Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Malam itu

Shower your love to someone that you really love before it is too late.

I have read this proverb since I was a little kid but nothing comes to my knowledge until I get to know this one person - my husband. My parents, yes, I didn't deny they should be on top of our list but my loves to them comes naturally. Even though sometimes I do boycott their decision but later on I understand that it is their way in raising me up.

But in marriage life, it is not easy to combine two different people from two different backgrounds to live together even though mase bercinte tu lame. It took us quite sometime to adapt and tolerate, luckily that time it was only two of us. And after a year, alhamdulillah, we can simply agree on anything!!

Last two days was a great story to share. We arrived home quite late. In the car, I didn't talk much as my mind couldn't stop thinking about Emir. I felt really guilty especially when I came home, he was already asleep. And of course, I always blamed my hubby for that.

And that day, he couldn't take it. I was already asleep. He woke me up. I saw him lying besides me, having difficulties in breathing. I was definitely panicked. He told me he was having chest pain. Silence. I quietly massage his chest but it did not work. I looked around the house looking for minyak gamat but there was nowhere to be found. I started crying helplessly. He looked at me and informed me all insurances that he bought. He wrote it down. We both cried. Hubby couldn't speak anymore. Alas he wrote "Seat belakang ada hadiah birthday awak".

It was around 11pm. I screamed for help. Quickly my mum and I rushed him to the nearest hospital. My heart beating fast. Yes, I am not ready for all this. I pray hard that everything will be ok.

He went through thorough checkup. Even, he wrote it down when communicating with the doctor. And after an hour, my hubby was ok except that the doctor explained he was in deep stressed. And I know it was my fault. Setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. I love him even more. Abang selagi hayat dikandung badan, I will and forever will try to be the best for you.

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