Monday, April 26, 2010

I just win myself a free trip to watch American Idol finale at Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles

 Yes yes yes... You know the American Idol On the Ground Challenge that I have talked about for almost two weeks, Wah la wei., with the aimed to get RM500, rezeki was on my side :) Yes, I am still amazed with what I have done. 

I just told my readers, my group mate, Mr. Hubby, my cousin Ani and my sister in law that I was selected among the top 40 finalist to compete for the on the ground Challenge. I have entered this contest through online submission via CIMB Prime Plan's website after knowing about this contest while watching the American Idol. Mind you that, I was one of the two winners in Week 8 after several attempts - to be exact from the first week.

I have planned to sing Summertime from Fantasia Barrino since I can do so many things with the lyrics. At first, I wanna imitate Crystal Bowersox but I bet I may not be the only one who will choose her. So, received another called from Starworld that we can chose the past idols. so there you go, I know Summertime will rock the stage soon!!

But due to my tight schedule, I only managed to find everything, i.e. from head to toe to the music YESTERDAY!! Lucky Mr. Husband cancelled his trip to Mabul, if not who will be going to drive me to Mid Valley (ok saje mengade) So, it was so hard, I repeat so damn hard to find American Idol compilation Album, even I only managed to find only for Season 8 and Season 5 but all I wanted was Season 3. With breaking heart, I immideately jump to Plan B where I bought RM9.90 CD, with a plan to sing Kelly Clarkson  - A moment Like This. Sedih wooo mase tu.. 

BUT... Mr. Husband finally popped out, 
Mr. Husband: "Oklah, kite gi cari CD-R"
Me: "Rumah kite ade burner ke"
Mr. Husband: "Laptop boleh"

Perghhhhhhh, after few hours searching like mad, as usual he always become my hero at the end of the day. Immediately after we reached home, he tried to google and dowload Summertime mp3 sang by Fantasia but it came to our surprised that - TAK ADE!! ELEK!! NOTHING!!

And it was already 12.30 am, mau tak panik, several times I asked Mr. Husband whether we can download from YouTube and burn it, but he said, it was a longg process, but since the mp3 was nowhere to be found, so he did that looooooonngg process. and tadaaaa...

During the on the ground challenge, unlike other contestants,. Ok before that, they are 40 finalists, 20 will compete at Penang and the remaining at KL. Then the Penang champion (the competition was held slightly earlier, On last Friday) will compete with KL winner for ONE place for American Idol ticket. 

Ok, back to the above paragraph, during on the ground challenge, unlike other contestants, I had no supporters, I was alone since Emir was not feeling well and I asked Mr. Husband to entertain him, rather than waiting for me.

Lucky us since they were only 7 contestants turned up which was a good news for us - LESS Competition. Everyone is friendly to each other and one of them had won a ticket last year. Lily :) - nice to meet you. Everyone is well prepared, everyone is trying their best to imitate their idols, From the way they dress, I can easily recognize who they are trying to imitate, yerp we had Adam Lamber, Crystal Bowersox.

and oh, I was the only one wearing tudung, of course I feel (buang tebiat betul aku ni). but who cares kan, I was the contestant no 12, so I got a chance to watch other performance first. hehehe.. 

I was pretty pretty nervous, I nak miming je, but each CONTESTANT sang their heart out, I was like errr "bukanke dalam letter kate ni bukan singing competition, matilah, I dont have voice at all".

So, when my turn came, I had no idea what I would do, I just told Adam (the host) that I would sit (as planned), I politely told the audience that, this is how Fantasia performed but Fantasia may looked like a duyong while I may look like a living dugong, and the audience laughed. Ok, fantastic hehehe. Since I was wearing skirt, I had to cover my feet, so as plan, I brought along my red scarf. While covering my feet suddenly the song started. gelabah lah aku, so I just told the audience "why I am wearing RED, because CIMB Prime Plan is RED in color" and I saw the CIMB Prime judge nodded his head. 

So, thereeeeeeeee you goooo, I never , seriously never in my entire life, i might say memalukan diri sendiri. my oh my. Sorry I dont have any pictures, I told you right, I was alone, I only have Nadia from CIMB Bank who makes me comfortable. Nadia if you happen to read this post, thank you so much. Other staffs were also kind as well, tolong jage my handbag :)

 With Nadia

Ok, I decided to sing, but with veryyyyyyyyy pitchy and annoying voice hahahaha... The Bunkface (Bunkface was the judges alongside with the CIMB Prime judge) laughed and the audience laughed too.. I sempat jeling that there was a kid, closing his ears cos I sang very the very sopranoooo version.... Kekeke.. and the entire 2 minutes was a HISTORY..

And finally for the KL On the ground challenge - I was announced as the winner to compete with Uncle George from Penang!! We had to play American Idol Board of Game - ala ala MOnopoly, and its purely based on luck I might say even though we had to answer few questions from American Idol, every steps will earn you some points and I collected 12 points while Uncle collected 6 points and tadaaa by the time the game ended, I knew the LA is mine hehehhee..

Then only after the game, I met my husband and Emir, Emir was really weak, I felt so guilty for him, udahlah mak nyer nak jadi budak kecik, anak sakit sakit terpakse tunggu mak nyer.. Anyway, this was the conversation with my husband...

