Sunday, December 23, 2007

Foster parents

Before i write further, Emir's picture has got nothing to do with the latter post. Well, the rest of the world knows that being a mother is the greatest gift for a woman. Having your own blood, raising them with your own way and nurture them with your power of love. But overall, we have to admit that not everyone has this opportunity. Some may have to wait and trying different kind of methods to conceive, but some wont have a chance at all. It is what Allah has planned for us. Rezeki masing-masing berbeza.

When we was in the hospital, our neighbour, i mean next bed, has a three year old daughter. it was a sad story to share on why this little sweet girl admitted to the hospital. But anyway, that was not the story. Later, we found out that the parents are not the biological parents. They have got married for six years before they make a decision to adopt their friend's daughter.

To me, for whatever reason it is, i salute for those foster parents. It changed my perspective towards that person. Simple example, Misha Omar. Honestly, before, i dont like her style and her personalilty, but since she adopted a boy, now i might say even though im not her big fan, but at least she attracts my attention whenever she is on the paper.

It is not easy to shower your love to a "stranger". You must have the spirit of willing to share your homes, money, time and energy. Besar pahala, but if you ask me it is quite diffiuclt to practise it. Being a foster parent is a beautiful things that we could do. usually those children are coming from poor family, therefore they need extra attention from the foster parents to providethem with emotionally and mentally support.

That is why i feel very disturbing reading the paper or magazine about reasons some of the teenagers run away from home. Sebabnya, terkejut sebab mak ayah tu bukan mak sendiri. Do they know about the word caring? Why dont they appreciate the difficulties that they have went through? Hmm..

May be im too carried away with the topic, but im just givingmy thougts. Ok Emir dah jage, TAMAT MASE

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