Monday, November 29, 2004


I really, really missed blogging but i was too bz with my raya thingy and my workloads, so dint have much time for blogging. Im in office rite now, using my colleague's laptop.

Ok, i missed the fun to update my blog about

a)Jejak kasih with Aimy Izyanty, Nurul Firdaus,Aziah and Faridah

Huhu, actually its quite outdated to share this story with you. It has been nearly 10 years i never seen these three girls except for sharmeen and hana. Well, same cases, although our age getting older but the attitudes and the burst of laughter are still the same.

Aimi still called me kak wan, fir with the same voice that she has and faridah still acting as our class vice president. hehe. i went to two houses, sharmeen's and faridah's house and of course all of them met at my house except for faridah.

Meen, i really really love ur mum's laksa johor... marvellous!! and your keropok lekor, i think the tasted is better than losong. Those who are the keropok lekor lovers, im sure u know what losong is. But meen, keropok lekor tu datang pada mane ek?

Hana drived me back and all the way i LOVE to listen her "i-malu-tapi-i-nak-dia-nak-tapi-dia-tak-cakap' love story.. So cute, hana, i really want to know the end of the story.

b)Nadimah's birthday on 23 November

Not did i dont remember her birthday, i wished her one day before the day, the only thing is i promised to upload something on her birthday. At first, i wanted to copy our conversation and pasted it on the blog, but i accidentally ter-pangkah the ym. Hai, kalau tidak kan best.. sekali sekala buat jahat kat nad..

c)BBQ at Mantin

Had BBQ with Dearie's friends at Mantin. This is the first time i hang out with dearie's friend. It is so fun doing BBQ with them. Ok, i have a lot of fun there, seriously A LOT OF FUN. Sampai letih gile, dah la bangun 5.30 pagi hari tu, konon2 nak stady IELTS. Im afraid of my IELTS.

Ok laa need to finsih my work.. banyak keje, some more the director is here..

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