Friday, December 24, 2004

One step towards Conversion Program

More and more staffs are on leave lately, yerp because this college just allow 3 days to bring forward their leaves, if not it will automatically burned. But, i only have half day left, another half day i already applied for the briefing.

To be honest, i am really excited and very determined to join this program. May be the best reason is, i can get away from all of this mess, second reason - take up a new challenge especially out of from IT lines. Dearie said, im not good in IT which definitely true!! Plus, learning is the continuos process, i guess the combination of IT and accountant suits the current business world.

Talking about the briefing, i was amazed to see the speaker especially the 34 year old woman who is now hold a General Manager position. The career prospect is what influenced me most.

As you know, to become a chartered accountant you need to undergo 3 years process which they (the speaker) defined as the most suffering years but the most valuable experience. But insyaAllah, after that the sky is our limit because most companies valued the chartered accountant.

To highlight this, why not i sacrifice my 3 years out of my 20 years of working right? Yerp, but thinking about my commitment in the future, hmm i really really not sure whether i can take this risk or not. But at the momment, i already confirmed to join the 3 or 6 months conversion course.

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