Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Yippie! I'm a GRADUATE student

Ye yeah, finally its over! Couldn't believe it I had spent five years in UTP and only a few hours from now I will leave this hottest place. I finished my final year presentation today with external evaluators and alhamdulillah things going smoothly. Got an impressive comments from them hehehe (bangge, bangge) :) Again, thanks to Emran Mohd Tamil for putting his effort in helping me out with my project. Thanks dear..

Ok, after this there's a challenging world waiting for me which I cant predict what are the challenges. Looking forward to apply a job but not sure what job suits me well. Anyway, rezeki ade di mana-dimana, terpulang pada kite macam mane nak kejar rezeki tu. Ade setengah orang, cepat je rezeki die sampai and ade juga orang terpakse tunggu satu tempoh yang lame untuk dapat ape yang dia nak. Sebab semuanya bergantung kepada Allah. Cuma, jangan sampai kite tolak rezeki yang datang bergolek..

Oh ya, happy 11th Birthday to my brother, Wan Ahmad Shahiran and happy belated birthday to my mum.. 31st May. Sorry mama, lupe pulak aritu nak post, at least mira tak lupe nak wish on that day itself right :)

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