Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Last memory of Standard 6

and hello Emir, you should thank me as my blogging mode is on. Ibu just realized that i only uploaded 4 entries for the entire 2018 - perhaps the worst performance as the blogger. :p

Having said that, im trying to save your childhood journey here and for you to understand, ibu and papa always support and you can always rely on us anytime and anywhere.

Standard 6 comes too soon and it ended too fast. I myself couldnt breathe and keep up with the activities that was planned by your school and your dad. I was working my ass off to ensure that I would get a better bonus for 2018 :D so we could go umrah in 2019 insyaAllah..

End of November, your school has organized too many event for Standard 6. It was one after another - which is a good thing! :)

Well, the fun part of being the standard 6 started when you and your friends finished the UPSR and the party started immediately after.. Zaman ibu dulu, tak macam ni pun, ni mak ayah yang prepare ..

I remember your last paper was on Thursday and Papa booked the flight to Chiang mai on Saturday. I disagree at the beginning, ye lah takut ada macam-macam perkara, but Alhamdulillah tak de apa -- another blogging post that i must published (our trip to Chiang Mai)

Errr, after Chiang Mai, most of the time, you skipped school with our permission and you only attended to seat for the final exam at your school.

Comes to the end of  November, satu-satu event yang berlaku.

(1) Hari Penyampaian Anugerah Cemerlang

Because it was not happening every year (no-no we still proud of you :D) so we always look forward to attend Hari Anugerah Cemerlang and this year you managed to achieve no 2 in class. During this time, the school will announce the recipients of Tokoh-tokoh Pelajar and yeah, sadly you did not manage to grab any despite your achievement in academic and as MSSM Gold Medalist. Yes, we didnt target you to grab Tokoh Pelajar, tak target apa-apa pun as we know you may lack of some leadership quality (yes, you manja). But at least the recipients should have good credential to be awarded. Ibu has attended few Anugerah Cemerlang previously and Ibu was totally impressed with the recipients CVs but honestly not your year :). Ibu and Papa exchanged our looks and we were like (eh tu je).. Well, perhaps the school management must have a reason for this la kan :) No worries, you did not feel sad at all, but your friend did. and honestly, he deserved the title..

Ok, enough of drama .. lets celebrate..

Antara cikgu-cikgu yang sentiasa belakang Emir..

Cikgu Diana - guru kelas Darjah satu
Cikgu Shidah - guru kelas Darjah dua

Cikgu Azira - guru kelas darjah 6

Emir ni memang minta ambik gambar dengan Cikgu yang sama je :)

2) Majlis Apresasi Tahun Enam

aka graduation ceremony for standard 6. Semua sekolah sekarang ni budak darjah 6 siap ada convo, siap ada baju jubah. memang over.. but its good to celebrate achievement kan.. Bila orang happy, semua akan happy jugak. Baju jubah pun cantik tu.. Just enjoy the picture lah nothing much .. sama saja, tak ada extra vaganza..

My office mate make a joke on the above picture. Katanya over, anak baru darjah 6 gambar macam dah graduate.. Oh well.. their time will come.. After all it is for memory and was provided by the school, guna je lah. A happy picture should be captured. So once again, their time will come. lets see what will happen.. pandai cakap sangat kan :)

3) Malam Seribu Kenangan

The most challenges time for the parents :D. It was dinner night for Standard 6. The students have to perform during the dinner and im telling you, depa practise macam nak buat show dekat overseas. I said challenges sebab bertapa banyak betul mak bapak kena sabar masa latihan ni berlangsung.. Maybe i dont understamd, but seriously until today i dont understand, the audience was only the standard 6 students and only the standard 6 teachers, tapi practise 3-4 hours per day for 2 months..

I remember, during the night itself, all parents were eager waiting someone to upload the performance via whatsapp.. kiterang nak tengok ape bendelah yang sampai 3-4 jam kene practise. The teachers were not involved in the performance training, mak bapak yang mintak trainer ajarkan (siap ada trainer you .....)

But whatever it is, all kids were very happy during the day itself.. I rasa anak i pun nampak handsome betul malam tu. Suit Emir kami buat di Chiang Mai..

with another mom. we waited for our son to finish from 7-12am hehe, setia menunggu dekat hotel tu.. nak balik nak patah balik malas.. so tunggu je lah dekat lobby hotel, masa ni jugaklah nak update pasal hal-hal sekolah..

and Emir with his classmate..


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