Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our last hang out - Lunch at Sugimoto, Hartamas, err ani, do ignore "that" guy :D

A letter to you Iryani Lob

Dear Ani

To date, I couldnt accept the fact that I missed to say a warm goodbye to you. A goodbye that will separate us for a year, a goodbye that will open a new journey for you, a goodbye to show that Im going to miss your presence, laugh and your ears (yes, u always be my companion).

I was 5 min late. Yes, we did talked on the phone just before you stepped out from your beloved country, but, still, it could not pay the price for a year to come. Yes, Ani, really I wanna stopped you for 5 minutes, but it didn't happen.

Em parked his car exactly in front of the J entrance, I then cuddled Emir and quickly rushed to the departure gate. Fadhil, a friend of mine in Jasin saw me, kindly told her that I was running out of time. I knew I was late, but I was hoping a miracle, at least a short glance. But, no family members around the area and alas I understand.. I failed.

Ani, thousands apologizes, even though Internet will keep us closer, trust me, it will not be the same again. Promise me you will take a good care of yourself and return back to Gerik with a Master title. Love you..

p/s I will send u our family pic

Fadhil, if you happen to read this blog, nak gambar!! and cakap terima kasih kat kakak erk sebab bagi pinjam phone

Abang, please jangan drive macam tu lagi :D

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