Sunday, May 11, 2008

Video di atas di ambil sempena Mother's day dekat tempat daycare Emir. Seperti biase Emir akan menangis bila dihantar. Mase ni nak ambil gambar Ibu dan Emir tapi Emir tak berape nak posing sebab nak nagis je.. Dan sebagai nota Emir di kemudian hari, setiap kali Ibu tunjuk video ni dekat Emir, Emir akan bagi balik dekat Ibu especilly bile nampak teacher Sue Emir. Teacher Sue tu yang rambut panjang, curly hair baju biru

Happy Mother's day

Happy mother's day to all gorgeous mothers in the world. The occasion of Mother's day should be extraordinary for us. Of cos like any other day, we should show our hugs, care and kisses to our mother but today, I believe, we should do some EXTRA works for them.

But to me, it doesnt mean Mother's day is meant for a child to a mother but also from a husband to a wife (oh ya, since woman's day is not so popular). It is true mother is a heart of every child. Even though I am married and already become a mother, but nothing I could compare for my mama's love.

Me as Mohter

A mother - a tough job but Im enjoying it to bits. Always, there are ups and down but it is different from the best job that anyone could offer. It changed my life wholly and entirely a minute after Emir was born.

From my sleeping habit, eating habit, my lifestyle and honestly eversince I am maidless, I am totally different from what you have seen me 3 4 years back. Walaupun saya sangat mengaku saya sangat suka mengomel - that is what Mr. Husband told me(mane tak nye kan bile suratkhabar letak suka hati, bantal letak suke hati, sejadah letak suka hati) but i realized that i become super sensitive.

I dont know, is it because im getting older and more childish? Since i could not simply say, usually I will either keep it mum or show my anger elsewhere. Apart from that, I am quite sensitive when it involved children. Tak kisah la anak sape pun. Hmm..

A mother - even though I worked until late hours, leaving him with the maid for the whole day (Note: before) and now sending him to the daycare, but wherever Emir saw me, he would cry or run towards me. And now, kalau dia sakit ke, terjatuh ke, takut tengok tv ke - he will shout "Bu.. bu..." dan mencari ibunya.. Dan saya, walaupun saya taklah berape sempurna sebagai seorang Ibu, tapi Alhamdulillah sekurang-kurangnya Emir tahulah menilai saya Ibunya..

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