Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour, tapi ke kedai Lampu

Salute to those who joined Earth Hour, but we on the other hand, err honestly we don't support the event. Yes, we tried but since we didnt want to spoil Emir's mood, so we had to ignore this year. Ya-ya, the mother wanted to watch Akademi Fantasia but Emir of course-lah with his Playhouse Disney, but my sister managed to switch to 104 kekeke but again with 1000 objection from Emir.

Anyway, speaking of Akademi Fantasia.. I dont see any potential star with the students, Ok maybe I am blind but unfortunately I guess they are too laid back. And ya, the audio system was pretty pretty bad!! and the hosts errr...still far behind from Aznil and AC.

Back to the story, my parents wanted to buy new lamps, so I then suggested them to go to Cahaya Lighting at Jalan Genting Klang, rather than going all the way to Ampang. Cahaya Lighting tempat kiterang beli lampu mase masuk rumah dulu.

And lucky us, they are having sale and my mum is very happy to buy something reasonable and mengancam hehehe.. Anyway, my son, while my parents were busy choosing the lamps, Emir was busy taking his eye catchy lamps and he asked me to pose for him.. banyak laa tapi ikut je lah kan..

First adalah gambar bersama lampu Mickey Mouse

Ini adalah gambar bersama lampu motosikal

Emir amik gambar kipas kecik, he said "look Ibu, that small fan is very funny"

Ok, dia suruh amik gambar sebelah tangge sebab kate dia, tangge nni kecik, tangge kat rumah ibu papa dia and atuk dia semua tinggi-tinggi

Amik gambar dengan Daisy Duck punyer lampu ngan Mickey Mouse punyer lampu

Ni gambar Emir cube close up

Ni Emir amik gambar lampu kerete

...dan punyer la banyak kali nak amik gambar dia, tapi dia tak bagi, lagi kite nak amik, lagi dia lari..!! So yang dapat gambar Emir yang tak goyang adalah ini...

YES, semua gambar si kecik ni yang amik.. except gambar my parents kat atas tu ngan gambar Emir main suis.. huhu


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  1. i lagi la Mira, mlm earth hour malam kenduri kat rumah i, so tak join kempen la yek..hehe..


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