Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If she is a pilot, the plane will crash"..

this paragraph has been deleted by the author

I wanted to write about this long long time ago but due to my "tight schedule", i let it running in my brain. Few weeks back, I attended Aidan's birthday party. FYI, I never met neither the mother (HotMama) nor Aidan, but again it was such a pleasant visit. HotMama is my virtual friend, bak kate orang mummy2 blogger. We know each virtually for more than a year after both of us are more excited blogging about our first pregnancy. hehe

So, there goes the story. We never know each other personally but what happened was we knows everything about each other.. Haha.. So, there was no ice breaking, we talked talked and talked like we never met for years.. And most of our topics - about parenting..

Sangat menarik ok, i think is because we speak in the same lingo. I mean we have same interest. I guess it is more and more exciting if more bloggers Mummy are around. But since I came over quite late, so I just managed to meet HM and her friend. So, promo ni, marilah beramai-ramai datang ke Birthday Rizq this coming 28 Oct.. MB, tak pe kan i promo ni :D.. Hehe

Emir mase celebrate bday dekat rumah. Muke nangis cos we forced him to blow the candles :D .. Emir jawab="Apa daa Ibu, mane Emir tau tiup lagi.." Actually it was my mum who was eager to watch his grandson blows the candles..

And thats remind me of Emir's 1st Birthday Bash and HOUSEWARMING.. Masa raye ok.. Date tak tau lagi..

To HM: hope we can meet some other time..

And.. Selamat Berpuasa dari Emran, Amira and Emir..

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