Friday, May 07, 2004

At lab..

Just got back to UTP yesterday, and since it is study week so the aura for examination is nearer. Whether you believe it or not, this is my last exam if I decide not to pursue my study until master level. Opss I mention IF..

I'm in the lab right now, just met my new supervisor since Puan Hasiah has gone back to kampong for maternity. Asking my new supervisor about our coming oral presentation, aahh and of course there's a lot of things need to be improved especially the contents of presentation.

Right now, I might say that I am quite free since all presentations and classes are over. But here, I would like to highlight one of my lecturer's quotes during our last class with him. He is Mr. Shuib, my Research and Development lecturer and every IT and IS students knows him VERY well especially during presentation. What he comments is straight to the point and very pedas but alhamdulillah until now, I'm saved :)

Ok, there's a lot of stories but let it be our UTP student's secret. This is the quote that he mentioned and it is quite interesting "Let me be the black sheep among the white" See, sometimes it is true, we as the students always exposed to linear lecturer and when we have to face this kind of character, we are afraid and not ready. To face the new world after this, it is the fact that we have to handle all kinds of attitudes if we want to adapt to the new world. So, what Mr Shuib is doing its a good practice for us to learn so that we are not shocked if we see this kind of characteristic in the future.

I do admit, what we are thinking is different so this is my opinion and for me it is not that I am supportive but being more realistic.

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