Monday, September 26, 2005

Not my day

I did a biggggg mistake that can ruin my reputation. The bad news is, one of the senior manager is not happy with what i did, damn ****. It started when one of the senior associate asked me to prepare a fax letter for a company in belgium, but what i did was, i did prepared the letter but using my own sentences and directly faxed it to belgium. Fax tu pulak ade la dalam tebal 2cm and it contains the personal details of a client. It took about 2 hours for the transmission, and unlucky for me because all the papers went through.

Supposedly, i need to get verification and approval from the upper level but hmm.. Ok, it's over, should learn from the mistake but up until now, i couldnt manage to say sorry for myself. End of story.


Nurul najahah adakah anda bace blog saya? Kalau bace, selamat hari lahir yang ke 23, sorry la dear, terlupe pulak, waa birthday ko tahun ni, buncit la perut ko kan :) selamat hari lahir, murah rezeki dan panjang umur..


Ayak, baru je nak beronline, hubby dah suruh tolong die, sebab minggu ni dah start iso audit, ish ish ish.. kacau betul :p Oh by the way, dearie suruh mira betulkan ayat ni.

and my fave response is "ape nak buat dah jodoh, but im enjoying it" --- > written in my last entry

Dearie kate bunyi macam terpakse.. Mane ade laa sayang, jenuh orang pujuk die, nasib baik ade skill :p Bunyi macam terpakse erk? anyway, im happy, happy sesangat, u can judge from my face, badan (makin besorrrr!!) orang gemuk ni happy kan.. so, korang pun paham2 laa yer.. ok nak tolong Mr Emran. n..

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