And I just got to know that three months little baby has the ability to suck you own finger(s).

Alhamdulillah, your heart beating well. But ibu did asked the doctor about my hands and fingers. Usually, when Ibu is having a shower, it is normal for Ibu to start shivering but lately it is not only shivering but Ibu hands and fingers turns into blue in color. Bruise. Scary right. But when the doctor checked, alhamdulillah everything is ok. And from Ibu's reading material, maybe it because of Ibu's blood demands has increased to 30% and Ibu could not supply enough blood to support the demands. Hmm I will deal with that. Ibu understand as you are really beginning to show, you give Ibu the stretch marks and as a result Ibu will start scratching here and there and your papa will hold my hands to stop me.

Ibu has been advised by the doctor to drink a lot of plain water which Ibu already predict that she will be going to say that to Ibu. This past few week, ibu admit that Ibu did not eat a proper meals since Ibu was so exhausted after a long day at work, but luckily Ibu has your papa to make sure that Ibu drinks two glasses of milk, soybeans, all the vitamins for us and etc every day. We are lucky because we have a man who really cares about us especially you. Every movement, your papa will remind Ibu "baik-baik sikit, baby kite dalam tu".

And this is the end of our first trimester. Ibu should thank you for not giving much problem during this period. No morning sickness. Sometimes, ibu did not realize that ibu is carrying you because of my daily routine lifestyles. But ibu promise to give the best that I can for you to have a comfy space inside my womb. But honestly, I am afraid what will happen to us during Ibu's peak period March & April. What can only Ibu says, Allah is beside us.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

You are the best hubby in the world

Whoa, that is seriously a relief after a week of hard work. This whole week, I am on my first annual leave but only today mark a full rest day of my beautiful leave. I still came to the office but still, I have not yet completed all the assignments given. Yeah, when I talk about work, there is no sign of full stop. Last week not only was a good practice for me to cope up with the compliance season but also the best time for my hubby to understand the nature of my work.

Went back at 11 pm, and came to the office as usual the next morning was totally something that basically I have to avoid especially during my pregnancy period. But, for me it is complicated to explain. But as I told my husband, I love the pressure and I am coming to a place whereby I love this job. Sound crazy huh? Honestly, being on pressure sometimes it is a positive thing. It really keeps me focused on task, and at the same time, I have the opportunity to learn.

Sometimes, I continue asking myself whether I am on the right path? Doing the right thing? What I put myself into? And so on.. But I guess, I have gone through one stage where I let myself go with the time. I do keep my options open but the result is always - "you have to be here, doing tax".

Anyway, on top of that, a big hugs and kisses for my hubby for his support even though at once he complained. Hai, laki mane tak complain kan bile bini die keje sampai ke malam. But he is my real hero, friends, husband and boyfriend. He will wait for me until I finish my work, call me every now and then to ensure that I am ok and etc. Yesterday, he was beside me until 3 am in the office!! Thanks dear.

Tomorrow is my appointment with my gynea, Cant wait to meet my baby!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Birthday Ifa!!

A teacher wannabe will celebrate her 23rd birthday tomorrow - 20 December 2005. My roomate for 4 1/2 years, glad to be the first person to wish her. Ifa, i really missed our those days. No matter how hard we try, it could never be the same again. Enjoy being 23 :)..

Announcement: To all my housemates especially wei nee, buat2laa hantar message kat die yer :p

Thursday, December 15, 2005

UTP ku sayang - Masjid terapung UTP

Even though UTP is located in the isolate area, honestly I am proud to become one of the Utpian. Being rewarded as a Petronas scholar, it is the best gift to compensate the fact that i dint get the opportunity to study abroad. Well, Petronas as a multinational company with business interests around the world, is not only concern on making money, but their responsibility as the corporate citizen has created a smile to other people.

And i get those smiles. I am proud to witness the development of the most beuatiful university in Malaysia - I guess - Seriously, the design is awesome, ask anyone whom has visited the new UTP campus, I bet they are surprised to see that Tronoh is the host of this beuatiful architecture. The Chancellor building, schools, hostels, etc.. Opss, not to forget - the hottest place in Malaysia. I tell u, pokok tak hidup :D.

