Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Raya AidilFitri 2008 - Part 1

Two days before Syawal - Hubby's cousin, Fadzrul was killed in a road accident in Keramat

On first day Raya - Farah's broher, Ahmad Khalil passed away peacefully at Muar. More stories

On last Tuesday - My sort of grandma passed away..

Semoga roh mereka dicucuri Rahmat. Alfatihah..


---See sebab sakit, tudung i pun belasah je color ape :)---

My Raya.. seriously it is one of the stressed Hari Raya for me. On the first day of Hari Raya, me, hubby, Emir, my dad were down with fever but i think I was the worst. I was on the bed most of the day and even I didnt bersalam-salaman with my relatives as I was too weak to get off from the bed. Rase bersalah habis, orang datang rumah, I kurung dalam bilik.

Emir, I just leave him with my dear hubby. I remember, after the photo session, dah tak terdaya dah nak pandang kiri kanan. Not even to touch the rendang. I promised my dad for BBQ and my mum for Rendang ayam, but unfortunately, I just managed to marinade the beef and leave it to my mum's maid. Sedey sedey..

The next day, Emir was quite week, he refused to eat and rejected milk. He didn't talk and isolate himself from playing and disturbing his aunties. He vomitted few times. Called his paed but she was already on leave and we have to rely on locum.

But, on second hari raya, we went ahead to Malacca, picture will be posted later. Ku gagahi jugak beraya sakan, but i dint eat much (especially when someone snap my picture with unvolunteered post and showed it to his family). Emir, kejap ok kejap tak, luckily i have my SIL and BIL around.

Emir continued to show the discomfortness. The first meal for him is bubur ayam mcD on last Sunday. He was quiet playful only on Sunday. And last Monday, I brought him to meet his paed. Kene amik darah, Alhamdulillah no sign of dengue symptom except his blood is effected by this bacteria. Me, alhamdulillah recovering and hubby, he is still batuk-batuk..

and I guess, only ths weekend, I will know what will my Raya be..

and... seriously i dah sangat sangat bosan with my work..


  1. I like Emir's baju melayu.. nice colour.
    Altho you rembat jer tudung tuu, still matching beautifully with your baju kurung.

    You are not the first who blog about bosan with work.. i pun dah boring jugak with works. hmm are you thinking of looking for othr job?

  2. thanks mira 4 da post...tak sangka hari raya ini begitu byk berita kematian yg kita terima...ini semua dugaan dr Allah dan supaya kita sedar hidup nie sementara jer kan....

  3. mira..mira..mira...been meaning to call you hari raya..tapi lepas AyahChor call ckp u all demam i tanak kacau lah.Can I come to ur house for raya? Tak sempat nk jumpa last weekend sbb I'm not in town.
    Rembat tak rembat tudung tu i tgk masuk je dgn baju raye tu tehehehe...

  4. ish kesiannya. glad to hear u guys are on the road to recovery, insyaallah

  5. dott: i rase kali ni tahap bosan i dah maksimum dah :) tapi tu laa, kene tunggu bonus dulu, (anyway, every year i cakap bende yang same)

    ayusolo: yerp, saya sangat terkedu and terdiam...

    ani: oh girl. im still at my mum;s house laa dear, unless u want to lepak2 kat mak i nyer rumah.. dont ask me when im going back, cos i oso dunno

    babybooned: alhamdulillah. its partly over..


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