"Menang ke"
"Tak tau lagi" -- tapi dalam hati dah tau boleh  menang :p
"tengok ke kite buat performance tadi"
"tak, tadi kite nampak pada atas, macam Ibu, tapi dalam hati cakap, takkan Ibu menang kot, pandang lagi sekali, si gemuk kat tengah-tengah tengah main, ape buat sampai menang"
"aaaahh tak yah tau, nanti mesti geleng kepala hehehe"

Bunkface, anda adalah sangat peramah and Sam anda adalah sangat hyper :) derang keep calling me "Akak, good job" they call me kakakkk, ok memang kakak pun. Guys, you have just to ensure you maintain your discipline and punctuality, I am sure you gonna be more successful. 

Another winner has been choosen based on lucky draw for CIMB Prime Plan customer.. He is very lucky kan,, tak payah nak susah susah macam I

With the judge from CIMB Prime Bank.. Thank you :)

Kesian anak I.. dah lame dia tak sakit macam ni, kalau tak sure I angkut dia ambik gambar ngan i, suruh masuk paper same-same, tapi dia tak larat..

Maybe this will be the picture in the newspaper two weeks from now heheh

So what did i Win
- 1 return ticket to LA - will travel by China Airlines (one jer.. I really hope Hubby can join me since we will be travelling on our Anniversary and most probably I could not bring my Emir since the ticket is reallyyyy expensive!!, nasib China Airlines tengah buat promotion sekarang)
- RM2,000 as pocket money
- Visa sponsored
- Accommodation sponsored
- Two tickets to watch Kelly Clarkson live tonight!! BUT I had to pass since Emir is unwell, I told Shamel (the manager) better give other people, I am not going to use it..

and LA HERE I come!!!



  1. congrats!!! sgt impressed with what u did to win!!! me so far yg paling jauh menang tix to Bali ajer..tu pun last minute me convert to Langkaawi...sbb was2 psl Bali (me paranoid) :p

  2. huhu....good effort...kalu saya sorang2 mcm tu dah kensel dah penyertaan :) happy for u


  4. mira, tahniah!!
    dasat jugak ek ko ni hehe..=D

  5. miraaaaaaaaaaa!!!tahniahhhhhh!!!
    wowwww tak sangka awk berani ..

    bestnya kalau ada videoooooo awk tgh perform tu..hehe

  6. Salam Ibu Emir!a big congrats to u! best tu dpt pi LA!!!

  7. wah....tahniah..big clap for ibu Emir..hehehhe....

  8. wiwittt.. congratss la babe...
    wwuuuu jelesss2.. dpt p LA n dpt tgk final American Idol tuhhhh... mmg rezeki ko la....
    kalu aku la tak sanggup nk nanyi dpn org ramai.. aii kn pemalu.. ahaksss =p...
    enjoy the trip dear...

  9. ogmawd so late baca this entry.CONGRATS!

    woohooo u so deserve it dear after what you gone thru.cari lagu download bagai hehe..

    yay u!!!

  10. SEEEEEE! I told u, you can win. i can feel it (ceh, poyo jek aku nih..haha)

  11. wah wah wah.. congrats mira! have fun in LA!!! (kagum tak habis2)

  12. wow!! hebat la mira!! pewwwittt...CONGRATULATIONS...tumpang kembang idung! ahakzz...

  13. Mama Zharfan: Wow Bali tu, tapi Langkawi pun best jugak per, I dah berape kali ajak laki i.. tapi asyik dok berkenan nak pi Sabah jer..

    Rose: Thank you :)

    Sitisifir: Putus ase yer.. tapi sebab nak tiket free.. ku redah jugak lautan itu huhuhuhu

    Ayul: It was a funny moment hehehe

    Norliza: Kalau tak tau malu, boleh la jadi macam aku hahah

    Kirana: errr asyik nervous 24 hours.. nak nak sorang, nak nak first time nak performed.. nasib menang, kalau tak maluuu jer

    Ayu Idris: Thank you :)

    Siti: Thank you

    Yani: Ko jage si Sofea dulu heheheh, kasik can orang dah ade anak 4 tahun pi dating :p

    Kak Didik: please dont watch my performance on tv hahaha.. it was damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn maluu for me

    Nia: see i dapat courage jugak from you.. thanks a lot hehehe

    Shu: Thank you.. mira pun cam tak caye, especially tak percaye I buat muke tak malu on stage heheh

    Norish: Kembang badan sekali lah hehehe

  14. wah..congrats mira. u memang berani. berbaloi :)

  15. hahahaha! cayalah mira!! so happy for u sorg sucker for contest akhirnya sangat berbaloi baloiii!

    bila la turn i nk menang camni hehe!

  16. mira.. i jeles ni.. jeles..jeles...jeles.. anyway congrats for the good job!!

  17. wahh..
    congrats!.bes giler tgk ko miera.hehe.

    good job!

  18. ariffah.. i pun tak tau where the courage came from hahaha

    kunci: memang sucker mase tu.. gile pun ade, sorang2 tapi nak jugak buat..

    Mummy Rizq: Hajalicious: Ashra: Thanks :)

  19. Mama Emir....,

    WOW LA.....CONGRATS!!!!! Sangat Kagum!!!


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