Thursday, November 01, 2007

After a week

Banyak nyer nak cerita, but my schedule was so hectic for the past one week. In the beginning of the week, we decided to organize a small gatherings with our immediate family at our own house. at first, we thought that it should be ok to invite our friends and family together on the same day, but since our house is too small and it would be uncomfortable for everyone, so terpakselah separate between famly andd friends. And of cos, inviting our family is our main priority. tak sedaplah kan bile asyik tanye bile nak ajak datang rumah..

But to me, the best part was, when i told my mum i wanted to cook instead of using a caterer. Terkejut badak la mak aku especially she was not not around last weekend. risau laa, usually my mum will be the modifier a.k.a penyelamat keadaan. hehe. This time, i have to handle it on my own. Ye lah, cos i have never experienced cooking for the large number of people. So, the main menu were mee rebus and nasik ayam. The preparation started the day before. Memotong, goreng kacang, rebus ubi, kemas rumah. luckily my maid pun look forward to help me. ok, ok, of cos la kan boss die yang suruh.

To be honest, my mee rebus tak de laa menjadi. Ada yang kate macam mee mamak laa, mee kacang laa.. aiyoo but the taste was not so bad after all. but what was this disappoint me was my nasik ayam. to be specific - the chicken. since i put more emphasize on my mee rebus, so i have outsourced my ayam and we bought the chickens at tesco. Hampeh betul sebab bagi ayam tua. patut laa bile acap makan liat semacam, nak kepak pun tak boleh. definitely i will lodge a complained asap. dah laa beli banyak. if i know that will happen, i will do it myself.

alhamadullilah, even though it was such a short notice, but most of our families has turned up and our guests keep coming until 12 am. exhausted, of cos but i was so satisfied. at least, one mission has accomplised.

thought the next day i could rest the whole day, but i was wrong cos we had to fulfill open houses invitation. Sadly, we have to cut down two of it. Mummy Rizq and Najua, i am so so so sorry cos that night i have to spare my time for my hubby.

that night, punya laa pulun packing barang untuk encik husband. sebabkan dua dua dah penat, so cepatlaa dua-dua pun naik angin.. hehe.. on monday pulak, i was bz assisting my hubby for his final preparation. alhamdulillah, he is off to G*RM**Y that night and my first task was driving the car back from klia to my house. And guess wat, it took me two hours to reach my house cos banyak pit stop. Emir was not helpin me, he cried along the way. ye laa jarang tengok mak die bawak kete kot. but alhamdulillah sampai jugak.

the next day was funny, i ter overslept until 1130 am so terpaksalah on EL. hehe, i think sebab terpenat sangat kot. hehe and today, i couldnt find my car key.. So encik husband, my life is sucks without u. and this is my first time, ditinggalkan lame-lame. so salute to all wifey yang husband die askar ke, offshore ke, keje overseas ke..

ok ok emir sudah mengamuk - ta daa..

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