Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Typing my disappointment

Geramnya!!! Today, i went to the government dental clinic in Pandan Dalam. it has been quite sometime i didnt visit this center. Last time, ive been here when my auntie was working as the dentist, but currently she is pursuing her master program. Actually i can just call her to set an appointment with her friends but i dont like to use the idea in using someone's name to get my own personal benefit. Plus, im big enough to settle things on my own.

Last week, i went there during lunch hour but the registration is only opened from 8am to 11am. So, early this morning, after getting permission from my boss, i arrived there around 9am but one of the lady asked me to wait because she needs to calculate the bills. Yerp, i spent my time staring at every person whom just entered to the clinic. Tak aci, sebab derang dapat nombor dulu.

so, after a while this lady called me and the first question she asked me was "Adik tinggal mana?" and i just said Taman Melawati. And.... after some explaination, i am not entitled to get the services. That lady is not someone to be blamed, she is doing her duties and i do respect that.

But somehow, why this thing happened in Malaysia because this is not the first time i received this kind of explaination. Last time, i made a phone call to lodge a report about "something" and it turned up whereby i had to go through six person in three different district.

Cant we use the advancement in technology to get a proper system? and what happened if a patient really needs the treatment? Mira nak sangat tahu kenape la mira nyer gusi ni selalu sangat bleeding, kenape ade cracking here and there, kenape ade plak yang susah sangat nak hilangkan? kenape dah umur 22 gigi bongsu tak keluar-keluar lagi. Hmm.. next week i will be very busy with my new timetable from morning class until night class. Dunno when i can get my free time then.

Gambar kawin abang kabi dengan kak Ginie, kalau nak tengok banyak gambar lagi pergi kat www.starian937.com Mira tak pi, Dearie sorang je pergi and picture is quite blurry because our digicam is with me. :) So em had to use other camera. Actually i just want to say, its not from our camera.. hahahah. To abang kabi and kak ginie, SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU. SEMOGA BERKEKALAN KE ANAK CUCU.

Mase ni pengantin baru nak masuk dewan kot..

Pengantin kat meje untuk makan beradab

Gambar pengantin yang paling dekat.. Comel kan kak ginie.

Ok yang lain tengok kat blog STAR erk.. :p

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