Thursday, February 21, 2019

My slipped disc journey

First entry that happened in 2019. 

Wow, i really blogged now :) once i start i cant stop. so it goes this way, if I blog, i rarely update my social media. Enough for just one platform to record my journey. 

To summarize, I attended my cousin's wedding in Penang during Chinese New Year, went for work during the CNY week, already complaint on my backpain to my officemate but i thought it was sleep deprivation. Husband was away during the CNY week.

Comes Saturday, I continued my usual routine. Fetch my cleaner, and we went to pasar tani..

Here.... where it all started. 

Came home, went to toilet, resting on my bed and ta-daaaaaaa... I was in pain. Couldn't walk and couldn't move. I asked my cleaner to massage on my back, but it did not ease the pain. Since that day was Emir second last day to be at home before he is back to school, so i forced myself to cook his favorite food - sup daging.. Thank god, my cleaner (Wiwin) was around, so i asked her to prepare the basics. Masak tu oii, separuh badan kot, macam terbongkok-bongkok gitu.. But i still cooked for my son :) Ibu kan.. 

Since i couldn't move, I asked Wiwin to take Grab home. Kesian dia, dia tak suke, tapi terpaksa.. Tinggal-lah ibu dan anak. Emir was a bit worried and helped me immediately when i asked him. Such a loving boy. I texted my husband just to inform him that I couldn't walk. So he thought it was the same problem that i had last year - couldn't walk but tak berapa sakit. He texted Emir and asked Emir to massage my feet and called his sister to accompany me at home. But i asked my SIL not to come (because she was all the way from Puchong and it was already at night) + husband will drive back to KL that night. 

Pendek kata, malam tu tahan sakit.. 

emir berehat lepas tolong mak dia

On Sunday morning (11 Feb 2019), boleh pulak la laki aku cakap "kita balik siap lepas ni nak bawak Emir tengok wayang", guess my reaction -- helooooo aku ni nak bangun tak boleh, nak bawak pulak si emir tengok wayang.. WOW!! marah betul i masa tu terus lah nangis hahahaha..

So, husband came back home and was SHOCKED that i was really really really in pain hahahahaha.. tahu pun!! terkejut dia i jalan setapak setapak. u know it took me like nearly 30 minutes just to get up from bed because i need to find the best position to get up.. sakit sangat ok.. 

But i told my husband to settle Emir's stuff first. cari barang dia and what not and I was really really really really sad for not able to send Emir's back to his school. Sedih sangat.. 

Tinggal-lah i sorang dekat rumah, I opted not to call my father.. -- nanti dia panik.. petang husband balik rumah. But he was too tired, and he slept.. isteri yang solehah ok je, lagipun bukan boleh  jumpe specialist pun.. 

Monday- went to see GP asking for the Referral letter. Nak dapat surat GP tu mak aii... lama sungguh, kebetulan ramai betul orang dalam klinik tu.. i already set my mind to go to Pusrawi, jadi kebetulan Specialist tu ada sampai 12 pm saje..  so tak sempattt! 

and another day to handle the pain.. 

Tuesday, early in the morning, went straight to see the Dr. Dr. examined and when he lift my feet, i sakit. kiri sakit, kanan pun sakit, and he said "confirmed slipped disc".

and he introduced me with the new term "We need to do Radio Frequency".. err what? "RF, no surgery, you dont worry"

While waiting for the GL to be cleared, perut mestilah kene isi jugak.. tak de mood betul nak makan ok.. tengok lah muka i.. bengang sebab husband suruh pose pulak time time orang sakit ni.. grrrr

As expected, to get clearance from insurance was not easy. I waited around 4 hours on the wheelchair, while waiting i already informed the whole family on my situation, and terus adik i datang visit..

meanwhile, dapat je balik, laki i terus setup macam dekat rumah... sabarrrr je lah..

Meanwhile, this is yours truly yang memang menahan diri sakit. Bangun tak boleh, duduk tak boleh, berdiri tak boleh, tido pun tak boleh, pendek kata tak selesa langsung.. On that day itself i dah kene buat MRI and full body x-ray. MRI was just fine.. ye lah baring je.. but not the X-ray. Suruh meniarap lah, baring lah, ke kiri lah ke kanan lah, angkat lutut lah, serious i rasa nak tembak je staff tu hahaha.. sakit ok , but whatever it is, i managed to give a good pose :p

This picture was taken the next day, still in pain, but hell ya.. picture first cos i find out the uniform is quite fashionable - ala-ala Burberry gitu.. Anyway, my doctor is Dr. Sallehuddin Abdullah (Consultant Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon). Sangat dedicated. Pukul 6.30 pagi dah datang ward checked on me.

and this is why i love my Company (my new department :D)

My problem is at L5- not good in explaining but the treatment is - "rawatan lumbar spine dan lutut".. still kene cucuk full bius. I remembered, i was pushed to OT room, one doctor gave me the injection, and immediately one of the  assistant asked me to change bed, and tadaaa tak ingat apa dah lepas tu.. 

Ni pun officemate yang ambik.. masa ni tak ingat apa dah

I cuma tersedar 3-4 hours after and tadaaaa, my happy pills is here!! My husband called the school and asked permission from the school to bring my happy pills home!! Masa i ni baru tersedar, so sangat lah mamai-mamai..

Not a good picture, but so happy to see the two of them besides me!

Alhamdulillah petang tu juga, i boleh bangun, boleh jalan.. Memang miracle.. my father and my siblings visited me on the same day. lupa ambik gambar.. ye lah mamai lagi kan.. :) 


So, the next day i received few visitors..

My best-est friend

My officemates - my bosses sebenarnya

Crazy chess parents

My pakcik makcik

My SIL - masa ni tengah fisio.. so gaya pun macam ginilah

My exofficemate

My officemate again.. 

My best friend


My blogging friend - pun tak blogging dah 

Alhamdulillah boleh discharged on Friday, two days after the surgery..

token of appreciation to all nurses.. Saya suka Pusrawi sebab sangat mesra pelanggan.. Senyum je.. and saya suka sebab sentiasa dengar orang bagi salam. Setiap kali masuk waktu ada orang azan. ye lah kite sakit, mestilah nak dengar agama kan..

emmm, makanan hospital miss ke tak eh.. ? Ok lah.. but i prefer my cooking lagi walaupun tak sedap hehe

Thank you Dr. Sallehuddin..



and the bill... 

Thanks Company-ku :D

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