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PediaSure Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation : My (and Emir) experienced and we found out..

Following my entry on "Berikan Nutrisi Lengkap dengan PediaSure Complete dengan Sistem Elite", I received samples of Abbott PediaSure® Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation, along with an invitation to blog about our journey during the sampling period. The opinions below are on my own :)

The first thing when I was selected to share about my experience with PediaSure Complete, honestly I was quite reluctant despite I know PediaSure is already recognized among mothers around the world. Emir is not an easy kid when we talk about food. As I mentioned in my earlier post, his selection of food is very limited. So, it took me a while to accept the sampling as I do not want to disappoint Abbott. But thank God, Winnie managed to influence me that my testimonial doesn’t have to be positive, but rather honestly is what Abbott values.

The next day itself I received 2 boxes of PediaSure which contains 7 sets of PediaSure. One set of PediaSure has 6 x 220 ml of cute PediaSure. One set of PediaSure cost about RM45. How lucky I am, don’t you think so :p

Anyway, it was quite a challenge to bring the boxes back home as I commuted via LRT from the office. As soon as I arrived home, immediately I showed the PediaSure to my son Emir, and goodness, this boy, he was checking the information on the packaging and read this

untuk kanak-kanak berumur 1-10 tahun

And immediately he said “this is not for me, it’s only for 1 and 10 years old”

But thankfully, without I have to explain further, I found out the “number 8 years old” on the packaging :p

membekalkan 100% atau lebih panduan diet US (DIR) untuk protein dan 24 Jenis Vitamin dan mineral bagi setiap 1300ml untuk kanak-kanak 1-3 tahun, 1800 ml untuk kanak-kanak 4-8 tahun dan 2500 mk untuk kanak-kanak 9-13 tahun

To cut the story short, he tried and this was what the first word uttered from him

“eh, like kuku nyam nyam (refers to milk in the bottle – don’t ask me where he gets that word)”

So I asked – “do you like it..”



and, he asked for another bottle..

Yes, I only have one picture of him drinking PediaSure here, but tell ya..

  1. I have to control him NOT to drink this PediaSure more than 2 bottles per day. By the way, 2 bottles of PediaSure Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation alongside with complete meal helps children for optimal growth and development.
  2. It has been 3 weeks weeks and he never failed to ask for one bottle of PediaSure for him to bring to school EVERYDAY and gosh my stock is running low :( told him that he is among the first few consumers of PediaSure Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation. You know, that was the normal conversation between a mother and son but not that I know 

 “I told Muiz that I’m the first to drink PediaSure and I just let him sipped only hahaha” --- ish, ish, ish. The next day, I asked him to give a bottle to Muiz. Not sure whether he shared or he finished it all :p

As a summary, PediaSure Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation gives you absolute control when it comes to improving your picky eater’s nutritional intake, even when we (the mothers) not there. Why?

  • Optimized nutrition profile: scientifically crafted nutritional profile for best result
  • Precise nutrient delivery: Delivers right nutrients in right amounts
  • Locked-in goodness: Unique package locks in all nutritional benefits.
  • Tasty and handy: Delicious fresh taste anytime, everywhere J . I have only tried 1 bottle (yaa have to keep for Emir) and yes, SEDAPP -- delicious with vanilla flavoured.

For more information on my take away points from the discussion on picky eaters – you may visit my blog post here or -- very informative website


  1. Hi Wan Amira,

    Thanks for sharing this. Thanks to Pediasure it solved my problem too. Previously my daughter was lacking appetite plus she is a picky eater. I started giving her Pediasure and it has actually increased her appetite.


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