Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hari Keluarga UTM 2004

See, once i can updae my blog, i will always keeps this blog alive and updated. Feeling drowsy right now but still has the strength to type and sharing my daily life. Woke up quite early this morning, around 4am, just realize that i still owe to Allah for my isyak prayer. Waited until subuh prayer and after that got back to sleep.

Woke up again at 10 am after hearing my sister, aina knocked on the door.. hehe sunday maa.. There were bz preparing to go to Wetland at Putrajaya for UTM Family Day. Yesterday, i already told my mum i was not interested to go but suddenly i changed my mind. So, since i already late, i quickly did as fast as i can. Note:
Baba doesn't like to wait.

Around 11+ am, we arrived at Putrajaya. No problem to find Putrajaya but having a tough time to search for a parking. As we arrived, several of the families were on their way back.. hehe, actually it started at 7 am but
Shahiran could not miss his cartoon.

We only had chance to watch the last Sukaneka which is Wrap the Mummy but we did not have the opportunity to join. Terlambat. Then, we were having our breakfast and i just ate karipap and kuih koci but kuih koci was already "expired". Hope it will not effect my stomach.

After eating, Aina wanted to try flying fox, so we went to the activity area. Quite a surprised my little sister Ika asked the permission from my parents to join but of course baba did not agree because she had to climb the stairs. Although i quite agree with baba - he said that this sport was not mean for Ika but i really wanted to see Ika challenge herself. i didnt know how, but Ika finally managed to wear the safety equipments before queueing up for flying fox. My heart pounding to watch ika climbed the stairs because it was too high. Baba, could not stop blabbing at me and could not watch Ika climbed the stairs. But as ika safely arrived the top, i know everything would be fine and i definitely sure it would be her unforgettable experience. Yerp, ika, turun dengan selambe and tersenyum, muke tak takut langsung compared to her brother Shahiran.Even the crowd also applaused for her.

Since it already 1pm so we decided to have a lunch before continuing the activities. Aina and i were excited to try paddle boat and kayak. But nasi beriyani "ruined" the day. heheh. Both of us were too full and we decided to take a break. Then, Mama said, we were going back so she asked me to return the tickets. Entah macam mane, tetibe teringin pulak nak try paddle boat and kayak. But since, mama had returned the ticket, so we had to wait for mama for the tickets back.

But, as we reached the paddle boat counter, a lady said that we had to wait for 15 minutes because they were no paddle boat. While waiting, there was a 12 years old boy, cari partner for kayak. So i voluntereed myself. this is the first time, i had to sit at the back, so i had to use more strength to row the kayak.

Almost 2 years i did nt touch kayak. the last time was, i joined the expedition to Pulau Pangkor about 60 km and that was the first time
Dearie showed his worried. hehe. Too exhausted because the boy did not follow the instruction. when i asked him to go left, he would go right and vice versa, overall it was fun. I dont know how long i was in the kayak but it enough to change my skin color.. heheh. dapat gak lepas gian. Itupun i suruh budak tu stop sebab i dah penat sangat.

After kayak, Shahiran wanted to try flying fox. He was having a tough time to decide whether to try or not. i can judge his expression, takuttt and after everything was over, only he gave a big smile. i think the sign of relief. At least he managed to try and overcome his fear.

Well, since it nearly three and we had to visit Cik yah at her school, so kenelaa balik and we missed the paddle boat. Hmm.. in the car, only i realized my watch is not water proof.. waaaa i dont have any watch tomorrow. Ok, sampai sekolah cik yah, terus solat zohor. But, the happy faces turned to be stress faces from us. Shahiran mengamuk pulak nak balik rumah. Dah lame die tak mengamuk. He was really testing our patient but we just silent because we did not want to make thing worst. But when we finally arrived at home, of course we will perli-perli. haii what a dramatic ending..

Anyway, it was fun to be with our family although not all of us were there. Cant wait for next week program, but quite sad to hear that my
Dearie cant join us for the next program.

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