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Emir's report card day

Date: 15 November 2008

This is the second time officially we would listen to Emir's progress. I frequently asked the teacher on Emir's development everytime I have a chance to fetch Emir, (most of time, hubby would pick him up). I do called the teacher once a while just to know whether Emir is ok or not. Well, being the only son, I might say that I am over protected him besides eager to hear any good news. Hehe. All mother does right.

So, the appointment should start around 10am but tak tau lah pasal ape the traffic was so bad on Saturday morning until we had to postpone our appointment to 1030am. Emir was ok, now I could see he has shown his love to school. Unlike the early days, he would cry everytime I pass him to his teacher but now he just open his arms.

Emir - while waiting for his turn

We had to wait about 10-15 minutes since we had already interrupted other parents appointment. While waiting, I could see Emir is comfortable with his school. He
played like he is at home, not afraid with any new faces (other parents).

outside the classroom

Here it goes..

The report card is a simple record card. There is no percentage, I mean no figures at all. The development are divided into 3 categories, A,S and N. A for Always, S for Sometimes and N for Never. At first, the principal of the school told me that she is very happy with Emir as he has shown great improvement.

His teacher told me, Emir is not easy to give his trust to them. I dont know laa but I suspect the maid might did something, dunno la.. Forget it.. For the first three months, he wont allow the teacher to touch him or even close to him. He would stare and give u a look or he would turn away. His teacher admit that she was quite disappointed and at the same time mati kutu on how to tackle Emir.

But slowly, he adapts to his new environment. Teacher Sue (his class teacher) said that he is no longer Sendirian Berhad. He now would mix around with other kids, and play together with them. Alhamdulillah. That is the first thing I would lovee to hear. Socialised with other kids. Checked.

Who says your child is not ready to go to kindergarten, I object that personally. Last time I do feel that sending your child to kindergarten in early age kesian, tak patut, kecik lagi and he should enjoy rest and playland at home. But i was wrong. Kalau la maid tak lari, trust me, Emir is still at home and I will stay with my decision. YEah, itulah hikmahnyer.

Emir's teacher

School knows how to teach them, what is the best for them. I believe they would not force your kid to memorize A-Z, 1-20. Buat exam semua. No, definitely no. And of course when you send your child, you would see, ade budak yang lebih cepat progress dia. And please dont feel worry about it. Every child has their own development and progress. Let them do it at their own pace. I always keep in mind, sending Emir to school bukan bermaksud nak bagi dia jadi lagi pandai pade budak lain or same ngan budak lain. I dont want him to be more matured, I just want him to have fun, learn something that I didnt teach him. Tak banyak pun tak pe, tapi ade.

Am I like promoting the kindergarten. Yeah, partly yes especially when I have experienced mase Emir bawah maid and Emir kat tadika. Sangat banyak. Tak terkate banyak nyer. and I boleh nampak based on the list below.

Let say, if one fine day I have a maid pun, insyaAllah kalau ade rezeki adik2 emir, I will send them to kindergarten. As a career woman, sometimes kite tak boleh nak ajar semua bende, and we do have to delegate. care orang dengan care kite tak same. Ape orang tu rase tak same ngan kite rase and therefore with this clash of characters between teacher and mother, our child will learn even more.

And i think, anak kite ni dengan orang lain dia makan saman. But with us, manjenyer terlebih kot and like myself, I always "listen" to Emir.

Sometimes we receieved the unexpected. I never knew that my son knows how to color. Series tak tau. I tak expect dia boleh color. and, another thing. he knows how to differentiate between girl and boy. I dunno he knows.

Teacher Emir kate ni mase Emir in good mood to color..

yang ni pulak, not in a good mood.. teacher sue kate ni mase emir still nak main-main tapi teacher suruh keep the toys and color pulak.. kelaka kan. actually they can understand the instruction

Bawah ni for my own records and Emir's review one fine day. Im comparing with the mid year review. First, let see ape yang emir maintain.. I mean yang dia A jer..

1. Identifies self by first and last name
2. Lifts and drinks from the cup and replaces it on the table.
3. Feeds self
4. Claps with music
5. Walks upstairs alone (both feet on each step or otherwise)
6. Walks downstairs alone (both feet on each step or otherwise)
7. Fills and dumps containers with sand
8. Paints with a large brush
9. Tears paper
10. Uses crayons, pencil to mark or scrible
11. Express a wide range of emotions

Hah tu jer..

Emir's classroom

Emir's development from N or S to A (compared to mid year review)

1. Identifies self in mirror or picture
2. Values own property and values personal belongings
3. Helps to clean up messes
4. Helps put away things
5. Complete tasks
6. Follow simple rules in a game run by an adult
7. Imitates the action of adults
8. Imitates play of other children
9. Works or play within a group
10. Participates in story time
11. Points to pciture in a book
12, Looks at book independently
13. Turns pages from the front to back
14. Pretends to read book
15. Eagerness and willingness to participate in song and movement
16. Shows interest in doing phonics workbook
17. Ability to do phonic workbook
18. Rolls a large ball to a target from 4-6 feet
19. Catches a rolled ball and rolls it forward
20. Walks in tip toe
21. Rides a tricycle
22. Climbs up and down on play equipment
23. Hops on one foot two or more times
24. Colors with a large crayon
25. Holds crayon in fingers that first when coloring
26. Rolls, pounds and squeezes dough
27. Builds a six block tower
28. Verbalizes wants ("want water")
29. Repeat part of songs, rhymes, stories and finger play
30. Uses crayons, pencils to "write"
31. Follow one step directions.
32. Follow two steps directions
33. Follow directions with more than 2 steps
34. Places objects in, on, besides or under
35. Discriminates between hot and cold
36. Discriminates between dry and wet
37. Identifies common sounds

Huh pnajngnyer.. Now let see Emir's development from NEVER to ALWAYS

1. Names familiar people
2. Names at least 6 body parts
3. Show pleasure in dealing with people and things
4. Ask teacher to read a book
5. Recognize Letterland characters's names and sound
6. Throws a ball with accuracy from 4 - 6 feet
7. Jumps with 2 feets
8. Gallops
9. Copies circles
10. Answer simple "what" questions
11. Names familiar toys, people and object

Eh, papa dia ade tau mase ni.. tukang amik video and gambar.. :D


  1. reading nie i memang dah berkobar kobar nak hantar Aidan to kindies.. so he learns how to mingle with other kids, learn how to talk etc..

    Am so proud of Emir... So its a blessing in disguise laa kan kiranya maid you buat hal.. now Emir dah pandai buat banyak benda...

    Gambar papa self posing pun ade..huhuh

  2. yeah.. setiap yang jadi mesti ade hikmah, kite je asyik tak sabar.. :D jom mari hantar aidan sekolah, and u will see

  3. mesti sgt2 bijak emir ni..
    hmm tak tau la zara nanti camne..
    hopefully shes oso be smart like Emir.. yeahhhhhh

  4. i like ur daughter's name Zara.. best best.. bole include dalam list :)


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