Thursday, August 16, 2007


The reason Im stuck in front of my hubby's laptop even at late night is because I do love reading blogs as well as writing in my blog. To me, most of the bloggers are telling the truth about life. And today i have learnt a lesson that i think it is worth to share

Blog A: The blogger is excited about the bonus which has been announced by their chairman.
Blog B: The blogger is currently in the state of depressed and emotional since the gynea confirmed that she has 3 fibroids in her uterus where the biggest one is about 6cm.

When I was reading the Blog A, I felt so envy with the luxurious that her Company shared with their employees (Im doing their tax ok :)). Furthermore, it is the Company that I am dying to work with. To buy a Powerbook is not an issue for them.

But as I go along reading the Blog B, my tears rolling down on my cheek. I realized that I always forgot to put more effort to get closer with Allah. Last time, I used to read Quran everyday, but nowadays, I admit that even one page per week is difficult to reach. When I am feeling down and sorrow, I turn to Allah but when I am happy, i easily get drag of it.. (you know what i mean)

But Allah never forgets me. He gives me everything that I want. Lovely hubby, adorable Emir and caring family and friends.

Even though I am fat .. err obess actually, at least my health is in good condition.
Even though it is so hard for me to earn RM****.00 per month, at least it is not as hard as those people who works under the sun
Even though I am not rich, at least we are still managed to pay our outstanding bills every month.

and the list goes on..

and now it is time for me to change.. lebih bersyukur dan lebih berterima kasih..

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