Tuesday, February 01, 2022

After 2 years: Its good to be back

Since Covid exist, I decided to stay with my father. Mom is still working in Brunei, hence Baba no longer has a freedom to visit Mama in Brunei. I remember during the first phase of MCO, we were eager to catch the latest news of covid cases. They said blessing in disguise, honestly all of us pickup a new hobby. Still remember during the first phase? Gardenia sold as a hotcake, gone in a split second and suddenly, not that we know, we can even bake our homemade bread. I myself, expanded my cooking skills. During Ramadhan in 2020, i managed to cook a different set of kuih muih as dessert for berbuka. From kuih koci, tepung gomak, seri muka, currypuff, you just named it. Some was a success and of cos some was a disaster. :) 

this is only a fraction what i've cooked during MCO 

Then, hubby took over the kitchen for at least a month. Gosh, he can really cook. Macam macam. Tauhu bergedil, rendang, perut, hati. I shared all posts via my instastory and it seems like we open our own restaurant at our house with us as the only customers :p.

sate pun hubby masak

Anyway, 2021 is over, I am still staying at my father's crib. Baba now alhamdulillah, with Mama in Brunei since last December (after almost two years staying apart). Living for two years at my father's house, tho it was my house back then, but honestly you cant seem to do what you can do :).  I understand my father discomfort feeling when we conquered half of the space downstairs to place all my kerepeks and Shopee stocks. But you see, I still have to earn a living and at the same time to take care of my father. And i failed to balance it. 

kerepek yang i jual dan bermacam-macam lagi. just hit to my shopee ya. "babymombuddy"

I thanked Baba for not making a big fuss for the mess that we did. Of cos, he is sometimes. but most of the time he tolerated with us. Alhamdulillah.

So fast forward, last 3 nights we have moved to our house after two years. Gosh two years seems a famous number now. It was a sudden decision. All started when we went to Nilai for Emir's dental appointment (will blog insyaAllah), when suddenly husband bought 6 packs of lambs. Haish.. He wanted to invite our family friends to come over at my father's house, but i changed the decision as i think this will be the best time to restart our "life".

-lamb yang kami hidang-

Of cos the house is in a big mess. Dusty masyaAllah. In the span of two hours, we managed to mop and clean the house, boleh lah untuk orang datang.. Glad we did. Else it will never happen ... 

First family to arrive

Orang kata tetamu itu rezeki. Moga rumah ini sentiasa berada dalam keberkatan.

Yes. We invited two families to our house. Of cos the usual suspect. No cooking was done. We bought Nasi Arab, oranges and grilled the lamb. Ija bought us satay. Wah lah.. 

You know what i love the most? With guests coming over, I can used my plates - and washed and washed and washed until it cleans. Seronok... I think i was the only host who keep reminded the guests "ok ini pinggan orang besar, ini pinggan budak kecik" Forgive me hahaha. Biasalah mak mak you have this one set pinggan yang you sayang gile tapi nak jamu jugak. I have one lol.. 

can you imagine, this tiny house received guests after two years

Another exciting part, one of the family overnight at our house. Again was a challenge sebab bantal tak cukup, toto takde, berhabuk pulak tu.. aduhai.. alhamdulillah mereka sangat memahami :) sayanggg depa..

The next morning, our guests, cooked Nasi Lemak for us.. Bak kata tiktok "korang ada tetamu, tetamu masak untuk korang, tak ada, lemahh" hahaha joke ok :) 


For the kids, tak lain tak bukan, the best thing they like our house because of tadaaaa...

Swimmingg timeeee

Before they went back, managed to eat Yee Sang with them... 

Alhamdulillah, all i can say, it is good to be back at your own crib. Tho it is small, it is still yours..

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