Sunday, September 23, 2007

Im H.E.R.E

Rumah baru tak de internet connection. Is it ok to justify why i am away from cyber world?? Anyway, a lot of things had happened for the past one week and before we proceed, Alfatihah to arwah adik Nurin Jaslin Jazimin. My heartfelt sympathy and takziah to the family. Let us pray together to bring the culprit to the justice. How can someone who is too little, being tortured and suffered in such a way before her death? Read this for the true story from Jazimin's brother.

And Alfatihah to arwah Rafiq, Kak Ayu's son. Kak Ayu was my senior way back then in UTP. Definitely im sure she might not known me but my sincere condolences to her and her husband. Your Rafiq is happily playing in heaven and patiently waiting for you to reunite as a family again. Read this for more story.

Last Tuesday, in the middle of the night, Emir had a sudden high fever. He vomitted three times and cried thorugh out the nite. I was helpless since hubby was not around and we dont have any medicine to at least help him reducing the fever. My mistake, our stock has not yet transfrered from my mum's house. I was running around the house to stop him from crying. If only we have a second car, there and then I will drive the car without waiting for hubby to arrive home. Err, actually we have, tapi kerete tu setakat ade untuk pameran saje.

Anyway, Emir is fine except batuk. I couldnt stop thinking about the feeling of a mother who lost their child. Even if Emir only has a mild cough, i am quite worried and will quickly rushed him to paed. Inikan pulak kalau hilang anak. Ya Allah..

So, shower your love + pamper you love + show your love + say you love...

On separate note: Open house + Housewarming + Bday Emir will be held insyaAllah on Saturday, 27 Oct 2007. Kindly let us have ur address, so that we can send proper invitation to you. Hope to see u guys nanti.. Kindly email me or sms me or ym me ok..

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