Thursday, October 30, 2008

Emir zaman muda muda dulu

at 4.37 am

I am writing this post when the clock is ticking 438 am. Yes, everyone is sleeping, it just me alone sitting in front of the computer. Yes, I am sleepy too but the temptation to write is even deeper. Actually, Emir woke me up as he wanted his milk.

Emir is already two years old. Time flies. Now he has his own character. He started to show what he likes. One thing for sure, at his age, he is very well versed with computer. I was surprised when he knows how to use the touch pad, I mean how to click and move the cursor. Plus, he knows how to log on to the computer. One day, my dad laughed his heart out when he saw Emir woke up in the morning and straight away sitting in front of the laptop. He was imitating his father, lying in front of the notebook and his fingers touched the keyboard.

And Emir is very very loud and bising. His recent development is pretending holding the mic and gosh he sings!! - Be it a pencil, bed frame or a remote. Im not sure where he gets to know about mic cos I have never been to any karaoke before. I think it must be from his school as his school concert will be held on 8 November 2008 (Note: Baba, block your date ya). My sister has recorded his voice but unfortunately this notebook's bluetooth is not functioning anymore.

One reason I rarely watched TV is because of Emir. Guess what, all his programs schedule (Playhouse Disney and Ceria) stuck in my head. Even worst, I can memorize every songs too and it keeps playing everywhere I go. Like "Once a year, theres a very special day...", "bagaimana nak jadi anak yang baik.." "somebody comes and play today ..." "kamilah geng, geng, geng bas sekolah"..

One thing I should be proud of my son is, he really sayang Ibu and very defensive on Ibu's stuff. He will give me a hug whenever I feel miserable. I once cried in front of him, and out of sudden, he hugged me. If his papa kacau Ibu, he will"puk" his papa and will say "Puk papa". Note: Puk = pukul. If anyone touch my handbag, spec, he will quickly grab the stuff and say "Ni abu nyer". And even though I have scolded him, he will still come to me to calm him.

I agree he is manja baby. Being the only son and grandson, of course he deserves it. well, of cos we are planning to get another child. Dah lame dah, tapi tak de rezeki lagi. I once has disciplined myself to take folic acid for three months before but at the end of the day, the result was negative. I was very depressed at that time. But I do agree we are not really put much effort on it. Now I believe in one step at a time. Ape stepnya, losing my weight.. I strongly feel that my weight is the barrier.. :) So 1 November here I come..

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