Sunday, March 21, 2010

Swimming time at Hotel Bayview Beach Resort

I know it is a little bit too outdated but I will always ensure that I upload few pictures as a memory if only another our precious laptop or hard drive ter-get corrupted or missing. At least we have something to refer to kan kan..

So, last week 11- 13 March, we went to Penang for my last Cuti Cuti Malaysia as an unemployed lady gaga haha. After doing some basic calculation, of course lah, Penang is much much cheaper compared to Singapore kan.. heheh


But we arrived there quite late.. considered very very late, around 8pm especially we had to join the peak hours kan, mane tak jem. So we chose to stay at Bayview Beach Resort after reading some good reviews from the Internet.

But as for now, here are the pictures of our main activity - SWIMMING!! Correction: Emir's activity, tau, kat condo pun ade pool jugak, tapi kat tempat orang kan lagi best. He was too excited!! 2- 3 jam jugak nunggu si Emir ni.. On Friday, I joined him but the next day since my friend visited us, I just let him swim on his own.. hehehe.

Ni konon- konon lumbe ngan mak nyer.. tapi bile kite nak lawan dia, nangis-nangis, nak tak nak kene bagi dia no 1 sepanjang mase.. See see, happy tak muke orang yang tunjuk dapat no 1 kalahkan mak nyer..

Serious muke Emir, tengah hempas pulas nak menang.. padahal sebenarnyer dia tak kasik ibu nyer gerak dulu selagi dia tak sampai half of the pool ..

I asked Emir to read this, 0.9 m, but he read as W 06.0 but when I said it was wrong.. wah kan main lagi marah.. !!

An attempt to be like an adult!! Anyway, this hotel has a very wide and big pool range from 0.5 m to 4m) and shaded pool for kids.. tu bukan main, swimming tengah tengah hari pun..


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