Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ms. Read's Spring 2011 Collection

Aloha Sunday!!!

Remember my entry asking for your votes for Ms. Read contest???  And THANK YOU for all the voters as I was announced as one of the winners .. ok ok actually they only have three contestants and all of us win :)... So, like myself, I was so eager to win this competition as my SIL will love to attend this preview to bits.. She is one of Ms Read's loyal customers for ages and even Helen (Ms. Read's founder) recognized her.. :)

.... and so the event was held at Sundays, Bangsar Village on 8 March 2011.. most of the guests were err... owning this shape hehe.. and of cos all of us wearing Ms Read's collection..

Anyway, this was my first experience attending a fashion show.. :) tak tau laa excited ke tak .. haha but again we were lucky as we shared our table with two friendly sisters.. very friendly and they click with us very well, especially with my SIL la kan..

anyway, the lady below, she did most of the talking .. :) so i was a good listener then..

The fashion show started, unfortunately  most of the pictures taken by me were obviously shaking and blur, (kalau share buat sakit mate jer..) so these are my three best pictures.. :D

compared to other design, i love this so much.. will grab it soon!!

Below, picture courtesy of Ms. Read's photographer...

Above all, I enjoyed my dinner more than the fashion show (ok ok wake up Mira) but man.. tell you the food were so good!! and I nearly forgot to take any pictures of it until I saw the person sitting next to me, hold the camera.. :D

I was not too sure the name of this dish but i guess it was smoke salmon.. sedap wokeh.. oh ini i amik dua pinggan .. (peace mira)... Ade banyak lagi, semua sedap!! Ms. Read really stuffed us well!!

then we have been served with this grilled beef.. pun sedap jugak but i would rather go for the smoked salmon..  Can you see the macaroons?

Yes lady, not one but three... i think this is one of the best macaroons i tasted so far.. not to sweet, the pink color is the best.. sebab banyak sangat lebih, i dengan tak malunyer, tapau macaroons ni bawak balik.. the waiter pun offer dua tiga kali lagi sebab memang banyak lebih.. why not kan.. dah tinggalkan laki ngan anak kat rumah.. macaroons pun not cheap kan.. so i pun bungkus2 laa bawak masuk beg :D

Finally our final picture with Helen before we went off for shopping!! Not me, my SIL laa.. i tengok jer..

especially when all of us received this RM20 voucher.. we also received 10% off for Sundays.. but I dont know whether i would utilise this voucher... 

Anyway, thanks Ms. Read!!!



  1. bj pink yg model tu pakai nampak cute :)

    and the best part is free macaroon hehhe

    me pun tak pernah attend fashion show--selalu dpt invitation dari alamanda putrajaya sbb me jd memnber --free membership ajer pun day rasa nak attend gak..:)

  2. oh yes baby.. free macaroons.. i belasah amik few letak dalam bag i.. hehe kire puas laa.. dah la macaroon dia kene pulak dengan taste bud i ni...

  3. besh la suka sebab pertamanya dekat bangsar near to my place huhu

  4. sedap nmpk macaron tu siap apau ye..ehhehe

  5. yeah, satu sebab dekat, nasib dia tak buat kat tengah bandar ke ape kan..

    mama tisya: ha ah, dengan tak malunyer tapau, walaupun di tempat exclusive cam gini heheh

  6. my fave part is of course the food pictures. hahahahahaaaa ;p i totally understand what u meant abt enjoying your dinner more than the show! i would've been the same jugak!

  7. woahh..best2..mcm rileks je event ni kan,tahniah mira as usual ;)..zt je yg blm telan macaroon nih

  8. wahh macaroons.... macaroons..... yummmm... =p


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