Monday, December 24, 2007

Help me

I am totally and frantically bored. Oh man, early in the morning, i had this arguments with my brother and the husband also. And when i stepped into the office, they were less than 10 people staring the computers. Aha. But, when Naz came into the office, she throw me with this big smile and there she was, holding an envelope, i know i know it was the payslips and a letter to notify our YEAH!! BONUS!! Something to cheer me up.

But again, there is nothing that can help me to reduce my keboringan yang teramat. I have done everything, from blog hopping, log on to the friendster and view each and every page. but still it wasnt enough. damn damn, hoping that HotMama is around, ye la mane lah tahu kan orang kat Plaza Damas nak datang dekat Pusat Bandar Damansara. Hehe, but she is on her vacation.

Saya boring saya boring saya boring. How i wish Emir can talk over the phone, boleh borak borak.

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