Saturday, May 08, 2004

Writing vs heart

Writing is one way in expressing yourself towards your surrounding but still it depends on the interest of the writer. To write, it requires your brains to work - combining the words together actually it is the toughest job. You have the idea but when you want to write, always the blank paper and the pen witnesses your "what-to-write-huh?"

Last time I used a pen and a piece of paper to write, and after I had finished writing, I throw the paper away. Ok, its just like that I didn't appreciate my thoughts but the main point why I wrote was I want someone to hear my deepest emotions. Yerp, I do admit I have family and friends but there are certain things that we have to keep it as secret. Our own secret.

This relates to blogging. Some of us really put personal matters to be shown to public. What will be readers thinking when they read about your family matters aka family getting divorce, parents arguments and etc on your website. I had browsed to these kinds of websites lately and I don't know whether these can be categorized as open minded or cool. For me, I don't think so!!

So to other bloggers or webmasters think before you write, because your writing perhaps will reflect back to your personality and worst part, giving the bad impression not just for your but your family or whoever that you talked about.

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