And Masjid Terapung is the latest building which is now the talk of the town. Yeah - floating mosque hmm.. Last time, I was only able to see the structure and now, this mosque is ready to be used by everyone. Nothing I can comment since Ive never been entering the mosque yet.

And BRAVO to Petronas..

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Do you know that?

I was playing around with Dearie, yeah we love to kacau each other. So, one day, I put my head on his tummy, pretending that I was listening his baby heartbeat. As I was probing on his tummy, he snoared (intentionally), and once I settled at one spot, I could listen clearly a sound which I did not sure where it came from.

I told my husband and listened again to the sound, but Dearie continuing making that noise and ignoring my question. Frustrated, I turned around to show my objection, and as usual, Dearie would quickly gave me a hug.

And he said "Sebab tu la, orang mengandung ni, die kene selalu baca Quran, sebab ape yang kite cakap, baby boleh dengar. Tak boleh nak marah-marah, kene selalu cakap dengan baby, sebab suara tu bile kite cakap mengalir sampai kat perut"

And that night, I learnt something useful to myself. A reason behind it.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Second time

Yeah, definitely im back after a few weeks away from blogging and not even has the opportunity to view other bloggers. November was the hectic month for me and it is getting worst in December. Okey, talking about work is endless point to debate on, all I need to do is - counting my year end annual leave and preparing myself for the ten days full rest with my dearest hubby. Even though we have no plan for vacation, err actually Dearie did suggested some places but I dont feel like going anywhere.

Maybe it was an outdated news for you, but FYI I took another MC the end of last month. Only a day but it was awful. My sister in law met an accident at Sungai Buluh, and inside the car was her 10 years old daughter. I wont describe how was it happened but alhamdulillah both mother and daughter are in the stable condition. I rushed to the Sungai Buloh Hospital as I received the news with Dearie, as soon as I reached there, I volunteered myself to accompany my sister in law to the ladies. No toilet inside the small building.

But unfortunately, I fell down. Yeah, the floor was slippery. It was not painful at all. But.. late at night, hanya tuhan yang tahu betapa sakitnya perutku ini. I cried not because it was painful but I was afraid for my baby condition. But, seriously, it was subhanallah. Sakit ya amat. I never experienced that painful before. But alhamdulillah, after a few hours fighting for the painful, im ok.

Only the next day, I went to see my gynea. And hehe, I managed to see my baby for the second time. That was a really a good compensation after panicking moment. According to the doctor, there was nothing I could worry since both of us were doing fine. Hah, once I heard the news, all the negative perception run off from my head.

The doctor gave an option whether I wanted to scan or not since he was surely confident that the baby is "laughing" in my womb. Since it was an option, of cos I wont let myself missed this second chance. So, lets scan.

The same process again. I laid down on the bed, the doctor put some lotion and jeng jeng jeng. I was surprised to see the small little bean last 2 weeks has grown up to 4cm. Last time my baby was only 1cm. And amazingly, once the doctor placed that gadget on my tummy, I could easily recognize my baby on the screen. Note: Last time took about few minutes before the doctor showed my baby.

My little baby was "jumping" and "jumping" around its yolk. FYI, this yolk supplies food for the baby before it has its own "tali pusat". Haha, what we call tali pusat in English. Nyeh nyeh. My baby was actively running inside this comfy space as if he/she was playing football. Both of us laughed to share this sweet moment with our doctor and nurse. The doctor said "see, your baby is doing great!!"

We enjoyed our time watching our little baby playing inside my tummy, yeah, I hardly couldn't describe other word besides "play" and "jump". Even the doctor complained that it was difficult to capture the picture of my baby besides its yolk since this baby tak reti duduk diam. Anyway, I will upload the picture tomorrow - if only he remembers to upload it. (I asked for his help). But unfortunately, the picture was not as we requested. (without yolk). But, looking back on my baby's progress, best sangat!! Tak dapat gambar pun tak pe, janji die sihat. Kan baby??

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