Monday, November 28, 2005

After 3 months

Today, I was having a serious discussion with my colleague pertaining our future. And both of us are in the same line in understanding our working culture. We ended our conversation with two unsolved questions - are we in the right path?

On the other hand, i felt uneasy during the office hour. Considering to take MC for the rest of the day, I doubt to do so as more assignments coming in. Dunno how to describe but it is more or likely as having a stomachache - indigestion. It was painful at once but it slowly disappeared after a few minutes, but the sad thing, it attacked me again and again.

But when i told my baby "Ape baby buat ni, ibu sakit lah" (lebih kurang la ayat die) Im telling you... suddenly it stopped!! How beautiful the relationship between mother and child even though it may coincidently happened.

Good sign to show he/she is obedient.. hehe.. InsyaAllah

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