Monday, December 18, 2023

That 2023

Well, i was looking and browsing at my own blog post which i have ignored for the couple of months and i started to realize i have yet to post anything in 2023. Then the best part, I almost forgot my password. Terrible :) 

First and foremost, i still not becoming the new me. I thought as the age getting older, I should be more motivated, more resilient and more firm, yet, i have yet to achieve what i am supposed to achieve which end up, sometimes Im getting more backlash from myself. 

Nevertheless, I am proud to say that I channel all my energy to Emir. Everything i do is for Emir and I am proud that he became what i dream of (of cos not all) but at least some. Honestly, i do not know whether it is right to pass my dream to him and asked him quietly to achieve my dream. So far, he never realised it and i hope this continue :). 

Fast forward, Emir is taking SPM this year. The big exam for his entire life for now and to date, he had completed his Amali SPM. Yes people, he is no longer that boy who you have seen on the screen, that cute little boy. Nope :). He changed, now in that phase - the teenage life. But above all, Emir is still that introvert boy despite his parents are opposite. So if you happen to see him, dia tak sombong, but he still didnt know how to break the ice. Nasib lah ada masuk debate, otherwise lagi lah tahap 100% introvert nya tu. Even worse, his weaknesses is he couldnt remember faces... tak tau nak cakap ape. I couldnt relate as he can remember the difficult chess moves but not faces. Pelik bin ajaib but just leave him as it is.

Oklah, just nak make sure i write something in 2023. Buat masa sekarang, doakan anak saya untuk mencapai kejayaan yang cemerlang dalam peperiksaan SPM yang bakal dihadapinya nanti dalam bulan Januari ya.

Thanks all. 

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