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Mr. Husband together with his friends has organized a trip to Mabul Island, Sabah in June 2009... and to be honest that was the first time I was amazed with what I saw and what I have experienced and even more amazed it was in Malaysia...

Read more to find out why.....

I first was hesitated to go as I understand from Mr Husband that we had to travel for one hour from Tawau Airport to Semporna and another one hour from Semporna to Mabul Island on top of 2.5 hours by plane. Especially thinking about our little Emir who was that time only 3 years old and would be the only child in this group.

However, my husband never failed to convince me .. well, any husband would first learn the secret on how to tackle the wife right ? hehe..

19 June 2009...

Three of us came one day earlier via Malaysian Airlines.. Can you see how comfortable my son during the journey??

and we had stayed a night at Seafest Hotel Semporna, the only business hotel in Semporna. I might say it was a quite city, but our view was just pleasant as we have forced the receiptionist to get us the seaview room.

Our happy Emir during our breakfast at the hotel

Next day when the group came, we had gathered at one spot at the jetty. Foreigners were everywhere as Mabul island is next to Sipadan Island and yes, Sabah is famous for its beautiful islands and sealife. Off we were on the boat for one hour.. and  for 4 days and three nights

"I found my root, they are a small community in Malaysia, but they have thought me to LOVE the WORLD, befriend with our nature, enjoy the world from your eyes"...........


Malaysia is so famous of multicultural diversity to that our faces has usually brought down to three different categories:- Malay, Chinese or India and the rest we just called as Others. In Mabul, they might fall under Dan Lain lain category. BUT they are fresh, pure and clean from any chemicals. Have a closer look in their eyes, you could see that ALL of them have sparkling eyes as they eat everything fresh from the earth. One of Mr.Husband's friend told us that their eyes consumed good protein and that is the reason why they own a sparkling eyes..


Live your life to the fullest. When bad things happened to us, always we thought that we are on the losing team, neither that we think that they are thousand people out there who dont even reach what we have and to be like us it is just a BIG dream. In Mabul, I was touched to witness the life of Bajau Laut tribes. For many years they live in the ocean on their house boat and we have been told they cannot live on the land. If they do so, the will suffer a BIG headache. To us, they live in poverty, but they are not. They are happy cos that is their life. Ringgit means nothing to them. Kids are still dancing and adults are still laughing.


Middle picture: Yours truly and Emir with the kids
In understanding the good about life, children is your best teacher. Since we have lost our most precious external hard drive, I  could not show you how was Emir happily playing around with the local kids. He played football and hide and seek.

It was so easy for him and the kids to get along with each others but as an adult, we sometimes took ages for adaptation process as we are afraid what other people will perceive.

Kids are creative, they just dont look at one point. They see things from different perspective. Mabul kids, their parent doesnt own a TV, doesnt own a computer game. To that, they will play with their surroundings. They play with what they see.. Kids are active, kids are running and kids are friendly.


First of all, the middle picture is my Mr. Husband. Can you see how beautiful the world is? Can we find any location with this view in the city? Sadly no. We are rushing almost everyday and not to forget, we stress ourselves almost everyday too. We are only thinking about us and the family and I bet most of us forgot that they are other living things who still need our attention.

I dont ask you to hold the chicken like that, neither I ask you to take the water from the well, but I would love to encourage you to love and protect our nature. Our nature especially in city area is dying. But in Mabul, everything is still untouched, they get the fresh air, they get the best healthy food in the world, and they live in a healthy life.

I always believe What you give you get back, if you treat people nicely, then people will treat you nicely, but if you do bad things, then just wait for your turn to be treated the same. In Mabul, the care about the environment as they "work" with each other. They always have the best view, the best sealife just behind their backyards. Us? We have to travel all the way to get these.

I was so touched to see the kids collected all the rubbish and "tanam" at one side. I asked them, and they said they did this every day "kalau tak nanti kotor". You see, they are not selfish, they dont even question who throw the rubbish. 

And oh, do you know, why many of them have red hair? Mind you, it is the original red hair due to too much exposed to the sunlight. So goodbye dye dye hair.

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