Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I think for the past few entries, I let myself drowned into a pool of emotion. Sometimes things should be said and done, and I felt blogging is a better place to express and throw my unsaid judgement.

Peak period is coming towards the end, but the more we run nearer to the last lane, the pressure istoo unbearable. How hard we tried to be more professional, the least we can separate between work and personal.

But, im lucky to have Mr Husband who support me from the back, even though we do have ups and down, but overall having him to rely on especially in taking care of Emir and the house, it such a beautiful gift that I could ever ask for.

Each and every year, Im just hoping this would be my last compliance as Im tired in taking care of people's heart especially client. Client is always right and honestly never in my previous years, I roll it deep down in my heart, but this particular client finally break my own records. I have few experienced like hell when the client becomes "naik hantu", but I did managed to control myself to forget. But this time, she was not fully scolded me, but the way she put it, I was severely frustrated and fed up.

But above all, ape yang I rase, tak same macam kawan I rase. MasyaAllah besarnyer dugaan dia terima dariNya di saat-saat kritikal macam ni. Dengan keje yang takkan habis and plus she is managing quite a difficult portfolios. I know she will read this blog, nothing much that I can do to help her. Aku rase aku dah cakap ape yang aku rase, and things happen for a reason. Just remember, I will always be there for you ok..

P/s Encik Husband, boleh kah anda update gambar Emir punyer Sports Day, nanti bile kite senang, kite update blog.


  1. ok now did i miss sumthing...hehhee..nnt gossip2 k...take care..sabar yerk..sikit jerk lg...another week..i know how it feels...


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