Friday, February 11, 2022

2022, I won something - Idemitsu Sepak Takraw League Selfie Contest

Guess i should write on the beauty of 2022. Its day 41 of 2022 and to be honest, i think i have a lot to share. If it is not in social networking (cos Im just like that), I will share with the person who are closed to me. Just now, I had my two hours session with my parents. Sharing my daily life, my achievement, and of cos some juicy stories :D.

By the way, today, for the first time after many many many years, i get to taste a mini prize giving ceremony. Tho it was not a big gift, but kakak sangat happy. 

I joined a selfie contest organized by Astro Arena in conjunction with Sepak Takraw League a week back. Coincidently, few weeks back, we went to visit my sister's house in Sendayan and they turn on the tv and that time, it was a live sepak takraw match. So dari tengok begitu-begitu sahaja, my husband now becomes a STL fan with 90% of our Astro air time is on Arena. 

So to cut it short, we invited our friends to come over to our house last week and again, we watched the STL together. and mind you. rumah kami memang meriah tengok STL. While watching, the tv host shared on the selfie competition and quickly we just snap our photo together.

And the rest is history. I mean the history is - I was announced as one of the winners :). 

They wanted to come over and interview us and hand in the prizes. and of cos, i pushed Mr. Husband to represent me hahahaha. Initially, I planned for both my husband and our friend Izani to be in that interview session, but Arena just wanted to feature one person. so begitulah.. Really sorry Izani. 

I scheduled the session on Thursday and the best part, the host, Alice and ATM's player, Ude came over. So while they busy preparing my husband, 


let me have a photo session with them first.

We forced Emir to follow us tho he knows nothing about sepak takraw. budak ni kan skema :D

Credit goes to my husband because he is just so natural during the interview session.

Before they left, kami ambillah gambar bersama. We have made to understand that the video will be uploaded on their youtube channel (Astro Arena) next Tuesday.

and yeah, he said, kene ambik gambar dengan Alice, barulah gambar boleh viral sikit -- ya rite...

and we won this.. Alhamdulillah


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