Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Too many events happening last week, and early today, received sad news from my ex superior in E*Y , Kak Roza who her father has passed away peacefully late yesterday. Alfatihah, moga roh Arwah ditempatkan orang yang soleh.. Apologize to her that I could not make it to pay a visit as I was not feeling well today, however, on top of what we have SMSes, I was so touched when she SMS me and said "I already miss him mira"...

Agree.. regardless how old we are, our relationship and love to our parents will never be replaced. and to face the fact that someone that we love will no longer be with us is not easy.. Moga Kak Roza dan keluarga tabah menghadapi ujian dari Nya..

and so to us who still have our parents with us, talk to them, share your stories with them, tak kisah lah cerite ape pun, let them be the first person to know what is happening on you, dapat keje ke, berhenti keje ke, dah pregnant ke, nak cari rumah ke, what ever lah.. even though we are married, or even though we are no longer below the age of 21, but our parents should be our top most priority.. kalau untuk i, tak syiok laa kalau depa tau satu2 perkara tu bile depa dengar our conversation with someone else kan..

and treat your parents like your friends.. kalau macam kite kite ni perempuan, help your mum in the kitchen, tahulah mak kite ni the best cook in the world kan, jangan laa all the time dia la potong bawang, dia la siang ikan, dia la kemas meje, dia lah masak.. betul tak.. macam my mum lagi laa still working.. penat keje lagi.. worst still, kalau mak kite dah penat masak, lepas tu mak kite ketuk pintu bilik "miraa.. makanan dah siap", oh man elakkan ok.. amboi.. ingat restoren ka hehe..

and if you can afford, do give some token of money to your parents, im sure they are happy.. kalau tak nak bagi duit pun, you can always buy the groceries ke, pay the bills ke..

and you know our parents always try not to hurt the children's feeling, depa kadang senyap je walau kadang depa terasa dengan kite.. and so bawak-bawak laa pandai faham ape derang rasa, cos this thing can never be learnt, it is all common sense.. for example, i think if they dont ask how we are, macam mane keje, ok ke keje, or ape2 je la, so we should ask ourselves first, what we have done wrong..

and my piece of advise.. don't ever blame them for anything... don't ever..!! 

kalau depa tego kite, cubelah terima dengan hati yang terbuka.. i know sometimes we are not that agree, but that doesnt mean we should argue with them rite.. even my parents sometimes tego i about my blog content, my facebook status.. anggukkan je..kan baba kan :D i know my parents will read this also :)

sebab bile kite sendiri dah jadi parents, we understand that parents will do anything to give the best for their children. cube-cube lah elakkaan parents kite menangis sebab perangai kite, biar derang menangis kejayaan kite ok..

in a simple word, shower your love before its too late..




  1. I miss my late dad to..kdg2 rasa susah sgt nak accept reality...:(

  2. agree sangat them how much we love them while we still have them...
    Ayu ngan Ibu Ayu sgt closed dr tecik lagi..we are like best friends...everthing we share, secrets, and alots of things even I'm married...feel so good...with my him so much too but in difrents way la of coz...sedih sgt bila dgr friends lost their parents...
    al fatihah for ur friends father..

  3. hmmm sedeynyer bila bercakap psl ibu-bapa.....sbb krn mrk kita hidup didunia ni...

  4. Hi Mira, how are you? Remember me?

    Alamak..pagi2 lagi dah terbaca entry you yg menyentuh perasaan. Tetiba teringatkan arwah ayah yang dua tahun pergi tinggalkan kami, but his memories remain.

    Now that I have my mom alone, more effort needs to be taken to love and cherish her.

    Nice entry!

  5. suzz: everyone will miss our parents dearly kan.. tapi we still can "cook" some bekalan for them rite..

    Ayu: yeah.. who doesnt..

    ashra: tak de button like laa ashra hehehe

    rafiqa: of cos i remember u lah... :) and i still remember before how u describe ur father mase arwah ayah u masih hidup.. moga arwah u ditempatkan orang-orang yang soleh

  6. mummy ayu: i makin besar ni makin irapat dengan mak i, we shared a lot of stories.. macam-macam, sebab tu i tak boleh kalau sape2 sentuh my parents punye emotion then i can become a mad woman


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