Tuesday, April 07, 2009

As you know, my parents are currently working in United States. Therefore, we took this ooportunity to sell

COACH bags..

Coach lovers open your eyes ya!! It just me, tak de mase lagi nak upload gambar, and I do wait for the Coach-es safely arrive here in Malaysia..

more designer bags are expected to be part of this blog!! and my mum said, she accepts pre-order for any designer bag provided that the boutique is either in Maryland, Delaware or Washington D.C.

Sekian terima kasih..


  1. wahhh wahhh..excited nyer..
    i just got a coach bag from US, even plus airport tax..it's still cheaper around 1k compare to KLCC price :p

    let me go survey survey any items i want..

    btw, is LV bag cheaper in UK? i know it's cheaper in london..but not sure bout UK..let me know yeah !!! ^^

  2. Lama tak jenguk your blog. Coach bag?! Wow! Bolehlah u go and visit US.

    Read about Emir's tantrum. It's normal. And it's normal to lose your temper. I pun sama.

  3. wei nee: yeah, mine also my mum dah bagi price.. seriously not even reach 2k (but not sure after tax everything) and i just fell in love with one of the bags.. hehehe.. anyway, do u mean UK or US?

    Mrs. Fred: Yeah yeah.. see u soon..

    Rafiqa: Hey you, where have you been, lame blog u bersawang.. or have u updated hehehe.. yeah, sekrang ni pun i buat pekak jer..


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