Friday, September 09, 2005

dah lame

Im updating from the office, no one is around so i take this opportunity to &*#$%(%@. My department is organizing a treasure hunt, but since im still new, so i refused to take part. yeah maybe later..

hows work? basically i do a lot of computation, playing with the figures and filing the documents. This job require accuracy even though we are the first timer because if one figure is missing, it means we are in trouble. I did one mistake recently whereby i coincidently underestimate the space to write in client's address, (im using typrewriter: note:typewriter is used to fill in some forms. ) hmm its a big deal because the client already signed the form. Luckily, we had another form.

the beauty of this job, hmm rahsie.. :p well, when u r talking about tax it is really p&c. on the other hand, mvec in mid valley currently organizing property event for bumiputera and it is good chance for us to buy our property at a special rate. Note: We had cancelled to buy a house in Melawati due to some considerations and now we are looking something big.. insyaAllah

ok, anyone going for saufy's wedding this weekend? do PM me.. bye

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