Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I definitely need a break or at least pls let me know any big empty space for me to shout my hearts out..

P/s first time update Pakai iPhone


  1. mira, wo ada orang dapat hp baru..huhuh

    i like reading Emir and his school, go to school mingle mingle with frens siap ada concert everything..btw i'm planning to send Aidan to school next year..nie pening kepala pikir kat mana nak hantar..

    later later i callyou k..nak mintak tips.

  2. hehe.. from mr husband, ape mood pun tak tau. hehehehe

    i pun suke tengok emir and his school, kadang2 rase jadik cikgu tadika ni memang best.. no prob.. just gimme a call

  3. everything okay mira? hope ure doing ok :) take care!


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