Saturday, November 03, 2007


Orang yang jauh lagikan dikenang..

The old malay quotes that i have learnt since the last two decades and never had i known that one fine day it comes truly deep in my heart.. As you all know, this is the first time ever, i am apart from my husband for 12 days and today is my 6th day. It means i have 6 days more without him.

Is it hard?? Yes.. the longest his biz trip was 3 days, itupun when i was still on my confinement period. So i dont have to worry who is going to fetch me or when im going to pay our bills. but this time, no excuse. Slowly, i pick up the pieces. im back on the road. i gained my confidence in driving the car in this metropolitan city. and i know how sick to go one bank after another to pay our bills.

well, we are back to square one. we sms regularly. Things that we have abandoned for quite few years. we shared our daily stories and every day i look forward for his phone calls. and honestly, it is something different and sweet..

My my.. how i wish i could follow him. furthermore, he is living without INTerNET.. bukan senang tu. and i definitely sure emir and i can get extra ordinary attention from him.. heheh..

and ...

this conversation dah few days back...

manager: mira u nak pergi *****
me: dengan sape??
manager: dengan i.. but if you go, u have to leave ur son for a week. boleh ke?
me: kalau i tak pergi sape pergi?
manager: ***** ***. kalau nak pergi better tell me earlier, so i can book ticket.
me: i ask my husband dulu.. see how..
manager: ok

ok...and im going... i tak tau laa macam mane nanti.. sungguh tak biasa hidup tak de emir

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