Wednesday, December 01, 2004


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emmachan: Nevermind emmachan, nanti tahun depan leh raye kat malaysia, just dun forget to meet me, really wants to know u better :D

sharmeen: lendu erk, sedap laa, kat kl mane nak beli erk? aku dah abis buat ielts, just waiting for the result, but i dint do that well :(

nad: hehe, tak pe, tahun depan ade lagi, mase nak kenekan ko :D kene tunggu tarikh yang best je..

It shows that i was quite bz with my activities lately, cant even has a time to reply messages at my tagboard. Actually, its quite difficult for me to online these few days, just online to check my email. Mama is busy doing her homework, so cannot borrow her laptop, saffuan has used the external modem, i dont like to use his pc and im too lazy to plug out because not even a few hours, the modem will be back to his place.

A lot of "tragic" stories happened in my office these few days which may be interesting story in my human resource class. You know, when you teach, the students can understand better if we relate to the real working environment. But of course, i dint mention any names or any organization, i frequently used company A, company B, Mr A or Mr B.

Guess what, i just realized that i never give any gifts to my Dearie this year (excluding cards).. hehe sooo teruk!! On the other hands, i think i received at least one gift per month from Dearie, tu tak masuk elaun lagi :p but i dont receive duit raya yet :p -> specially highlight to Dearie. Opss, opss, opss, opss.. Ok, our annual dinner is getting nearer, any suggestion what is the best present for him? need ur suggestion.. Thanks!!!

p/s Meen, what's up dear?

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