Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yuna and her music

is just different.. 

Despite that some of us may have an issue with her hijjab but still, she is wearing her hijjab and make her debut at LA. and yes, she is my fave at the moment. Usually, if I am bored with FB, Blogging, Twitter, i will search for her latest youtube, especially when she performed live at any US broadcast.

Latest, she appeared in CBS.. dah tengok?

Just visit this link :-

Me dah :)

but , seriously, my family knows that Im crazy over this song.. asyik ulang ulang ulang ulang ulang ulang ulang.. 

Im just a plain woman, so give me some time to enjoy my music :)


  1. Say what, she is different and her music is different. And, if you happen to like her and her music, keep listening; despite what others may think and say. Hati kita, kita gembirakan dulu =D

  2. hehehe, terukir di bintang nih fevret maryam..xpenah jemu!


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